Wedding Photography Fail Album Goes Viral

Bride Shares Hilariously Terrible Wedding Photos As A PSA To Other Couples

Bride receives wedding album and it’s an absolute fail

“So, what do you do when you finally receive your actual wedding day photos and find yourself sorely disappointed in them?  Get angry? Check. Shed a few tears over them? Done. Post some of the best (of the worst) on social media for amusement? Absolutely!” So begins a post from the most laid-back bride in history. Jaclyn Ying’s wedding photos were an absolute nightmare, but her attitude about them will make you want to be her new best friend.

“We got one of those wedding packages that included actual day photography from a pretty reputable bridal shop,” she writes. “Before we signed on, we were told that while we couldn’t choose our photographer, the standard of the talent pool was consistent.” The couple was shown a portfolio of images that looked great. They agreed to the package.

Then they got the photos back.

“It’s bad guys,” Ying writes. Yeah. See for yourself.


Facebook/ Jaclyn Ying

All brides want the “eyes rolling back in the head” shot, don’t they?


Facebook/ Jaclyn Ying

There’s a dirty puddle on the ground! Everyone clap!


Facebook/ Jaclyn Ying

Well, this is an angle that’s truly flattering for everyone, isn’t it?


Facebook/ Jaclyn Ying

Did her ex show up to stop the wedding? Is that a ghost? What is happening here?


Facebook/ Jaclyn Ying

Nothing says “love” like a close up of a woman literally jamming a wedding ring on her man’s finger.


Facebook/ Jaclyn Ying

“Quick! Hide in the brush! I have this amazing idea that will make you look like you’re descending into hell on your wedding day.”


Facebook/ Jaclyn Ying

This one’s called “chasing each other around a tree, underwater.”


Facebook/ Jaclyn Ying

Lovely. Can totally see why a photographer would include this in an album.


Facebook/ Jaclyn Ying

Everyone loves a good wedding, right? NOPE.

“Anyway, we’re looking for some redress from the shop at the moment, but nothing is going to take away the fact that our wedding photos by this dude are pretty much ruined,” Ying writes. “What’s more, he was our only ‘pro’ photog for that day. This stag worked solo, man.” Yikes. Hopefully everyone had their iPhones out.

“Don’t take this the wrong way though – this is not a flame and shame post. We just wanted to share some of these hilariously bad photos with everyone, so sorry if your unglam face is in this.” Don’t you love this woman? Her wedding photos are in “worst case scenario” territory and she still has a sense of humor about it.

The photographer wrote his own post alleging that there were 800 photos and the rest of them are better. He also offered to meet up and buy the couple coffee to apologize in person.

Here’s hoping he leaves his camera at home.