Walmart's Installing Breastfeeding Pods In More Than 100 Stores

by Kristine Cannon
Walmart Installs Breastfeeding Pods In More Than 100 Stores

After an employee’s suggestion, Walmart committed to installing Mamava breastfeeding pods in 100 of their stores

August might’ve been National Breastfeeding Month, but Walmart is making space for breastfeeding mommas 365 days a year. Headed to more than 100 Walmart stores this year are freestanding Mamava lactation suites — or pods — where moms can find a clean, comfortable, private space to breastfeed or pump. But, you guys… this isn’t your average pumping space.

To start, the pods are accessed via the Mamava app, which not only guides moms to the pod’s location, but it also grants her access to a whole slew of cool customizations. In addition to adjusting the lighting and the airflow and listen to calming, soothing sounds (what is this, a spa?), moms can also leave digital notes to fellow moms. (And who wouldn’t want to read a sweet, empowering reminder of how truly badass and incredible they are?) Plus, each pod comes equipped with roomy benches, plenty of space for a wheelchair and/or stroller, and a place to plug in your pump.

According to a press release, Walmart is the first retailer to install these game-changing Mamava pods in a store setting. So far, Walmarts in 35 states — including Arizona, California, Florida, New York, Tennessee, and more — carry the pods. You can view the entire list of locations on Mamava’s website.


“We started Mamava to ensure that every breastfeeding mother could choose whether or not to breastfeed, so we set out to remove all barriers to making that choice,” says Sascha Mayer, Mamava’s CEO and co-founder, in the press release. “Walmart’s commitment to supporting breastfeeding associates and community members with Mamava pods is a huge leap forward for inclusivity and normalizing breastfeeding culture.”

We have one particular woman to thank for this new, beautiful collaboration between Walmart and Mamava: Tennille Webb, a Walmart associate and new mom. She said that when she discovered and used the Mamava pod for the first time, she knew stores had to carry it.


“It was a game-changer for me, and I knew it would be a great option that gives my fellow Walmart associates and our customers another choice in their breastfeeding journey,” Webb says. “I’m honored to see that my idea has come to reality in our stores. It’s teaching my son how one person can make a big difference.”

Remember when we said that Walmart plans to install the pods in more than 100 stores by the end of the year? Yeah, well, it doesn’t end there; they plan to install even more of these Mamava pods in the years to come.

“There is nothing else like the Mamava pod,” says Julie Murphy, EVP of Walmart U.S. People. “We strongly believe in what Mamava is doing to support moms and the experience the pods help create.”

Brava, Walmart. Brava.