Retail Site Posts Breathtakingly Offensive Photo Of Model In Plus-Size Shorts

by Valerie Williams
Image via Wish

Strikingly offensive photo depicts thin model with her entire body in one leg of a pair of plus-size shorts

It seems we can’t go a day without an asshole on the internet being horrible to plus-size individuals. Terrible commenters are only too happy to rip up plus-size models, being sure to note (as they’re all obviously doctors or nutritionists or some shit) that being overweight is unhealthy and we shouldn’t be “celebrating” a person being plus-size.

Aside from whatever judgmental spew comes from these bottom-feeders, the fact remains that people of all sizes, yes Virginia, even plus sizes, need to wear clothing and they deserve dignity and respect like any other human. One website went way too far in a not-so-subtle dig at plus-size women by sticking a petite model’s entire body into one leg of a pair of plus-size shorts. Because God forbid, they show the shorts actually being worn by a plus-size woman.

Online retailer Wish is offering this pair of plus-size shorts for the bargain bin price of $10. Great news for someone in that size range who’s looking for a pair of faux leather black shorts, except the photo in no way indicates how they can expect the shorts to look on their figure. Because this is the photo used to advertise them.

Image via Wish

As far as showcasing these shorts, literally anything would have been better than this bullshit. If they’re too cheap to hire another model of the appropriate size, show them on a mannequin. Or a CGI woman. Or on a hanger. Or laying flat. Whoever decided to just stuff a tiny model into one leg of these shorts is likely a garbage human being. They either thought it would be a funny joke or that this was a legitimate solution to the problem of “Where oh where do we find a model who can wear these shorts? Oh, a modeling agency? Cool, bro.”

This is blatant fat-shaming. This is breathtaking insensitivity. This is cruel and wholly unnecessary. By pulling this crap, Wish is basically suggesting that the sight of a plus-size woman in these shorts is so repulsive they’d rather do something totally ridiculous and offensive instead.

Fortunately, someone already responded with a nice dig at the online retailer. Plus-size clothing designer Christina Ashman posted this image to her Instagram account to show exactly what she thought of the retailer’s little stunt.

After seeing the image from Wish on the blog Hello Giggles, Ashman decided to speak her mind about how totally wrong this is. She tells Buzzfeed, “Plus-size shorts should be shown on two plus-size legs – not a whole petite body inside one leg.” Ashman also states the importance of people seeing how clothing might look on their bodies before purchasing it. Who would buy these shorts after seeing them advertised like that? Wish’s photo was a fail in every single way.

Although the shorts are now sold out, at press time, the photo is still live on Wish’s website. We hope the backlash they’re receiving motivates them to take it down. It serves no purpose other than to humiliate people. And we doubt it got anyone to buy them.