This Is What 'The Gay Agenda' Looks Like

by Amber Leventry
Originally Published: 
Amber Leventry/Twitter

The Advocate, one of the leading LGBTQ magazines and sources of queer news, recently wrapped up their 8th annual Day in LGBTQ America photo series. Once a year, the magazine asks to see what LGBTQ people are busy doing in their everyday lives. And I can’t stop scrolling through the images posted on Twitter and Instagram.

Being a queer news and entertainment source, The Advocate already knows the shenanigans LGBTQ people are getting into. But it’s important for all of America to see too. After all, our gay agenda is pretty fierce. I really do mean fierce — and heartbreakingly beautiful.

“Please think of A Day in LGBTQ America as one way you can help The Advocate dispel what the religious right tries to sell America about LGBTQ people, and simultaneously, your photos will inspire young people with the power of the project’s hopeful message.”

We are caregivers while fighting to take care of ourselves.

We try to look dapper while doing good.

We are parents.

We’re single parents too.

Our kids like waffles.

We are students.

And teachers.

We make art.

We workout.

We survive home improvement projects.

And we get through it all with chocolate.

Sometimes we are the stereotype.

And sometimes we break it.

We are somebody’s everything.

We are queer people trying to live our best lives. We are activists, parents, artists, students, and educators. We are humans. We don’t have a gay agenda. But we do need more queer representation to show people that our only agenda is to live safe, happy, and fulfilled lives. We want and can do a lot of amazing things when we aren’t busy defending ourselves and our rights all of the time. See us. Accept us. Love us.

Because right now it’s a heavy burden for the LGBTQ community to be the change and the hope while also being the targets of hate and bigotry.

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