What Would It Feel Like To Experience A Random Act Of Kindness, Every Day? (Sponsored)

by Maria Guido
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Occasionally, I have to remind myself to look up at the sky and find the horizon. I have to make a conscious effort to remember that my world is bigger than just the immediate space around my body, and there are many people beyond the few in my family who I interact with daily.

I’m not sure when it happened, that it became the norm to exist around crowds of people yet keep to yourself, but it’s happened. I lived in a huge metropolitan city for years and always found it jarring to realize that we were all alone, together. Crowds of people ushering onto a subway and walking down city streets, going about their days with barely any eye contact or interaction. When did we all stop smiling at each other on the street? When did we stop saying “Hi neighbor,” or “Nice weather!” or any of the small niceties that used to be expected of those who share space together?

It’s a collective thing for sure — no one is to blame. But our current state is isolating and lonely, isn’t it? We’re all so busy and over-scheduled, we’ve begun turning less and less away from other humans. So maybe we need to be reminded that they’re out there.

That’s the concept behind the new video now live on SoulPancake’s youtube channel “Strangers Surprised by an Unusual Reminder to Care.” SoulPancake partnered with Hershey’s Kisses chocolates to create a video with a simple, gentle reminder to people to #ShowYouCare, and see what happens. Watch below:

Hi there! This is a little reminder to show someone near you that you care. READY, SET, GO!

There are so many ways to make people feel seen and special. Over 750 people “paid it forward” in a Starbucks line last year. Heartwarming stories of people exhibiting very average acts of kindness go viral every day — because we are so starved for a happy ending: a nice story amongst all the terrible stuff we see in the news every day. But it’s easy to forget that we can make those happy endings happen whenever we want. We just have to reach out and do something nice.

You don’t have to move mountains to make a difference. You simply have to look up and say, I see you. Whether it’s a smile, a wink, a have a nice day, or a pay-it-forward coffee — there are plenty of opportunities to remind people that they have value. We all share the same air. When you #ShowYouCare, it affects us all.

Ready? Set? GO!

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