This Is What I Want My Child's Speech Therapist To Know

by Mia Carella
FatCamera / Getty

Dear Speech Therapist,

You met my daughter, a little pixie of a girl, almost four years ago. She had round cheeks and two tiny, wispy pigtails that you tell me you remember like it was yesterday. Although my little girl had recently turned three years old, she had less than 25 words in her vocabulary when you met.

You and my daughter clicked almost instantly and began building the foundation for the unbreakable bond the two of you would go on to form. Your kind and loving nature put my timid little girl at ease. I knew from the very beginning that you were the right person for the job of helping her learn to communicate with the world.

As the weeks, months and years went on, you continued to work with my daughter. Your genuine care for her influenced your work, as it does with all your clients. You always wanted her to succeed and I just knew it. I could tell by the way you talked to me about her that you believed in her. When others doubted her potential, you advocated. You stood up for her. You said to give her a chance. You don’t know what that means to me as her mother.

As special needs parents, we are often put in the position of feeling like it’s “us” against “them.” Like we have to fight for the services our children are entitled to, fight to prove what they are capable of, fight to be heard. With you, I’ve never felt the need to fight because I have always known in my heart that we are on the same team. From Day One we always have been.

My daughter, now almost seven years old, would be unrecognizable by her speech and language skills compared to the toddler she was when you met her. The girl who then struggled to put two words together now speaks in paragraphs with just a little bit of pre-tween sass thrown in. She can talk. Oh, how she can talk! And, while she still has a lot of work to do with speech and language development, you are helping her close the gap between her and her peers.

I cannot thank you enough for your dedication to my child. Not only have you given my daughter the gift of communication, you have given our whole family the gift of support, understanding and encouragement. This has meant more to us than you will ever know. Truly.


One Grateful Mama