What Voting With Your Vagina Really Means

by Joelle Wisler
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November 8 is just a few short weeks away. On that day, as a country, we get to make some huge decisions that will affect all of our lives and our children’s lives for years to come. But, do you know what I keep hearing each time I post something about politics?

– Hey mom blogger out there, stick to parenting issues.

– Don’t get political because politics and kids don’t mix.

– Don’t say “Vote With Your Vagina,” I’ll vote with my brain thankyouverymuch.

– Just stop talking because what you’re saying is making me feel very squeamish about that guy who I think I should vote for but who is actually a really horrible person.

Well, lovely commenters on the internet, I’m calling bullshit.

Politics absolutely is a parenting matter.

With paid maternal leave, money for schools, women’s wages, the right to choose what to do with our bodies, immigration, gun control, and many, many other things being decided by the politicians who we vote for, politics is a freaking parenting matter. This isn’t up for debate. Hard stop.

And the phrase, “Vote With Your Vagina”? Saying Vote With Your Vagina is just emphasizing that women and parenting and family issues are all of our issues. I’m sorry the word “vagina” makes you uncomfortable, but maybe you should feel uncomfortable. This is the perfect way of saying that women’s voices are loud and strong, and we intend to use them. It’s not saying that we don’t have brains; it’s saying that just because there are those who would like to reduce us to our female parts, we are much more than that.

Hillary Clinton is the candidate who is looking out for my interests — as a woman and a mother. There is a very good reason why it’s been said that women and moms are Donald Trump’s worst nightmare. We are his worst nightmare because we see him as a threat to our children’s future. And we all know what mama bears do when their children are being threatened.

We fight back.

We won’t sit down and be quiet.

We won’t let anyone bully our children.

We won’t let our daughters accept the words Donald Trump says about women.

We won’t let politicians take away our rights to our own bodies.

We won’t accept earning less than men.

We will fight for our rights to have babies and keep our jobs.

We will get those gun laws passed so that our families are safer.

We will make sure our children all the get education they deserve.

We will make sure that, no matter what race our children are, they get the same opportunities as everyone else.

We will keep talking and talking and talking.

And we will keep writing.

We won’t stop.

Because that’s what moms do.

So, go ahead Donald Trump, kick us out of your rallies with our crying babies, call breastfeeding disgusting, insult our Gold Star mothers, reduce us to our parts time and time again. Just remember though, women are over half the electoral vote, and we vote more than men and tend to vote for Democrats.

We aren’t voting for Hillary Clinton because she’s a woman. We’re voting for her because we are women.

And America is already great. Let’s not forget that.

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