Woman Comes To The Rescue When She Notices A Potential Gym Creeper

by Thea Glassman
Image via Assembly/Getty/Twitter

A tweet about a woman trying to help save another woman struck a chord

There’s a Twitter thread currently going viral about women saving women from creepy dudes — and it just might restore your faith in humanity. The conversation kicked off when Twitter user Nicoletta posted a short anecdote about a female stranger who pretended to be her friend when she thought a guy was bugging her.

Turns out, the guy was Nicoletta’s boyfriend just joking around, but it was a beautiful, touching moment of solidarity and kindness.

It seems like the story really resonated with women (SURPRISE SURPRISE).

Of course there were men chiming in the replies who didn’t understand why women don’t want to be aggressively hit on while they are just trying to live their lives. Avoiding creeps at the gym is nothing new. But more importantly, many, many women hopped in to share their own tales of kind female strangers who had their back.

They also had plenty of stories about men who had their back too — which added heartwarming feelings on top of heartwarming feelings.

Then there were the women who didn’t have a story to share but wanted to give a shout-out to sisters helping sisters. Because it is honestly a beautiful thing,

Nicoletta’s gym savior even chimed in to explain why she stepped in and helped.

“The first time I started going to the gym older men would compliment my figure and say really weird things that would make me uncomfortable,” she began. “I always wanted someone who intervene because I KNOW people were hearing this. But no one ever did.”

She went on to say that – even though it turned out the guy was actually Nicoletta’s boyfriend — she’s very glad she said something.

Here’s hoping that some guys figure out the appropriate way to flirt and learn to pick up on signals. In the meantime, it’s so nice to see that we’re all looking out for each other.