Brides Are Extremely Excited To Show Off Their Gowns With Pockets

by Christina Marfice
Image via @EstherKeziaT / Twitter

Finally, brides have somewhere to keep their lipstick and tissues on the big day: wedding dresses with pockets!

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Every bride needs those things, but the list is a little outdated. In the year 2018, that is not all a bride needs to have the most perfect wedding day. Nope! We ladies need something else: wedding dresses with pockets.

And now, some very woke designers are finally starting to pay attention to what women really want.

Think about it. When you have a dress with pockets and someone compliments it, what do you say in response? “Thanks! It has pockets!” is the only acceptable answer. Why shouldn’t that sentiment extend to wedding gowns?

Look, it’s 2018, and grooms should not be required to hold on to our lip gloss. We can do that ourselves. We just need the pockets to put it in. Designers like Suzanne Neville and Morilee are on this trend, and we cannot get enough of it.

Tons of people on Twitter are now sharing photos of their wedding dresses with pockets, and how did it take us this long to realize this was a thing? And more importantly, why is it not so much of a thing that every single wedding dress comes with pockets?

A wedding is a huge day! And on a day that important, it makes sense that you’d have important things to hang on to. You can’t wear a purse with your wedding dress, because that would ruin the whole look. Pockets on every wedding dress. We’re calling for it now.

In fact, pockets on every garment designed for women. Seriously. Let’s end the days of women’s pants with tiny, fake pockets that could hardly even hold a chapstick. We need storage on our persons, too. Pockets are for all people.

Pockets for all! Pockets for president! #Pockets2020! First wedding dresses with pockets. Next? Everything with pockets. The future is coming, ladies. And it includes places to store all our stuff. Finally.