Vogue's Bizarre 1970s 'Wine And Egg' Diet Has The Internet LOLing

by Thea Glassman
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Image via Twitter/Vogue

This Vogue diet from the 1970’s is literally just wine, eggs, and steak

There are a lot of ridiculous diets out there. We have officially managed to crown the winner. A Twitter user dug up a diet plan that Vogue printed in the 1970’s and it literally revolves around getting wildly drunk and eating a bunch of eggs. Not, like, the worst combination in the world but probably isn’t the most productive/healthy way to live your life.

Here’s the whole yolk-y deal. Vogue suggested that you start your day with 1 hard-boiled egg, 1 glass of white wine (dry), and black coffee. So, let’s just assume by around 10am you will be sufficiently tipsy and also probably starting to feel some weird rumblings in your stomach.

Next up: lunch. Readers were advised to eat two more hard-boiled eggs (poached if necessary), 2 glasses of white wine (oh dear God), and more black coffee. So you are now officially drunk and probably popping a whole bunch of Tums.

Now, the fun part. For dinner you eat a 5 oz. steak, drink the rest of the wine in the bottle, and – you guessed it – more black coffee. By this point, you are under the table wasted, recreating that scene from Bridesmaids when they all try on the dresses (you guys know what I’m talking about).

The internet was both completely baffled and in hysterics over this whole thing.

One brave writer at The Kitchn actually tried this diet and, yes, it was just as rough and weird as it sounds. “Maybe it was the wine, or maybe the lack of food, but I legit felt sad by the end of the day. Weepy, even,” Diane McMartin wrote after the first day. “Like, as I was sitting in bed reading, waiting until it was acceptable to go to sleep because I was so exhausted, and I could have burst into tears at any moment.”

Feeling ALL the sympathy pains right now.

Now, let’s turn this diet over to the experts.

“If an intermittent fasting regimen went on a drinking binge in a henhouse, you’d pretty much have this diet,” Julie Stefanski, RDN, spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, told The Daily Meal. “This random menu (I don’t even want to call it a diet) provides 1,103 calories with 43 percent of those calories coming from the alcohol calories in the wine!”

Yup, I think we should collectively raise our white wine glasses and send this diet plan straight back to the 70’s where it belongs. I’ll take all the steak, though.

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