Wash The Summer Stink Off Your Dog Like A Pro

by Sara Farrell Baker
Tanja Esser / Shutterstock

My dog hates getting baths.

She tries to fool me into thinking she isn’t plotting my demise the whole time by staying eerily still and cooperating, even though the look in her eyes tells a different story. It takes forever because her coat is really thick, so thank goodness she doesn’t flail around and make me spray down half my zip code. But as soon as bath time is over, she turns into a vengeful Energizer Bunny. She hauls ass across the entire house at light speed, running laps over every available inch of floor space. When she finally stops, it’s because she is ready to exact revenge and has found a piece of furniture she knows I love.

Then she pees on it.

In turn, I hate giving her baths.

Now that it’s getting hotter, my dog is getting stinkier because she spends more time outside, which means more baths. Not to mention my recent discovery that she has developed a taste for rabbits and an affinity for rolling around in whatever is left of the rabbit. This not only creeps me out and makes me really sad (she smells horrible), it’s disgusting.

So even more baths. And a couple extra for me just so I can wash off all my feelings.

But I’ve found a shower attachment that looks like it can make the process go a little faster, hopefully giving her less time to think of things to pee on. I am familiar with Waterpik as a device for flossing with jets of water, like a dental cleaning, instead of waxy floss, but I was not aware they made anything outside of that. Well, apparently they make this freaking awesome shower attachment for your big, stinky dog too.


The water comes out like a sort of liquid comb with powerful streams of water spraying down like teeth. Because the streams are so small, it doesn’t feel like the firehose effect some high-pressure shower heads produce. Instead, it penetrates deep into your dog’s coat, getting them much cleaner, much faster.

This is great if you have a dog with a thick coat. My dog sometimes has issues with dry skin that often is the result of not getting enough soap out of her fur. Waterpik’s Pet Wand is able to spray dogs down more thoroughly, so no excess soap buildup. Also, no water spraying every which way, soaking everything in your house from floor to ceiling.

I’ll be giving this pet wand a try if it means that some of my bathroom gets to stay dry and my dog may possibly stink a little less for a little longer.

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