Asked And Answered: What Do You Love Most About Being A Mom?

by Love Barnett
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We have no shortage of frustrations and complaints when it comes to parenting, but one thing that always bounces around in the back of the interweb when we talk about those frustrations are the crazypants people who just don’t seem to get it and say things like, “You’re always complaining! Why do people even have kids in the first place? Isn’t there anything about it that you like?”

Of course there is. Having kids is a terrible, glorious, frustrating, heart-squeezing, tear-jerking, tongue-biting, eye-rolling, yell-inducing, laugh-barking, spectacular roller coaster of a life choice. There are as many hills as there are valleys, but it’s when we’re in those valleys that we can feel so isolated and alone with our fears and doubts and challenges. That’s why we’re more likely to talk about those times and to reach out to others going through similar circumstances so that we know we aren’t alone and that there’s light on the other side. As human beings, we need that.

But I do realize that it can seem like we never talk about the highlights, so I asked my friends to tell us all about their favorite part of being a parent. Here’s what they had to say:

“When that little voice wakes me up in the night and says, ‘Momma, can I cuddle with you?'” –Anna

“All the times my children said ‘I love you’ or gave me a hug or kiss. But one of the most gratifying times came a few years ago, when after years of my giving advice he refused to take, my college-age youngest said, ‘Mom, you were right.'” –Sandra

“Holding a sleeping baby was wonderful.” –Joelle

“At the moment…no more diapers!” –Katie

“I love that I’m the first person they look for when they get home to tell me about their days.” –Bobbie

“My favorite part is having people around who genuinely get me. The love I feel from my children is truly unconditional. They are growing into capable, intelligent, and unique individuals, and some days it’s definitely ‘I made dis!'” –Tamara

“I love when my daughter writes me little notes or make pictures that say, ‘I love you, Mom. You are the best.'” –Tanya

“I love watching [my daughter] become more and more of her own person.” –Sam

“I just love that I made him. He’s such a bright, smart-ass young human.” –Megan Sue

“I just like it when they call me Mommy…or even just Mom….I truly never thought I’d get to be a mom, so hearing that is the single greatest thing next to hearing them say, ‘I love you.” –Terrisa

“As my kids have gotten older, my favorite part of being a mother is when they still need me. When they tell me that they love me, and that I’ve been an important part of making them the amazing people they are today.” –Katie

“I love watching my kids grow. I love seeing how different they all are and watching their personalities develop.” –Amber

“Now that they’re grown, I love having adult conversations, laughing and sharing things that are inappropriate but still funny. I love it when my daughter comes over to my place to just ‘be.’ We don’t have to talk; we can just hang out doing our own thing. I like knowing my house is her safe place.” –Susan

“I still can’t believe that I made something so beautiful. My favorite part is teaching him everything I know and that I will always be there for him no matter what!! True love.” –Aniraz

“[My baby daughter ] burrowing her little head into my shoulder when I hold her.” –Lisa

“Seeing how smart and cool and strong they are. (They’re still littles, 7 and 5).” –Erin

“Holding my little guy’s hand as he falls asleep.” –Michelle

“I love the notes that say ‘I love you, Mommy.’ They are 5 and 7, and I get them all the time.” –Amanda

“I am loving the conversations with the teenager and the fact that he respects and values my opinion enough to ask for it. Also the tiny human hugs when I am overwhelmed help a bunch too.” –Jennifer

“My 19-year-old son told me yesterday that I’m not just his mom, I’m his ‘bruh.'” –Lyn

“Still being needed once in a while now that they are some seriously amazing grown-ass people.” –Heather

“I love watching them grow and become who they are. And when someone like a teacher stops me just to say how much they love my kids, I am bursting with pride. Those are MY humans. I did that. Allllll mine.” –Candace

“No one in my life forgives my failings as quickly or easily as my daughter. I try so hard and fail so often, but still she tells me I am the prettiest, sweetest, smartest, best Mommy in the world…and that motivates me to live up to her standard. I realize this may change in a few years; the teenage version of her may be my worst critic, and at that point I will have to find another favorite part. But for now, that sweet generous spirit of hers makes me want to be better. And that is the best.” –Catie

“I love that my oldest has a date night with me every week now that he has moved out and started college. He also calls just to check in during the week.” –Candace

“My son. He makes it all worth it. His laugh, his cuddles, his hugs. We have our moments but at the end of the day, we always kiss goodnight and have our cuddles. I love him so much.” –Maggie

“Just being one (a mother). I spent 20 years waiting for it, so despite the fact there are times I want to knock her into next week, she’s my entire reason for living.” –Helen

“There is nothing about being a mom that I don’t like. My kids are 22 and 25. I have enjoyed every bit of every stage. My only regret is that I still don’t have one of them at every age they were. I do mourn the babies they are no longer, but I cherish the adults they are now.” –Nina

“I love the feeling of importance. I matter so much to my son. Some days it is literally the only thing keeping me going.” –Lindsey

As for me, some of my favorite parts of this momming journey are when my 15-year-old daughter lays her head in my lap to binge some shows or while reading a book because I am her favorite pillow. I also low-key love how my grown-ass son stands outside the bathroom door while I’m in there to have deep meaningful conversations about life. (I don’t know why we can’t do that in the living room, but as long as it happens, right?)

And I will complain about this to anyone who will listen, but I also love how Spawn always finds me like he came built with NSA-level GPS whenever he’s sleepy. He’ll find me no matter what room I’m in, and he’ll curl up against the back of my legs, fitting into that spot like he was custom-designed just to do that, and it makes my heart overflow.

What are your favorite parts of being a parent?

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