Viral Twitter Thread Shows That We're All Becoming Our Parents

by Thea Glassman
Image via Twitter

Viral Twitter thread proves we are our parents

You know that moment when you hear your mom or dad’s voice in your voice? It sneaks up on you, and all of a sudden you’re like, holy crap, I’ve literally become my parents. Well, you’re not alone. There’s currently a Twitter thread trending called #SignsYouveBecomeYourParents — and it’s the most relatable thing on the internet right now.

Now — before you proceed — make sure to pour one out for all those years of being cool, hip, and edgy. Even though you’re super neurotic, practical, and have a reasonable bedtime now, doesn’t mean you’re not living your best life possible. Dinner at 6pm every night is not boring, and also you’ll digest your food properly that way. So there.

First off, you now enjoy the simple things in life. It really doesn’t take a whole lot to make you giddy with joy.

Your knowledge of pop culture is waning, but you know all about kitchen applianes. Also, the things you think are culturally cool are — according to your children — not at all cool. Oops.

Your memory, eyesight, and hearing are not what they used to be. What’s your kid’s name again? I think it starts with an R.

You will go to bed at a reasonable time. You will not go out on a weekday. The bars are so loud. It’s too crowded. You just want to take your bra off, get into bed, pop on your glasses, and finish your book, damnit.

You worry about everyone and everything. You see death and danger everywhere. If your child does not text you back, there will be hell to pay. Also, can you please lock the door while you’re at it.

You have a lot of plastic bags in your cupboard. Like, a lot. It’s not like you’re hoarding them or anything. It’s just very useful to have.

You just don’t even give a shit anymore. Cool, schmool. And you WILL put on your mom voice if your child misbehaves.

Here’s to the slow but inevitable process of all of us becoming our parents. It’ll be a weird, surreal, oddly comforting ride.