Behold Best Comment Section On The Internet

by Cassandra Stone
Image via Facebook/Bitch Code

The hilarious, feminist, ‘devil’s advocate’ comments here are a must-read

Internet comment sections can be hilarious and entertaining, and they can be cesspools full of the worst of humanity — everyone knows this. When they’re good, they’re good, and the comments on this viral Facebook post are absolute gold.

Facebook page ‘Bitch Code’ shared a screenshot of a hilarious tweet shared by a bartender. Apparently, a guy kept calling the bar where she works to ask to see security footage so he could track down a woman he was chatting it up with while there. Why, you ask? Ah, just wait.

Instead of inputting her phone number, the woman wired herself $2,000 from the guy’s account via Venmo. GOOD LORD what a great idea. Honestly, this is the only thing that has made me envious of single people who are dating in the age of Extreme Technology. (I’m not condoning robbery, I’m just saying if this is true it’s enviable, evil genius work.)

What makes this even better, however, are the comments. Because they are what feminist dreams are made of — you won’t be disappointed. Because much like men who chime in on EVERY COMMENT SECTION EVER, women came forth to play the “devil’s advocate” role, and they delivered major tongue-in-cheek content perfection.

For example, these accusations could ruin the life of the alleged robber — has anyone even thought of that? Or her family?

Not to mention he could have a history for things like this.

How about a little “Todd Akin logic?”

Or what about “Brett Kavanaugh logic?”

Honestly, there isn’t a bad comment in the bunch.

While there were a few men boo-hooing about the sucker who got robbed, the entire comment section was a grade A lesson in how to do humor well. Because just like everything else in the world, the women here handled it.