Warm Weather Reminder: You Can Wear Whatever The F*ck You Want

by Jorrie Varney
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Warmer weather is upon us, friends, and it’s time to have the talk. That’s right, it’s time to talk about appropriate clothing for your body type. This is a public service announcement for everyone, but if you’re a fellow curvy girl, pay special attention, because I’ve got some words for you, my friend.

Let’s just cut to the chase, shall we?

When you see that to-die-for retro, polka dot bikini, don’t question yourself. Just buy it.

Don’t worry about your thighs, your belly, your dimples, or your dots. I don’t care if you are the curviest lady in the land; if that bikini makes you feel good, put it on your body and never look back.

I know sometimes that’s easier said than done. I know all about the little voice in the back of your mind that makes you question whether you should wear that bikini. I know, because I’ve heard the same voice. Even on my most confident days, I worry what others might think should I be so bold as to step out in something society deems “skinny girl attire.”

But you know what? Screw society.

We live in a world where beauty is celebrated, idolized even, but only if you meet certain criteria. And from what I can tell, that criteria is based largely on a woman’s size and shape. Which is a tremendous heap of bullshit.

Let us come together and reject that notion and instead focus on true beauty. True beauty is loving yourself, and empowering those around you to love themselves and each other. It’s being kind and courageous, while also taking no shit. Beauty is recognizing the dimples on your thighs and wearing the short-shorts anyway, because they make you feel good. It’s stretch-marks, and lines around your eyes, and maybe a few extra pounds. True beauty is being unapologetically real.

I repeat, true beauty is being real. And, real comes in all shapes and sizes, folks.

Being real means enjoying life to the fullest, and not depriving yourself an experience worrying what other’s might think. It’s giving everything you’ve got to your family, even when that means there is very little left for yourself. It’s selflessness, strength, and humility. And girl, if you have that, I assure you, you are beautiful. Wear whatever the hell you want, and apologize to no one.

There will be those who challenge this opinion. They will say it has nothing to do with size. They will say it’s about health. They will suggest that being overweight isn’t healthy, and that’s why women like me should stick to one-piece bathing suits and flowy hemlines, so as not to glorify an unhealthy lifestyle. And, I suppose to a certain extent, I can understand this theory of health. But here’s the thing about health: it isn’t just about our physical attributes, like weight, for example. Health is holistic. It’s about having a healthy mind and healthy relationships, as well as a healthy lifestyle. Health is so much more than someone’s size.

Being a curvy girl doesn’t always equal an unhealthy lifestyle. If you look at someone and assume they aren’t healthy based solely on their appearance, that’s more of a “you-problem” than a “them-problem.” You don’t know their story, you don’t know their struggles, and you have no right to judge them—I don’t care what they’re wearing. Also, even if they don’t lead a healthy lifestyle, they (newsflash!) still have the right to wear whatever they want. Without judgment.

A woman who loves herself and exudes confidence no matter her size or shape is a healthy woman in my book. And when she wears those short shorts or that bikini or whatever it is that challenges society’s idea of beauty, it empowers others to do the same. So, wear what you want. Be unapologetically real, and screw anyone who thinks you should be anything other than yourself.

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