Behold The Most Low Maintenance Treat In The History Of Ever

by Megan Zander

Fairy bread is the three ingredient Australian treat your kids are going to go crazy for

You know that feeling when you spend a ton of time on a complicated Pinterest recipe and it’s a total fail? Or if you do manage to pull it off, your kids have zero interest in eating it? We don’t either.

When it comes to kid snacks, Australian parents know better than to bother with making things complicated. Instead of multi-tiered rainbow cakes that take hours to make or cartoon character bento boxes, they keep it far more simple. Their kids snack on something known by the delightful name “fairy bread.”

While it sounds like super fancy food for unicorns, it’s actually really easy to make: grab some bread, slather on some butter, top it with sprinkles and bam! Fairy bread. It’s as pretty as it sounds.

According to Epicurious, fairy bread, also known as fairy toast, has been around for for centuries. The treat was inspired by a Robert Louis Stevenson poem. It’s typically served at children’s birthday parties and playdates, but since we are the nation that considers Pop-Tarts to be an anytime food, there’s no reason why you have to wait until there’s a party to try it. Make today’s snack a slice of rainbow colored fairy bread. Round sprinkles are traditional, but if all you have in your pantry are the little dash ones, we promise not to tell the Hemsworth brothers.

What makes fairy bread so awesome is how impossible it is to fuck up. It’s bread, butter, and sprinkles, folks. All stuff you have in the kitchen already and can toss together while on the phone with your sister to keep the kids quiet for five more minutes while you get the details of her blind date from last night. The genius is in the food’s simplicity, so let’s leave it that way, yes? No need to bring cookie cutters or icing initials into the mix here. No one wants to see an impressionist version of Winnie the Pooh formed of out sprinkles. Let’s not get crazy, alright? Just butter the bread and dump on the sugar, no finesse needed.

The original recipe is obviously pretty enough to eat.

You know you want to try some.

If only fairies made it for you, it really would be the perfect kid snack.

H/T Mommyish