Behold The Most Mansplain-y Twitter Thread To Ever Exist

by Cassandra Stone
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Image via Twitter

Even photographic evidence of mansplaining isn’t enough for these mansplainers

As any woman alive can no doubt attest to, mansplaining is an everyday occurrence in our lives. There’s everyday, condescending, typical mansplaining and then there’s the Holy Shit Stop Talking Dude level of mansplaining. The latter is something one guy recently watched unfold before his very eyes on Twitter.

Twitter user @UpToMyKnees shared a screenshot he snapped from a lively discussion on Facebook where his mother, a former Hollywood costumer named Deborah Landis, gets into it with a random man who apparently knows her own life better than she does.

The screenshot shows an image from an episode of Jeopardy. The question in question (ha) surrounds a movie costuming choice where the answer is Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark. Guess who was in charge of the wardrobe for Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark? Ding ding! You guessed it. Landis was. So who would know the answer to this Jeopardy question better than she?

A random man on the internet, of course! Insert several eye rolls here.

Image via Twitter

“The Jeopardy question is wrong.” Oh. My. God. Are you serious, guy? You really think you know Jeopardy better than the creators of Jeopardy AND the woman who is responsible for the actual answer on this particular episode of Jeopardy?! Good Lord.

The proof is in this side-by-side pudding:

Perhaps the craziest part is that this tweet — which quickly went viral — is that it brought ALLLLLL the mansplainers to the yard. To mansplain about mansplaining. No, this isn’t a joke — see for yourself.

You can’t make this stuff up. This guy is for real.

Oh really? Because “feminist white knight bullshit” isn’t at all offensive. Don’t worry, more guys came forward to mansplain mansplaining. If you’re in the mood for some seriously meta shit, you’re in luck.

Anyone else’s head spinning from this nonsense? The original user followed up with some valid points after no doubt getting a migraine from his own Twitter mentions.

Probably none of these men he’s talking about have ever accused a woman of “bitching” or “nagging,” right? Puh-leez.

LOL. Seriously though. Allow us to clear up any confusion: it’s mansplaining if we already know the correct answer to something. And trust us, boys, we definitely know what “mansplaining” is. No need to hepeat yourself; save your breath.

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