Wendy's Just Trolled Someone So Hard He Deleted His Twitter Account

by Maria Guido
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Wendy’s reminds the internet not to bring a knife to a gun fight

Social media accounts that give no fucks are your new favorite thing. Specifically, the Wendy’s Twitter account. They just owned a Twitter troll so bad he was left with no choice than to delete his account.

Last week, the Wendy’s Twitter account posted this tweet about their beef:

Someone decided to roll into Wendy’s mentions with this:

Ouch. We’ve never laughed at that slogan. We’ve also never really thought about the fact that the burgers are fresh and never frozen. Impressive.

Wendy’s came back with this:

Thuggy-D still didn’t believe them. He thought he got over with this reasoning.

Wendy’s was just getting started.

Thuggy-D brought McDonald’s along for help:

It was no help.

Being owned by Wendy’s is apparently tough on a Twitter account:

Twitter user @Faxtil screengrabbed the whole interaction. It’s been retweeted over 26,000 times.

The funniest part is that now Wendy’s is just feeling itself and roasting people left and right:

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