Wearing A Mask Isn't Anything Remotely Similar To Slavery

Being Required To Wear A Mask Is Not A ‘Civil Rights Issue,’ You Dense Cabbage

Scary Mommy and Megan JELINGER/Getty

When the conversation of reopening the country began, people had no problem making their feelings known. Namely white people. Arming themselves with signs, banners and semiautomatic weapons, they stormed state capitols to show their rage. And what were they protesting? Wearing a face mask and observing social distancing. Wild, I know. But the wildest part is some of the verbage protesters used on their signs. There is a photo of a white woman holding a sign comparing wearing a face mask to slavery. Let that sink in for a second.

It is utterly astonishing that something like this is even a thing I have to say. Then again, when it comes to white America, nothing is ever surprising. Being required to wear a mask to shop at Target isn’t the same as fucking slavery, Karen.