Behold The Wrath Of A White Man Kindly Asked To Wear A Mask At Walmart

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Anti-Masker Loses It On Walmart Employees In Viral Video
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A man lost his entire sh*t after being asked to wear a mask at an Alaska Walmart

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has shown us the absolute best of humanity — and the absolute worst. Countless stories have highlighted the brave healthcare workers and essential employees who have gone to work every day as COVID cases continue to rise and have dealt with entitled monsters who think wearing a 4-inch piece of fabric on their face is an affront to their freedumbs. A new viral video shows one such maskhole during a rather upsetting confrontation with employees at an Alaska Walmart. The associates involved all deserve some kind of medal for how calm they remained while this old, angry, white man lost his whole entire shit.

The footage shows the furious man walking toward the Anchorage store’s exit shouting to assembled employees to “get back on your highway to hell and get out of a godly man’s face.” One of the employees can be heard telling him to have a good day to which he replies, “… by your very blind ignorance you don’t have the ability to even come up with your own fucking ideas.”

I mean, super godly.

He continued to shriek that the employees “have not established authority” to ask them to leave, repeatedly getting much too close to some of them and shouting loudly. He tells them to find a manager and one of the women responds that there are already four managers present. Are you exercising your rights as a private company to take away my rights… you can say you can refuse service, are you refusing my service?” he screams.

Why yes, it appears they are, my dude.

He starts to leave once again only to turn around and shout, “Please return to your service of Satan in your ignorant belief you are right.” An employee follows to ensure he’s actually leaving this time and he again turns around yelling, “Please in the future, respect my rights… you will never fucking get my six-foot space.”

Godly AF.

This is the part where my heart began to race and I wished with my entire might that a security guard might appear who would drag him off. He got in the female employee’s face, and to her eternal credit, she remained absolutely calm, which only served to highlight what a total lunatic this man is.

She tells him over and over with a chill I have never in my life mustered to have a good day and he shouts back that he has “the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” and that his “happiness is best served by standing in your face and saying you’re a fool and wrong and you have no authority over me.”

In a statement, Walmart told local news outlets: “It’s unfortunate that this individual chose to express their displeasure in such an inappropriate manner, but we’re proud our associates displayed patience and professionalism as they navigated this challenging situation.”

A few lessons learned here: retail employees aren’t paid enough to deal with the absolutely horrific human behavior this pandemic is bringing out. Of course assholes have always been among us, but tensions are high and idiots are feeling rather bold lately. The chill displayed by those Walmart employees is otherworldly and they all deserve huge raises.

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