Waitress 'Helps' Breastfeeding Mom By Covering Her With A Napkin

by Maria Guido

Texas waitress covers breastfeeding customer with a napkin

A breastfeeding mom was feeding her child at a Sushi restaurant in Texas this week when some male customers began to complain that she was showing too much breast. A waitress exhibiting an unfortunately small amount of common sense walked over and covered the mom and baby with a napkin.

Yes, this really happened.

“She got a cloth napkin and placed it over me and my infant,” Dylan Downing told KHOU 11, about the events that transpired when she was feeding her two-month-old. “I ripped it off and said, ‘Why are you touching me and covering my child?'”

Good question.

The waitress admits that she realized she “should have asked first” as soon as she saw Downing’s reaction. “First of all I want to say sorry to her,” she said. “I don’t mind if she feed the baby. I just tried to help to cover.” This really seems like a situation in which a woman somehow really didn’t know she was crossing a line. And frankly, the male customers started it by insisting something completely legal and normal needed to be “dealt with.”

“It’s just a boob,” said Downing. “Look away. You can see them for free on the Internet. I’m just feeding my kid.” Seriously. She says she has no hard feelings toward the restaurant or the waitress and plans to return. Which makes the picture of the receipt that she took a little confusing. She left the waitress no tip, and this message: “Do not touch breastfeeding women!” The former waitress in me really hates this part of the story, but she had a right to be annoyed.

Mom gets annoyed, waitress gets no tip, and the “observers” who started this all walk away unscathed. What is this, A Clockwork Orange? Was someone forcing these men to stare at a breastfeeding mother?

Breastfeeding, uncovered in public is legal and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. Yes, a lot of people still have a problem with it — but those people are just going to have to find some way to get a grip.

Look away.