Viral Thread Nails Link Between Mental Illness And Being So Damn Tired

by Thea Glassman
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Image via Twitter

Twitter thread on mental illness nails everything.

A Twitter user perfectly broke down why people with mental illness are so exhausted — and the internet is nodding and clapping along big time. Pauline Palita, who calls herself a mental health advocate in her user bio, posted a 26-point thread about the constant internal battle of mental illness, and why you should dig a little deeper when someone says they’re “just tired.”

Palita began by explaining that people with a mental disorder or disability have a much harder time falling asleep than most.

She went on to break down all the other reasons someone with mental illness could be tired — from the ongoing struggle of memory loss to consistent feelings of inadequacy.

It could also be because of their medication. Or their constant headaches. Or a myriad of fears that others write off as silly or irrational.

There’s also the exhaustion that happens when you are your only advocate.

Palita finished her thread by sending out a general plea to people who don’t understand what it feels like to live with mental illness. “Imagine living your life on a rope bridge over a canyon,” she wrote. “Or imagine how you would feel if someone jabbed you and woke you up several times a night for just one year, and the physical and mental impact it would have on you.”

The mental health advocate asked that everyone be “patient and empathetic” with people who are fighting deeply personal, difficult internal battles. “Just because you don’t experience it doesn’t mean that it’s not a reality for someone else,” she concluded.

Her Twitter thread struck a big chord. Thousands of people have liked her post and hundreds chimed in to let Palita know that she had completely nailed their struggles. Many said her words made them feel less alone. Others were so grateful that she had put their struggles so eloquently into words. You’re going to want to bring some tissues when you head over to the comment section.

Sending so, so much applause to Palita for helping people feel a little bit less alone.

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