Dad's Credit Card Photo Goes Hilariously Wrong In The Most 'Dad' Way Ever

by Cassandra Stone
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Image via Twitter/@roasted_weenie

One dad’s credit card mishap has the internet in tears

Another day, another Classic Dad Move™ making the internet rounds. Who among us doesn’t love a good dad story? Especially a funny one that goes viral. One daughter is sharing how Bank of America surprised the hell out of her dad with what they did with his photo — and the internet can’t stop laughing.

Twitter user @roasted_weenie sent this beautiful tweet out into the world regarding her dad, his credit card, and the hilarious results of a simple miscommunication. Please, enjoy this pure content for what it is.

“So my dad got a new credit card and they asked him if he wanted a picture on it so he thought it was gonna be a tiny picture of him like the previous card he had so he sent them a picture of him and then…HE PLAYED HIMSELF BRUH!”

LOL. Indeed he did.

Here is Sandra’s dad, Benjamin Urbina, as he appears on his old credit card:

Image via Sandra Urbina

Annnnnnd here’s what they did with his new photo, which he thought was going to appear in a similarly small avatar-esque way, on his new card:

Image via Sandra Urbina

HIS. FACE. IS. THE. CARD. HIS WHOLE DAMN FACE. (His daughter blurred out all identifying characters, in case you’re wondering — because duh.)

If you’re dying, you’re certainly not the only one. Her tweet quickly went viral, and apparently A LOT of people can relate.

Others were wondering about Urbina’s true identity.

Sandra, for her part, wins the Best Daughter award for shouting out her dad’s business after she realized her tweet was blowing up.

She tells Scary Mommy that her dad doesn’t quite get how social media works, but he’s loving it that we’re loving it. “He’s just in awe and disbelief that the post went viral,” she says.

Funny story: I once had a tweet about my dad read aloud by Jimmy Fallon, and the minute my dad watched the clip he instantly tried to book me as his agent. “See if you can get me on Kimmel,” he said. I wish I were joking. I’m actually surprised he didn’t ask me to plug his power-washing side hustle, tbh. So I can relate to this entire tweet experience on a spiritual level.

So what does Urbina think of the whole thing? According to HuffPost, Sandra says her dad was befuddled when opening his new card. “When he got it he was just confused and in shock, like ‘WHAT IS THIS?’,” Sandra says. “After my mother and I finished having a good laugh, he said: ‘I liked the one with the little horsies better.'”

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