Walk-In Gyno Clinics Are Finally Here

by Wendy Wisner
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Images via Walk In Gyn Care

Whether we are working moms, stay-at-home moms, or something in between, we are all busy AF. And because we’re usually the ones taking care of everyone else’s needs, we often end up putting our own needs aside – even our own medical needs.

If you are like me, you probably can’t really remember the last time you went to the dentist, even though your kids’ appointments are scheduled three months in advance. And doctor check-ups? How is it even possible to schedule one for yourself when your kids need about 8,000 a year?

And come on ladies, can you recall the last time you went to the gyno? And I don’t mean for your 6-week postpartum check. I’m pretty sure I had a pap smear a few years ago like I was supposed to, but a few years ago might mean 2016…or 2009. When you haven’t slept in a decade, these things can get confusing.

It’s not just that I am exhausted and absent-minded – it’s nearly impossible to balance it all. And when I try to make a gynecologist appointment, it doesn’t help that the office is like, “Sure, we can schedule you for three months, 2 weeks, and 4 days from now.”

I’m sorry, but my mind, soul, and my jam-packed schedule can’t handle that.

All of this is why I got super excited when I recently heard about walk-in gynecologist clinics. They’re just like walk-in urgent care clinics, but for all your gynecological needs. I love urgent care clinics for when my kids need same-day medical care, and I don’t want to drag them to the pediatrician. So when I heard that there were places like that where I could pop in for a pap smear, UTI, or even to get birth control, I was like, “Gimme!”

Now, it should be mentioned that many Planned Parenthood clinics have been offering walk-in gynecological appointments for decades. And a quick google search shows that some gynecologist offices offer walk-in hours as well. So this kind of thing isn’t totally new.

However, I recently interviewed the founder of the first-ever full service, independent walk-in gynecologist clinic in New York City (where I happen to live). It’s called Walk In Gyn Care — and let me tell you: this place sounds divine, and a much-needed service for all the bonkers busy women and moms who live in my city.

In an interview with Scary Mommy, Dr. Adeeti Gupta explains the inspiration for her clinic, which first opened its doors in Manhattan in 2014 (another branch was added in Astoria, Queens in 2017):

“From the long time that my own patients had to wait to see me for something that didn’t require an ER visit and my schedule was so packed that even if I wanted to, I couldn’t fit that many urgent or semi-urgent patients to be seen,” Dr. Gupta explains.

Additionally, Dr. Gupta says she wanted to cater to working women specifically, who often can’t make it to appointments during normal business hours (I should add that the same is often true for SAHM’s!). As a working mom herself, Dr. Gupta always found it hard to make appointments, so she understands the struggle all too well.

“From my own personal experience, there is no way for me to see a doctor during the week since I am so busy working,” she shared. “Hence, the idea of opening a quality full-service center for women that is open late evenings and weekends.”

So what can women expect if they come in for a drop-in visit as a clinic like Dr. Gupta’s?

During evenings and weekends, wait time can be on the longer side, but in general, once you arrive, the wait time is generally between 5-20 minutes max, Dr. Gupta says. And almost all services can be provided during a walk-in visit, except for IUD insertions and colposcopies, because these can only be done during certain parts of the menstrual cycle and require devices that need to be sent to the office via insurance.

What kinds of procedures can be performed at this particular walk-in clinic? Virtually everything for your vag, uterus, and boobs, including treatment for UTIs, irregular periods, allergies, abnormal pap smears, pregnancy, STD’s, birth control, pregnancy evaluation and sonograms, painful sex, and pelvic pain. They even offer breastfeeding support groups and pelvic floor rehabilitation services for new mommies. Nice!

Dr. Gupta shares that most insurance plans are accepted and that coverage for low-income women is considered as well. “We accept all Medicaid HMO plans and can work with payment plans or discounted cash rates for low income women,” Dr. Gupta tells Scary Mommy.

Walk In Gyn Care is focused on “compassionate care” for women, which is definitely just as important as accessibility and convenience. The model of the clinic been touted as “the future of healthcare for women,” and if everything I’ve read about it is true, I would say that in the future, we’re going to need more clinics like this all over.

We women must take our own healthcare needs seriously. We need to and deserve to. But there need to be more convenient options that work on our terms, and that fit our lifestyles. It’s awesome that there are some options out there, but there definitely need to be more, especially in rural and inaccessible locations. We’re ready and waiting.

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