10 Comebacks When Assholes Criticize Public Breastfeeding

I was in a lactating coma for six years. No, I did not nurse a child into elementary school. I popped out four babies in five years.

I was on such a hormonal roller coaster that I could never come up with witty comebacks to assholes who made comments about public breastfeeding. When a passerby offered “Why don’t you try that at home?” I could only muster, “Why don’t you go fuck yourself?” The emotional pendulum swung and I started sobbing to complete strangers, “I just said the F word in front of my baby!”

Now that I am out of the estrogen fog, I’d like to offer these comebacks to breastfeeding moms…

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1. If you can use boobs to sell beer and cars, I can use mine as a buffet.

2. Do you eat your meal while sitting on the john?

3. That’s a great idea. You can borrow my blanket to put over your head.

4. Sorry to burst your bubble. Boobs are more than recreational fun.

5. Thank goodness you have a neck. Look away! LOOK AWAY!

6. Nursing is easier for me. I can’t hold a bottle and my wine glass at the same time!

7. It was an accident. I was just holding my baby when my 36Longs fell into his mouth! My bad!

8. If you are fishing for a snack, just wait your turn.

9. If you think this is gross, you should have seen the placenta. Oh, wait. I have pictures.

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10. Trust me. No one is more horrified by my giant areola than me.

If you are currently in a lactating coma, breathe in and out. Then, practice these comeback lines. Memorize them. Being a good mother means being prepared for anything…especially, when assholes attack.

If you are an asshole… fuck you very much.

About the writer

Kerry is a recovering teacher who blogs at HouseTalkN. Kerry blogs about life shenanigans, house crashing and house stalking. Her mother threatened to read that blog so she writes about things like 69, dildos and her moral shortcomings at In The Powder Room. Kerry brings shame to her family on a daily basis on Facebook and Twitter @HouseTalkN.

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Jessica 1 week ago

next dumbfuck who call breast sexual organs is gonna make me snap and want to hunt them down and punch them in the face with an anatomy book. A sexual organ is one directly used in the procreation of a child. Chop of your dick or cut out your oversees and tell you can still have kids. Oh wait you can’t! Now chop off you breast, you mean breast aren’t necessary? Damn pesky facts. Also fuck people who think men breast are different from women breast. Hint they aren’t. They are both fat, nipples, areoles, and mammary glands. Men can even lactate! Oh the horrors! Honestly I don’t give a fuck if your offended by my breasts. They are just lumps of fat with a purpose to me. No sexually organs, not private parts.

Jen 3 months ago

1. If your boobs get to ruin my buffet, then I think we’re all gonna need a beer to make through this very uncomfortable meal. You’re buying.
2. No, but I don’t eat meals topless or obtain nourishment by sucking on someone’s body part either. Funny how we’re not all at the same place in life huh? Like so many others before and after you(I’m one of them), maybe you
could figure out how to feed your baby while simultaneously not being naked in public.
3. Thanks, I’m gonna need it so I’m not staring across the table looking at your boob, pretending to hear what you say while your boob is being sucked on.
4. Sorry to burst YOUR bubble but regardless of what anyone says to your face, you are making everyone here uncomfortable.
5. Yes, because the princess and Mother Earth is feeding her baby in the nude the rest of us peasants must stare at the ceiling for the duration. Anything else your highness?
6. Somebody call CPS.
7. Your accident, everyone else’s tragedy.
8. Thanks, barfing always makes me dehydrated.
9. No thanks, like every other mom, I’ve seen it all, and plopping your naked boob out at a table in this restaurant doesn’t just make you gross, it’s trashy.
10. Trust me, your giant areola is just one small part of the horror.

If saying what everyone else is thinking makes me an asshole, meh. Coming from someone who doesn’t respect public space as public or expects people to set aside a lifetime of public nudity taboos I’d say I’m not the unreasonable one. Feed your baby any way you want, don’t tell me I have to put up with seeing you naked. Figure it out, just the way you’re going to have to figure out how to potty train and everything else without being a total public nuisance. The rest of us non clothing optional people did it, so can you.

Jen 3 months ago

Well I know I won’t make many friends saying it, and that works for me, but right back at ya lady. Plopping your boob out in a restaurant or anywhere uncovered takes balls, I’ll give you that, but it also assumes the rest of us take on the responsibility that is yours of feeding your kid. Just like you take your three year old to the bathroom right away so he doesn’t pee on the supermarket floor, you do what you have to do so your child is fed and we don’t have stare at the ceiling while you run around in the buff. It’s called public etiquette . Model it, so you can teach it. Breastfeeding moms (and I exclusively pumped for six boring months at home for three kids, in public Covered Up if I had to) yes you are natural, and yes you are making people uncomfortable and yes no shoes no shirt! No service means you. You can’t claim baby and then say your not naked. Figure it out. It’s not the public’s problem.

Marni Giannotti 7 months ago

Nice and ignorantly put Erin Schmidt Stawicki! Don’t judge others because you couldn’t produce yourself!

Crystal Womack Poe 7 months ago

Y’all make me want to move to Scotland right this minute. This is ridiculous and it’ll never end.

Mama 7 months ago

Haha I shared this on fb asking people not to be the asshole… which apparently translated to “you’re an asshole if NIP makes you feel uncomfortable”… uhm no. We never said that… but IMO all your defenses are making you look like that asshole I asked you not to be.. let’s not make anyone feel badly for feeding their little humans, no matter how they choose to do it. “Mind your business, just mind your business”

Connie Worley 7 months ago

I never had a problem nursing my son in public. Then again, I didn’t care what others thought nor will I with my next child.

Sara Jelinek 7 months ago

I needed this when I was nursing!

Valerie Ward 7 months ago

I breastfed 4 kids, often in public (cause what else are you gonna do with a hungry baby) My oldest is almost 30 years old and not once did anyone EVER make a comment to me.

Lisa Collins 7 months ago

Love these

Stephanie Stocker Kurtz 7 months ago

I love #6, and with baby #3… He got fed in a lot of places I would rather have not… But I couldn’t ditch my other 2 kids to feed the baby in private! Thankfully I never had mean words said to me!

Melissa-Beau Briggs 7 months ago

Yep, totally said number 2 and it just happened to be perfect timing since the b***h was holding her lunch!

Baby’s Breath 7 months ago

I can’t judge another mother who wants the best for her baby. Happy healthy babies. Happy healthy mommas. Do what you do best the best way you know how.

Monica Davey 7 months ago

I think “Go fuck yourself” is a perfectly acceptable comeback, maybe the best one.

Tamara 7 months ago

I once had an older gentleman look offended when I was discretely breastfeeding feeding my daughter at dinner in public. I said loudly to my girlfriend “Did you know it has been legal to be breast feed in public in [insert state] since [insert year].” He quickly paid his bill and left.

Jennifer Lockwood 7 months ago

It’s ridiculous that this is even an issue. It’s your baby, screw everyone else.

Julie C. Price 7 months ago

I was in a Food Court, covered, in a corner and a jerk came over and made a nasty comment. I said to him “You eat here, why can’t he?” He just turned and walked away.

Gene Vanover 7 months ago

thats why you have breast , people are just stupid.

Jennifer Eberhardt 7 months ago

Breastfeeding is completely natural n fine. I understand how there’s people that don’t want to see your bare chest. If your going to feed just cover up is all their saying. They make all kinds of cute little cloth linen for coverage too.

Jillian Dawn 7 months ago

I love number five! Look away! LOOK AWAY! See what people don’t think about is that people who bottle feed don’t have to go to a special super secret space to feed their kid, why should someone who is breastfeeding, it’s what boobs are made for!

Randall Ian Carlson 7 months ago


Mariam Abdo 7 months ago

Why is it okay in America to see gratuitous boobs on the beach, at VS and all day long but we clutch our pearls when boobs are providing nourishment. Someone explain it to me…

Katie Jo 7 months ago

Lol need to remember these when my 3rd comes in a few months.

Jill Fiedler Hylla 7 months ago

Love these!!!!!!

Danielle Ford 7 months ago

I breastfed and I never did it in public or in front of anyone, except my husband occasionally. I don’t see any problem with people public breastfeeding, but I was not comfortable with it and I didn’t want to make others uncomfortable so I didn’t do it.
I also think it’s a little unfair to judge others just because having your breast exposed in public makes them uncomfortable, especially men. They are conditioned all their lives that breasts are sexual so, if you choose to BF in public, then I really don’t think you can whine, when people notice it.

Tina Dodd Ward 7 months ago

I love how people say “well you have your boobs out there”. I think as long as mom does things in the right order: pick up baby, position, then lift shirt and latch baby there is very little bare boob involved. Now don’t whip out the boob, take the kid out of the car seat, change diaper, make a phone call and then feed. Really how much boob is visible?

Ben McFadden 7 months ago

I don’t know why she needs ten “comebacks”.
I thought her original “Why don’t you go fuck yourself” was working just fine.

Chelsea Kruse 7 months ago

How classy

Pam Crossley 7 months ago

I say. God bless the mothers who put forth the time and effort to breastfeed their babys. For those who don’t want to see it, then look away or move to a different seat. God gave women the means to have breasts that provide food and nourishment to their babies. For those who can’t or choose not to breastfeed, that is ok too. That is why formula was made. As long as you are feeding your children, continue on… the Lord will bless you.

Missy Jenkins 7 months ago

Good Lord. Put a wrap on and shut it

Brehan Stetka 7 months ago

#9 LMAO!!!

Josee Parent 7 months ago

I have no issue with breast feeding and I’m all for it. Though how about breast feeding moms stop making comments to me because I feed my baby formula ??? Goes both ways ! Just saying ! Respect !

Jess Parsons 7 months ago

Hi, this may seem like a minor quibble on your major point, but you’ve now pushed this particular button in the blog and a comment. :-)

Breastfeeding may indeed put you in a hormonal roundabout, but it keeps your estrogen levels lower than normal, not higher, as your term “estrogen fog” would imply. The lower estrogen levels are thought to be a reason why breastfeeding women have lower rates of reproductive cancers, which is something EVERYONE ought to know and celebrate.



Jennifer Osso 7 months ago

If you are comfortable covering do so. If you are comfortable not covering then do so. Just do your thing and F the haters. Can’t live your life pleasing everyone. If someone has a problem seeing you feed your baby in public then that’s THEIR insecurity. And, all this whipping the whole boob out is just BS. Most moms I encounter feed rather discreetly cover or not.

Rochelle Holloway 7 months ago

I just love this.

Becky Gilliam Buckner 7 months ago

#10 is too funny.

Carly Hooks Cosson 7 months ago

Love #6!!!

Stacy Hersey Buckley 7 months ago

#1 should be an official campaign slogan.

Samantha Lynn Belden 7 months ago

I don’t care if a mom wants to breastfeed and I don’t expect a mother to cover a baby’s face, especially if a baby dislikes it. I’m not asking moms to cover their babies. Just have some modesty and cover your boob. I don’t want to see it and neither does my husband or child. Even if I look away I’ve already seen what I don’t want to see. You can put a baby blanket or the top part of your breast and still leave the baby’s face uncovered. Respect is a two way road. Respect that the people around you don’t want to see your exposed breast and they should respect you are feeding your baby and even if a little under boob shows it can be appreciated that you are at least trying to be respectful of the people around you. Public breast feeding isn’t the problem. It’s the child like thinking that respect for what you want is a one way road. Being naked is a very natural state but I still have to wear clothes in public.

Tiffany Mach 7 months ago


Lauren Kauffmann 7 months ago

I am currently breastfeeding and I have always covered up in public. It is completely natural but it is still a breast. I don’t want you to see mine and I don’t want to see yours. There are so many great covers that take about 2 seconds to put on. I don’t understand why this is so complicated. I’m not saying go in to the bathroom or hide, I am saying be considerate of other when you want others to be considerate of you. Respect isn’t given its earned and if you are going to have a sense of entitlement with no regard to anyone else then I’m sorry I cannot get on board. It is such an intimate moment I share with my little one, I don’t need the entire world to experience it with me and frankly I don’t want to experience it with another woman and her child.

Hannah Marie Huffman 7 months ago

My mother was the only nursing nazi I encountered. She was the only person to tell me to cover up..that was really upsetting.

Alicia Neal 7 months ago

No one was promised a life in which they were never made uncomfortable. I see things done all the time I wish I didn’t. It doesn’t mean the other person is wrong or that I have a right to harass them, shame them or otherwise be an ass. I look away, I move on, I get over it.

Megan Weber 7 months ago

I get annoyed when I make every effort possible to be discrete and people still INSIST on trying to figure out if I’m feeding my baby or if I’m snuggling him to sleep. Even in the darkest far away corners or in my car. Creepers, lurkers, GO AWAY!

Tawnya Rene Hunt 7 months ago

Now this is my personal opinion BUT I am a breastfeeding mommy and I love it BUT I don’t wanna see women breastfeeding in public and I sure as hell don’t want others to see me breastfeeding! It is totally possible to keep that private and not make others feel uncomfortable and be respectful…. just how I feel and others are more than welcome to their own opinion

Katrina Rollin 7 months ago

I stopped at 4 kids in 5 years…

Ronin Cheburashka 7 months ago

Breastfeeding in public? That’s hot.

Candice Hibbs 7 months ago

Will we defend the choice to have no pants and underwear on in public next. This is all kinda getting ridiculous lol. Modesty and respect for those around u too much to ask? I know what’s coming… Outrage! Lol well I have friends in la leache or however it is spelt and not once have they not shown respect and modesty. So those of u who are not and upsetting those around u are just rude and disrespectful I have no respect for u if u have no respect for me and my family. So don’t be surprised when people r upset and negative towards u. These debates have all but got ridiculous. It has nothing to do with what u feed or how u feed or any of that. It is about respect. And some of u and I am happy to say not all or most of u don’t give the people around u it. Most people are happy enough to see a mother try to be modest with her baby. Even if not totally successful. The attempt to be kind in that matter can go a long way. Quit looking for a fight people.

Amanda Moose 7 months ago

When my husband and I are out in public and I breastfeed no one ever says anything to me, of course he does cary a gun in a holster on his side, maybe that’s why. Lol

Lauren 7 months ago

I liked to say “Oh, this is nothing. Wait until my husband gets his turn!”
That usually shut people up.

Patrick Reinhard 7 months ago

I like her very first comeback! (MOM)

Kayla Metcalf 7 months ago

I try to cover in public but im not apologizing if my baby pulls the blanket away! do you know how hard feeding with a cover or blanket is? seriously its not as simple as “cover it up” sometimes .a baby is hungry when theyre hungry and im not going to wait to feed because youre uncofortable. Trust me im a modest person but my kid comes first. I havent had to say anything yet but thanks for starting me out with these comebacks

Nadia Caswell 7 months ago

#6 LOL

Alice Thomas 7 months ago

LOVE IT!!!!!

Alicia Neal 7 months ago

The first time someone was nasty to me about it, I was covered. Completely. That’s when I decided I don’t care and I might as well be comfortable if people will be ugly anyhow.

Courtney Lee 7 months ago

I think everyone should stop eating in public. Pooping is natural but I’m not gonna do that in the middle of a restaurant. Take that sandwich home and hide your shame!

Collin Wright 7 months ago

It should be like the bubblegum rule, if you don’t bring enough to share with everyone, then it’s impolite to partake while others are thirsty! Oh yeah, and bring cookies next time!

Naomi N Albert 7 months ago

I had a boss ask me why I would not pump in the bathroom. I told her to go eat her lunch in there. There wasn’t anywhere to really pump so I used to put a black poncho on & pump at my desk. I put a little sign in front of my cubicle.
I used to BF with a cover while grocery shopping. No one ever noticed or said anything. I used to tuck a blanket under my bra strap so I didn’t worry about it falling.

I even perfected pumping without hands. When my daughter was in the NICU a parent came over & started talking. They asked what that noise was. I said my breast pump, he was surprised & got a little embarrassed because I was fully dressed & standing up.

I donated between 3,000 to 5,000 ounces of milk because one of my twins passed away. My living daughter had allergies so I didn’t drink dairy or lots of other food products that could cause issues.

Jenny Kruschke 7 months ago

I say just tell people to eff the hell off. Seriously, you can’t win as a mom. You can’t formula feed, because ya know, breast is best and formula is evil and blah blah effing blah, so you better breastfeed, but you better not do it in public in case you make anyone uncomfortable. Apparently moms shouldn’t leave the house, ever.
I formula fed both my kids, but if I had breastfed them, you damn well better believe I’d have done it wherever I was. Yes, a child’s need to eat IS more important than your self-proclaimed right to never be uncomfortable. We’re all adults, get the hell over it.
(Side note, why does a child eating, via breast or bottle, make you uncomfortable? That sounds like your problem.)

Cathy S’Carey 7 months ago

Lol number 6.

Deborah Ford DeRousse 7 months ago

I did it whenever and wherever I wanted, don’t look if it offends!

Michelle Green 7 months ago

I have never had a comment… I think my resting bitch face makes people think twice. Idk how I would react if someone said something to me but I think it would probably be along the lines of “go F yourself”.

Kristyn Zak 7 months ago

I love this!!! “36Longs” hahahaha!!!!

Laura Gavlinski-Hansen 7 months ago

This is honestly one of the best things that I have read in a while….I so want to make a little copy and laminate it for all of my breastfeeding and pregnant friends…wish I had these comebacks when my little ones were all nursing, and the pic with the machete mom- that is bad Ass for sure….love love love this

Pamela Carroll 7 months ago

Who cares about a strangers opinion of your choices … About anything ! Ignore.

Jennifer Goddard Allen 7 months ago

I still like “go fuck yourself” the best.

Jennifer Michelle Jones 7 months ago

The last one cracked me up.

Chantal Granger 7 months ago

I was asked twice while nursing my first to go else where to nurse and I DID use a cover. Both times I stayed polite but never left for their comfort since I was fully aware it was in my right to Not be covered and nurse so leave me and my blanket alone. Didnt use a blanket/cover as often with my second because of the season too hot but was still not a fan of having my boobs hang out so still tried to be discret and not flash people more then needed

Kelly ‘Slempkes’ Hanson 7 months ago

I’m currently nursing my 4th baby. All have been breastfed and I’ve nursed in public with and without covers. Those who are suggesting that a mother bring along a pumped bottle don’t really know what you’re asking. Lactating isn’t really something you can turn off, so even if you managed to have a bottle ready to go, when baby gets hungry, your body responds and you get a let down. How absurd is it to feed your baby a bottle while you have milk leaking through your shirt.
I’ve only been asked to cover up once in all my experience and it was by another woman. I was discreetly nursing my third baby, my top covered everything that baby didn’t and there was no skin showing. Some people are uncomfortable with the process, they know it’s happening and it freaks them out and no amount of discretion will satisfy them.
Covers can be great for some but my babies always threw them off by about 3 months. They were more of a struggle than they were worth.
My point in all this babbling rant is that asking a new mom to pump, bottle feed, or cover up is asking an already overwhelmed person to add one more thing to her list for the comfort of the general public, not herself or her baby. Having a baby and raising that baby are not easy things. Do we as a society really want to pile on one more thing?

Yolanda Leland Kelley 7 months ago

Its your decision to breastfeed or not my only issue cover up. Not everyone wants to see it.

I dont feel breastfeeding is over sexual I just dont want to see it. I believe in modesty.

Megan Brooks 7 months ago

Men see boobs in the bedroom and its on TV too for crying out loud. Grow up and let us women feed your children. You have no complaints of seeing our boobs otherwise. So what a woman is breastfeeding in public. I swear, if I see someone make a deal out of it, I will stand up for that woman. Its uncalled for beyond measures.

Yvonne Eres Nuss 7 months ago

I was very discreet about it, back in 1979. I received several compliments from people that did notice a baby under that blanket. Nursing was not very popular back then. But formula sounds very unappetizing.

Meagan Lenahan Xydias 7 months ago

Love #9 lol

Courtney Fallon 7 months ago


Rachel Acker Janiszewski 7 months ago

The pro private place to breastfeed is any place eating is acceptable. I don’t care if you breastfeed covered or uncovered. But it’s not ok to breastfeed in the bathroom ( gross seriously would you eat your dinner in there), in the middle of Macy’s ( um I don’t sit down and eat my dinner there)

Amanda 7 months ago

Thank you so much! I am going to take the time to memorize these before I have my fourth kiddo in June! lol these are great!

Lindsey Christiansen D’Lugos 7 months ago

Fuck you very much, love it!

Kelly Daniels 7 months ago

I love #10! Giant areola! Lol, sad but true

Tara Moylan 7 months ago

I dunno… “Why don’t you go Fuck yourself” seems to be a pretty good comeback! :-)

Maura Leigh 7 months ago

these are awesome!

Dana Marie Cain 7 months ago

Whether a woman’s chooses to nurse or bottle feed it is no one’s business except the woman. People really should do a better job of minding their own.

Alicia Neal 7 months ago

I support you if you cover. Or give a bottle in public. Or if you formula feed.
Why can’t my right to feed the way that is most comfortable for me and my child be equally lauded and supported? Minus all the slut shaming about how I must want men to stare at my breasts?

Amy Rhodes McInerney 7 months ago

Thankfully I have never had an issue and I notice more and more moms bfing in public…I do use a nursing cover so maybe that helps

Sandra Leigh 7 months ago

We should be able to live in a world where FEEDING our babies is natural and normal regardless of how they are fed. No woman should be shamed being BF or FF. There shouldn’t just be support groups for BFers, but FFers too. We all need to feel accepted and supported and helped along the way as our babies grow not torn down by society and one another.

Anastasia Moccaldi 7 months ago

This is one of those topics people will go round and round about. As a mom of 3 i breastfed many many places. Though never had to flash my boobs around town. While boobs were put there to feed babies they are looked upon in our country as sexual objects. Deny it all you want but they are. I personally don’t want anyone other than my husband to see them as they are a private part of my body. Just like the nether regions. My husband doesn’t want anyone else to see them as they are a private part of my body. So while i did not hide in a bathroom or go home to nurse i did cover them out of respect for myself and for him. I mean seriously, what loving husband wants other men walking by to be ogling your boobs no matter the reason? None.
On the flip side if the coin, a few years ago I saw a woman in the petting zoo area of a major zoo where myself, my husband and my children went with her boob out for the world to see and the baby down on her lap and it was incredibly disrespectful to us all. I don’t want to see your boob, i don’t want my husband to see your boob and i certainly don’t want my children to see your boob. Complete disrespect to everyone there to force that on us. And that look away crap is exactly that. You don’t know it’s there till you already saw it and why should i have to look away from nudity in a public place? Unless i walk my family into a strip club i should not have to worry about anyone seeing ta tas.
As i said i did cover up while i breastfed all 3 of my daughter’s (unless i was at home with my family) as to not offend myself or anyone else around me nor to give any passerby man a free peep show and i can honestly say that all 3 children of mine are just fine. They survived quite well. With that being the case i truly feel that anyone showing them to everyone is really doing it because they want other men to look and the law says it’s legal as there is no real other reason to do it that way. I know ill get bashed for telling it like it is by some but after living it 3 times there is just no other reason for sitting somewhere with your boob hanging out and bouncing around while burping your baby. Regardless of whatever your excuse is. That whole “Its natural” thing is another load of crap. So is menstruation but I’m not going to flash my cooter all over Walmart changing my tampon in the middle of isle 3. Gross. Some “natural” things in life are perfectly fine to do in public places but in a tasteful way with respect for yourself and others.
And now the non exhibitionists will click like on my comment and the angry exhibitionists will start slinging insults at me and telling me I’m just awful for calling them out and not wanting to look at their bare bouncing boobies. And saying its all in the name of feeding their baby. Which I’ve done 3 times already not publicly topless so not buying it.
And GO!

Melissa Misenheimer 7 months ago

Breastfeed with boobs out or covered. Use a bottle filled with breast milk or formula. I support you completely

Melyssa B Yogini 7 months ago

How about this: Your ignorance is showing. I have the right to nurse anywhere I have the right to be. I’m here, I’m nursing. Deal with it.

Dulce De Abreu 7 months ago

Hilarious! I was living in AZ when I was breastfeeding, covering up was not an option lol. Besides, if anyone stared I would stare right back

Sarah Koebler 7 months ago

I was lucky. I never got criticized by anyone but my mother…

Kit Normand 7 months ago

I’ve breastfed in public many many times. And have never used a cover because my son doesn’t like it. I’ve never once had anyone give me dirty looks or give me a negative comment.

Jenny Fortune 7 months ago

Who is criticizing people? Your family members? Strangers? If someone looks at you for 2 seconds it’s not criticism. Some people have resting bitch faces. If it’s your family sorry they are tactless assholes!

It’s funny when you’ve formula fed and breastfed there are plenty of doubt and emotions attached to both. I think, *usually* no one gives a shit what you are doing either way and the mom being asked to cover isn’t the norm, it’s just what we hear about.

Nicole Gluszek Petkova 7 months ago


Stephanie Santucci 7 months ago

Luckily I had nothing but support. If someone didn’t support me, they certainly didn’t speak up. I love humor, even inappropriate humor, but for some reason these one liners don’t do it for me.

Traci Sharp 7 months ago

I’m just gonna stick with the “go fuck yourself” comment

Jennifer 7 months ago

I do not recall ever once getting crap about breastfeeding in public. This was 13 years ago and I would whip them out anywhere, in front of anyone. I didn’t make a big deal about, and neither did anyone else. Sorry for anyone who has been hassled, but I don’t think the world is quite as ‘hostile ‘ to breastfeeding as some represent.

Verónica Díaz 7 months ago

Whoever wants can look and think whatever they want. I don’t give a shit.

Verónica Díaz 7 months ago

I feed my baby and I don’t give a shit.

Chelsæ Völcjak 7 months ago

I don’t have children so… I obviously don’t breastfeed children… but I do have a functioning brain. In a world still predominantly run by men… more specifically America… being a well man – oiled machine, women should symbolize sex, and seeing a woman naturally feeding her child somehow takes that symbol away and makes them look like “animals” which I’m completely dumbfounded by. I like what I saw someone say… “mind your own tits”. Do what works for you & your child & nevermind what anyone else thinks or says.

Jenny Skender 7 months ago

I have had nothing but support while out in public breastfeeding. But just in case someone should ever say something-these are good.

Sarah Jayne Lowrey 7 months ago

Love number 8

Amanda Beaver Valois 7 months ago

Love these!!

Amanda Gardiner 7 months ago

Number 9 is my favourite

Kyrsten Suzanne Shapiro 7 months ago

7-10 cracked me up

Sharon Erdos 7 months ago

You know, I have never encountered anything negative aside from an eye roll or a sneer and it was always in passing so no guarantee it was directed toward me or my child. Likewise with several other breastfeeding mothers, bith online and in public. As a matter of fact, I’ve never seen or heard anything occur more than a look in passing for the formula feeding mothers I’ve encountered, both online and in public.

I’m beginning to think either things get blown wildly out of proportion or people are doing things they shouldn’t be to begin with when something is said and make it about how they are feeding their babies.

That being said, I was congratulated, very loudly, for breastfeeding in public and I wanted to tell her to go away. It was extremely uncomfortable to be made into a spectacle.

Jaclyn Eva Sarmento Nash 7 months ago


shadell 7 months ago

Begged To Every God Known To Humankind To Be Able To Breastfeed. No Such Luck. Dammit. To Those Who Are Able :Huzzah! To The Haters: You’re Just Jealous. Go Suck Something Else!

Amy Radinsky Anderson 7 months ago

Eh, I much prefer the “Why don’t you go fuck yourself. “

Shane Guilfoyle 7 months ago

If a person can’t handle seeing a tit, they have other issues.

Sarah Harrison 7 months ago

I guess I’ve just never really understood why people get mad at someone doing it in public.. It’s not their business and they don’t really need to look. Maybe I’m just missing where people get mad but to me it’s not a thing to even worry about. They can do their thing, I’ll do mine, as long as their baby’s getting fed, who cares?

Kyla Elaine Williams 7 months ago

Honestly if your baby is hungry feed it screw what everyone else says. To them their own if ur baby doesn’t like being covered don’t cover them. It’s about feeding ur baby who cares what anyone else thinks breast where made for feeding children. Just cause over the years people have sexualized them doesn’t mean anything. I would rather see a mom feeding her baby then some of the trashy out fits people where now and days. Be proud of how you feed ur babies if that’s breast feeding or bottle at least u are taking care of ur bundle that’s all that matters

Josie Yar 7 months ago

When I was breastfeeding I had g cup breasts. Even a baby head wasn’t going to hide those mothers! So I just did the best I could to feed my babies without flashing everyone, but I never used a cover and never left the room. I’m still feeding my son occasionally and he is 3.5, although we stopped feeding in public at 2 because he could start to understand the rudeness being directed at us.

Hillary Kelln 7 months ago

In a way, I was glad about never having to deal with this problem, it was hard enough having to whip the boob out around people I know. Yeah, I’m sad we weren’t able to continue that awesome bonding experience, but at least he’s eating and happy. Bottle feeding is easier in some aspects and harder in others.

carla 7 months ago

How about “how to convey to someone who is breastfeeding that they need to use s cover while in public”. It’s a private matter that is too public now.

Sandra Newman-Walton 7 months ago

THIS is what people are offended by?!? It’s amazing how sexual content and violence (mostly against women) are perfectly acceptable for viewing in our society, but feeding babies is somehow deplorable and needs to be defended.

Lindsey Berry 7 months ago

I seriously just want/need to feed my kid. I’m not going to listen to her scream and cry from hunger. She’s hungry, I feed her. I keep it as modest and secluded as possible. I don’t need to grandstand a point of view. I don’t want people to see my chest so I try to be discreet but honestly I have to feed her however I can so ultimately I can’t be concerned about the greater publics opinion. Just like formula moms don’t appreciate being ridiculed for feeding their child “poison” and apparently random people feel comfortable telling/judging them while they’re feeding their child I’m sure someone won’t agree with my decision. Thankfully I just don’t care. Be offended. It’s your right. It’s mine to not give a shit. And I don’t. Also lets be honest here. You aren’t going to die because you were uncomfortable for 10 seconds. You’ll bitch to your friend/husband/family member or whoever about how traumatized and horrified you are by having seen a postage stamp size piece of breast skin and then move on to your next 1st world problem. My baby on the other hand would still be crying because of hunger pains in her tiny belly and not be able to understand why I wouldn’t feed her. Luckily I prioritize her (or any baby’s) discomfort and ignorance over an adult strangers culture driven discomfort. So this is me at the mall in a quiet corner with a tank top and a loose over shirt covered up as best as I can, feeding my hungry baby and not giving a shit what all the over dramatic old bitties have to say. If that makes me an asshole oh well.

Andrea Herkenhoff 7 months ago

Use a cover. It can be used to cover a bottle just as easily as it covers a breast.

Cali Pfiester 7 months ago

I had to bottle feed my preemie, and breastfed all my others. Good for you just being a awesome mom. At the end of the day all that matters is that we love our babies.

Misty Atkinson 7 months ago

I’ve lived in 3 countries outside of the U.S. They MAKE FUN of women who cover up while breast feeding, I’ve had people come up and actually tell me “you don’t need to cover up, it’s natural”.They think Americans are so silly!

Carla Wetzel-Kratzke 7 months ago

Julia- I know there’s more of us that feel it :) people are scared to have an opinion… at least a vocalized one! And with this issue you are certainly on one side or the other. The problem for me right now is that media is making it seem like Spice Girls Style Girl Power is the only way to go about this. They try to make it seem like we are all banding together to burn our bras and march in a picket line; when we aren’t too busy making organic baby food and cooking for our husband’s. It’s just not what’s happening buts giving the crazy license to get even crazier. (Not all breast feeders are crazy. Only the crazy ones are crazy and it’s not hard to spot them)

Debbie 7 months ago

My oldest daughter’s best friend is a year younger than her, and had her baby when she was 17. She was a better mom at 17 than a lot of adult moms that I know. She texted my daughter on the day of my daughter’s baby shower all kinds of upset because some morons were being rude because she was breastfeeding her baby at the airraces. When I heard about it, I wanted to go over and deal with them. I love every one of these and I wish she could have read them before then. I was proud of her for not giving in too!

Misty Atkinson 7 months ago

I’ve breastfed in front of many small children, they have questions and when they are asked and answered correctly it’s no problem. Children don’t sexualize breasts– society and adults do. Your young child doesn’t think it’s gross, and if he or she does it’s because you taught them that,

Andie Brown 7 months ago

You see WAY more at the beach! Do you wear a veil and cover up there? People walk around with string up their asses!

Andie Brown 7 months ago

Wow sure glad we are living in an age of basic human rights!!

Misty Atkinson 7 months ago

I would equate whipping out a penis to whipping out a vagina.

Misty Atkinson 7 months ago

You have a right to your opinion, but it’s not necessary to be so hateful.

Kylie Catterick 7 months ago

What a bunch of nasty women you are. OP was purely stating her opinion and explaining her comfort levels. I didn’t see any of her comments telling you to do it in the public bathrooms? In fact she didn’t TELL anyone anything. I’ve had five kids and breast fed four of them. I didn’t use a cover either but still managed to be modest in regards to what people could see. It’s called self respect.

As for the “don’t look” comments, are you serious?

Carla Wetzel-Kratzke 7 months ago

I f – ing L♡VE Canada!!! I’m glad I made you laugh. We all have opinions. I can admit that I completely understand while you make the choices you do- I just have opinions on why I disagree. People need to be able to try and understand each otger… otherwise you get crazy people who think I’m comparing it to TERRORISM AND WAR. Are you GD kidding me with this crazy.* she erased the war post

Andrea Herkenhoff 7 months ago

I’m sorry, Sheilah, but that is a ridiculous argument against feeding in public. It is very selfish to imply a mother with a hungry baby should take your feelings of jealousy into consideration before nursing her infant.

Andie Brown 7 months ago

If you’ve ever been to a beach you’ve seen more than I’m showing here…

Rebekah Ahearn 7 months ago

Just a question whats tour view on disabled children/mem/women should they also not be allowed “out” because children ask all sorts of questions.
Why does that child look funny?
Whys that lady so fat?
Whys that man got one leg?

Elizabeth Alexander 7 months ago

Hello pot, meet kettle.

Kaitlen Bourquin 7 months ago

In Canada it’s legal to be topless anywhere so you better not travel here it might upset you.

Desiree Brown 7 months ago

Oh, did I say I bottle fed? No, I didn’t. Again, just because it is “natural” does not mean you should show the world your breasts!

Kaitlen Bourquin 7 months ago

And haha Carla I could be mad but you made me laugh about red robin. I’m still gonna go ahead and nurse on demand though

Carla Wetzel-Kratzke 7 months ago

Factually speaking men in a restaurant would be promptly asked to leave- even in the most lackadaisical of taverns- for not wearing a shirt. A lot of restaurants will not provide service to patrons who ate wearing hats or shorts, due to dress codes. And of coarse no place of business I know of will serve people who aren’t wearing shoes. It’s how it works in America. Why? Safety, sanitary reasons, and respect. We are expected as adults to be cordial and respectful when in public and around people we do not know. If it is considered offensive to wear a hat indoors to eat; it must be abundantly clear as to how letting your breast be fully exposed- NO MATTER THE REASON- would be inappropriate. Breast feeding is a perfectly great thing to do for you baby. So is changing it’s poopy diaper. The difference between the two (there are many save the drawn out lectures) is that we can all admit to the reasons why we shouldn’t subject others in a public place to the visuals of the poopy diaper change. Now if everyone can step off the breastfeeding soap box (moms tend to grab onto a position on this topic and draw blood trying to prove it right) any sane person can see how it would be offensive to the verse stranger to have to deal with in a public place. It is by American definition sexual harassment to have your nipples and breasts exposed forcing others to have to view it even for the moment it takes to realize you need to or want to turn away. Yes. This is how it works in our country(also save the speech about co.paring the beauty of breast feeding to sex… Boobs are boobs. Period. No matter what they are being used for.) I need anyone to clarify for me how being subjected to viewing a strangers breasts against my will because they are comfortable with it is any different to men who are comfortable with their penis’ s that want to flash them in front if me. They are BOTH sex organs. Private areas of the body with multiple functions- some sexual and some not. I don’t want to see either. Especially Especially while eating. Bottom line they are to be kept put away under the respected garments only to be viewed by the nessisary people. Probably only family.

Elizabeth Alexander 7 months ago

We have breastfeeding laws here,.too. but apparently many people feel that infants shouldnt have rights to basic human needs, like food.

Barbara Carichner 7 months ago

Then don’t LOOK!

Julia Klymenko 7 months ago

Wow, so many “go fuck yourselves” here… Isn’t that nice? :(

Kaitlen Bourquin 7 months ago

Unless you don’t have any money I don’t really understand why this is such a problem. Nursing tops are great and mostly people wouldn’t even know your breastfeeding and even a tank top under a Tshirt no skin shows. Personally I think it’s weird someone would be so bothered by a breast that they would freak out but on the flip side it’s really easy to cover up without a cover or being banished to the washroom.

Melissa Sue Shelton 7 months ago

Um it’s natural and I breastfeeding fed public why should we hid away cause you decide feed your child a bottle people should not be discriminated against for feeding their child in public.

Elizabeth Alexander 7 months ago

“” you think nothing of forcing me to address a PRIVATE matter with my children. How arrogant of you all to expect us to care about your milk supply, your hormone level, your child’s nipple preference – about YOUR child, while completely ignoring our regard for our own. We’re all supposed to be in it together right? I don’t think so…””

No one is forcing you to do anything.. you have a neck, turn your head and look away. Also, I dont expect you to care about anything, just like I dont care about what you think of me feeding my child. Im protected by the law that says my child has a right to nurse in a public place. I dont care about your issues because Im just trying to feed my baby and go on with my day. You having an issue with that is not my problem. Its not my problem because theres nothing I can do to change your opinion. its not my problem because regardless of how you feel about it, I still need to fill my babys basic need of food and nourishment.

Ive seen you comment many times..what I find disgusting is your anger towards a baby just being fed.

Emma Stringer 7 months ago

I can’t believe haters feel free enough to be just that. It’s a baby, for goodness sake… You can’t even see a tit when they’re feeding, so basically you’re upset at the thought?! Wtf!!! This thread is unbelievable!

Erin Schmidt Stawicki 7 months ago

No, no. You can’t compare breastfeeding to diapers. It’s not acceptable for me to use urinating and/or defecating as an example of a natural and necessary function of the body that is done in private, so it’s not really fair for you to use it as an example either. Either it’s in the same wheel house or it’s not.

Who the hell are you to tell me where, when or how I talk to my kids about anything, much less about something as serious as private body parts? Anyone exposing a private body part in public is out of my control, therefore, it is being FORCED on me and/or my family. Again, that arrogance just shines through. Any other instance of a child seeing a private body part in that manner would be considered illegal and immoral but somehow breastfeeding gives you a free pass to expose yourself in public but call me the crazy one. Makes so much sense.

Julia Klymenko 7 months ago

Just wanted to thank you for voicing your opinion. Every time I dare to say anything like this in mom circles, I get a bunch of verbal diarrhea flowing my way… I’m not even criticizing bf in public, just pro being a bit modest with it aka no boobs hanging for people to stare. I exclusively breastfeed my boy and we’ve never been planted in the house, always out and about despite the fact I never breastfeed in front of anyone else but my husband. I plan my trips around his feelings, if I can’t make it home in time, I’d feed in the car, in a special family room (if at the mall), or even in a handicap bathroom (happened a couple of times). I believe it’s disrespectful to make other people uncomfortable and naked breasts do the job well, you want it or not.

Kaitlen Bourquin 7 months ago

Sheilah, of course there are exceptions to everything but that doesn’t change the fact the majority of people staring or requesting you cover up are doing so because they’re sexualizing it. I personally try to cover up to a reasonable extent but I would rather leave then use a restroom to nurse or pump.

Emma Stringer 7 months ago

I look, and admire, and smile….nursing your baby is the nicest thing in the world! There’s no real argument. Feed your baby, turn your blinkers on and treasure every feed…their soon grown.

Emma Stringer 7 months ago

I love this….8,9 and 10 are my faves! People just astound me, how dare they be rude to nursing mothers. I’ve nursed 5 and in all honesty only had 1 cafe be rude to me, asking me to not nurse there….I said ok, walked just outside their door and sat infront of their bakery display window, on the floor. When passerbys looked I said outloud ‘ I’m not allowed inside to feed my baby’ also it was February, cold….bad shop!

Rossella Frascoli 7 months ago

(Actually here in Italy it’s not really a big deal!!! Probably we are so much used to see paintings in churchs that show “public breastfeeding” that we don’t notice that! 😉 )

Joanna Lo Lutz 7 months ago


Carla Wetzel-Kratzke 7 months ago

Carla Wetzel-KratzkeI so agree!!! Pack them away. Boobs are boobs, I don’t care what they are doing… when I get to the table to ask you what you and your husband want to drink I don’t want to see your giant rack hanging out. Find a private place to be a respectable mother and wife. There is a clear right and wrong with public breastfeeding. If you arent do worried about “standing up for women and babies everywhere” you would be able to admit that even if you are feeding your baby? IT’S STILL A BREAST. I should not have to ” look the other way” ; trust me I do what ever I can to not have to see it. I’m sorry- you think it’s crazy to “subject a baby to bring covered up while it eats”?!? No. You are crazy. You are in a public place. Respect the adults. Respect the employees. Respect your friends and family. Follow basic manners while in a shared space. And basic manners means cover your nipples. You would be hard pressed to find a sane group of of people who would tell you not to be east feed in general. And I would rather see you covered and feeding your baby then having to hear it bellow for the hour duration that you will be eating. But it is 2015. So buck up and either sit in a clean rest room, the car, or I don’t know BRING A DAMN BOTTLE- THAT WHY THEY MAKE THEM. Why do you think they are manufactured??? Buy and fill a bottle. Can’t pump enough milk? Buy formula. Think it will kill you baby? I’m sorry (nope) STAY HOME. You would be surprised to hear how many parents hire babysitters or stay home with their infants. Bottom line… your baby is not a citizen who goes to work, contributes to society, pays taxes, and even has an opinion on ANYTHING. So make an adult decision and don’t be the asshole burning your bra by not wearing one with your tiny baby. He does not have closterphobia. If he can’t eat covered up its because you gave up on teaching him how. Not because he needs the freedom or some crap. Truly figure out how to be considerate. Please. We all are at Red Robin at the same time. And it’s not a dominatrix themed restaurant. Zipp up your shirt.

Suzanne TenBroek 7 months ago

And as to the pervs, I can’t control them, if they’re going to perv out there isn’t anything I can do to stop that. What I can control is myself. If other people have a problem with something, that’s not MY problem, it’s theirs. I think it’s disrespectful to eat loudly, talk on the cell phone in public, and have bad manners, but those are MY pet peeves, and it is what it is. I can’t control it, so I move on.

As to the good lord, I’m pretty sure Jesus was breastfed and Mary probably didn’t cover up because all this modesty stuff started with puritans. Casting stones much?

Ruth Rebekah Close 7 months ago

hahaha so so funny. especially 9 n 10.

Alyssa Ashley Cardinal 7 months ago

Being a breastfeeding mother, I’m not even comfortable wearing a top that’s too low cut in public, let alone pulling my breast out for the world to see. I do feed my son in public with a cover because the fact of the matter is that society has sexualized breasts. Even though breastfeeding is not sexual at all, I can’t stop the thoughts of others, so I’d rather not give them the chance to see my breasts and think something sexual. Posting a picture of say a banana (food) on Facebook would be just fine. Would you post a picture of your boobs (also food) on Facebook? I don’t think that you would, because even though they’re both food, it’s different.

Jennifer Osso 7 months ago

There are about a million different things I worry about shielding my kids from. A breast feeding mom is not one of them.

Kathryn Udall 7 months ago

I agree with Lisa. I breastfed everywhere. No skin ever showed and my babies didn’t have anything over them. There is ways to breastfeed in public without showing everything to everyone. I was also a server who felt really uncomfortable when a mother would let her baby unlatch and her entire breast just hung out. And no one is allowed to look, feel uncomfortable or act in anyway that she doesn’t see fit. Not cool

Erin Schmidt Stawicki 7 months ago

Dumbfounded because you forgot you’re not the only person on the planet? Dumbfounded because your child’s needs are not really an excuse to do things that are otherwise not acceptable? Dumbfounded that he was thinking about his kids and the fact you weren’t at all considering his feelings or his family was a little off putting to him? Your need to be righteous about the matter trumped everything. Great friend.

Suzanne TenBroek 7 months ago

No one is forcing anything. How come it’s a big deal to just say, “some women feed their babies like that”? Most children won’t bat an eye and just move on. Why is it that people are afraid to explain reality? My 3.5 year old daughter asked me why she saw a mom feeding with a bottle, and then moved on. Kids are not going to be corrupted with the truth. How would you explain someone who chooses to cloth diaper? Would you shame that mother for her choice?

Jamie Lynn Gee 7 months ago

Somebody clearly needs a boob to suck on. It’s comforting as well as nourishing. And you need some comfort in your life.

Rossella Frascoli 7 months ago

I always breastfeeded everywhere, two kids – for 9/10 months each … nobody ever told me anything about that! I think that if you are bothered you just xan look somewhere else! It’s so easy!!! (But I can’t think of the reason why a mother that feeds her child could possibly be “bothering”) … Of course I don’t pull out all of my boobs and show them to the world! a little bit of “attention” and the boobs are visible for less than a second before and after the baby eats!!! (And in that moment you can cover with a hand or turn away for a sec!)

Tai Trent Wayne 7 months ago

I breastfed two babies and always carried covers. However, my curious little ones always preferred to check out the surroundings while eating I.e. tearing off the covers and taking their time to fill their bellies!
I worked very hard to be conspicuous, but they had different ideas!

Carla Wetzel-Kratzke 7 months ago

Lisa I like you. People like you get it. You can have a strong opinion and not get all crazy and political about it. Alissa… why would you even mention war? People don’t want their shared space to be riddled with strangers nipples. Really. They dont. Respect the people around you and they will respect you back. As a group you and your baby will never be the most important. If there is a group of 100 people; and 20 of them are babies; on 80 people’s opinions matter. So that means that if 79 people do not want to have to see your boobs (because you are buying groceries at Safeway) THEN SOL. Find a place that you and your baby will be alone so that no one’s opinion but your can be right. If you are in public you are part of a group. So… no. That makes uncovered breasts not okay.

Erin Schmidt Stawicki 7 months ago

It’s disgusting to me that there’s such outrage over the idea that people want you to display a basic level of modesty in public yet you think nothing of forcing me to address a PRIVATE matter with my children. How arrogant of you all to expect us to care about your milk supply, your hormone level, your child’s nipple preference – about YOUR child, while completely ignoring our regard for our own. We’re all supposed to be in it together right? I don’t think so…

Jennifer Osso 7 months ago

Well they better put a ban on men going shirtless at beaches and pools. I don’t want to see half of that shit.

Emily Moyer 7 months ago

I had one kid who submitted to the nursing cover and one who hated it. I did my best to be discreet in respect for all the prudish our there. I’m super grateful for how supportive my family and friends were.

Dawn D. Saxon 7 months ago

So awesome!!

Jennifer Osso 7 months ago

Well yes you could but this post isn’t about formula feeding.

Alissa Ehrich 7 months ago

Seriously. You’re obviously a really angry person. Maybe you should look into your issues …

Erin Schmidt Stawicki 7 months ago

It’s just this thing called modesty and public consideration. Lucky for you, you don’t have to get over it because someone gave you selfish idiots your way. Never once have I made my child’s needs an issue the way you people make it a big deal you can’t whip your tit out in public. Your kid, your problem. Do whatever you want behind closed doors. Keep your fucking clothes on otherwise, like you would in regards to any other private (not sexual, but nice try) body part.

Lisa Fortin 7 months ago

I for one breastfeed where ever i need too, where ever & when ever my boy is hungry but i can also assure you that you would be hard pressed to see a 1/4″ of my skin, & thats without a blanket covering my boys head as he hates being hot… Ive mastered the art of getting him on without exposing myself, but i do get your point, letting your boob completely hang out is not necessary or even exposing your nipple to the whole world, discretion is key that way breastfeeding wouldn’t be such a big deal if some women wouldnt go out of their way to make a point in public… Now if im breastfeeding & someone has the balls to confront me on it in public they will get an earful as im not & never will be or ever was an exhibitionist

Sarah Nyamweya 7 months ago

It’s the idea of…if people are comfortable with bf in public they don’t care what u think or don’t care to hear it…it’s whatever they want so don’t judge them with snark remarks such as go in the bathroom. ..

Brianna Elsea-Fiorino 7 months ago

There’s no use disagreeing with these people. If you have a difference of opinion, they result to insults and sarcasm.

Alissa Ehrich 7 months ago

Carla – a “respectable mother” feeds her child when her child is hungry. No reason to be rude about it. What the hell is wrong with people, seriously. War and terrorism and homelessness and racism all over the world and yet people are being assholes about a mother FEEDING HER BABY???? Pathetic. Get a life.

Jeanet Campbell 7 months ago

I have never been attacked for public breastfeeding…. but these are HILARIOUS!

Melissa Heppler-Nute 7 months ago

I was getting nasty looks from an older guy once while nursing my son at a restaurant, so I looked him right in the eye and said “Sorry, he’s not sharing.” The look on the guy’s face was hilarious, and he didn’t even look our way again :)

Marguerite Ford 7 months ago

Shailyn, I breastfed both of my children. I know it is hard. I don’t care who breastfeeds or where they do it. My point is why do women have to gang up on each other? It’s very high schoolish…

Erin Schmidt Stawicki 7 months ago

Because clearly, the world should revolve around you and your child’s need to feed. Yes! By all means, shove your “rights” in people’s faces! Great job Mom!

Diana Sigman 7 months ago

Not readyyyyy lol

Brianna Elsea-Fiorino 7 months ago

There’s opinions, and there’s straight up insulting and just rude.

Erin Schmidt Stawicki 7 months ago

I’m so sick of people using their children as an excuse to be assholes!

Sarah Michelle 7 months ago


Jennifer Osso 7 months ago

My girls think nothing of it when they see a mama nursing her baby. It’s what they know and it’s natural to them. Young children are naturally curious and ask questions. Then they move on. Its some parents that can’t take the sexualization out of breasts not the kids.

Tawnya Smith 7 months ago

I liked the end when she said If you are an asshole…….fuck you very much. It made me lol.

Mel Sheasley 7 months ago

Thank you !!!!!!!!

Sarah Nyamweya 7 months ago

This article is simply an opinion…not everyone is going to agree. ..I believe I read this somewhere earlier…

Erin Schmidt Stawicki 7 months ago

FUCK you very much right back!

Brianna Elsea-Fiorino 7 months ago


Shailyn Volk 7 months ago

I agree that is a problem Sheilah, but that’s another argument for another day. That is a diversion from this topic.No one said there was anything wrong with formula in this post. Just because some breastfeeding moms something, doesn’t mean that’s how we all feel about it. Two healthy nephews had formula.

Roni Alexander 7 months ago

I liked the first response best. While in the “fog”

Mel Sheasley 7 months ago

Then stop the beast from being a sexual organ

Jessica Holden Lauderdale 7 months ago

How many of those bitching that women shouldn’t feed in public, went to see 50 Shades????

Mel Sheasley 7 months ago

Why is your opinion more important. I want to pee in the parking lot. ……what’s the difference?
If a child did this w/ a penis it’d be wrong. …… what’s the difference
Do you teach your girls boys shouldn’t be founding their boobs? Why if they are no more than a human bottle
Your opinions are sooooooooo one sided
Why can we not choose not to view this some feel it’s gross sexual
But because you feel almighty ,pompous & always right
Why do I have to explain the difference to my boys well some women use them as a private part that others should touch but some can expose publicly but some can’t sometimes it’s wrong

Catherine Medrano 7 months ago

Yes yes yes!!!

Carla Wetzel-Kratzke 7 months ago

I so agree!!! Pack them away. Boobs are boobs, I don’t care what they are doing… when I get to the table to ask you what you and your husband want to drink I don’t want to see your giant rack hanging out. Find a private place to be a respectable mother and wife. There is a clear right and wrong with public breastfeeding. If you arent do worried about “standing up for women and babies everywhere” you would be able to admit that even if you are feeding your baby? IT’S STILL A BREAST. I should not have to ” look the other way” ; trust me I do what ever I can to not have to see it. I’m sorry- you think it’s crazy to “subject a baby to bring covered up while it eats”?!? No. You are crazy. You are in a public place. Respect the adults. Respect the employees. Respect your friends and family. Follow basic manners while in a shared space. And basic manners means cover your nipples. You would be hard pressed to find a sane group of of people who would tell you not to be east feed in general. And I would rather see you covered and feeding your baby then having to hear it bellow for the hour duration that you will be eating. But it is 2015. So buck up and either sit in a clean rest room, the car, or I don’t know BRING A DAMN BOTTLE- THAT WHY THEY MAKE THEM. Why do you think they are manufactured??? Buy and fill a bottle. Can’t pump enough milk? Buy formula. Think it will kill you baby? I’m sorry (nope) STAY HOME. You would be surprised to hear how many parents hire babysitters or stay home with their infants. Bottom line… your baby is not a citizen who goes to work, contributes to society, pays taxes, and even has an opinion on ANYTHING. So make an adult decision and don’t be the asshole burning your bra by not wearing one with your tiny baby. He does not have closterphobia. If he can’t eat covered up its because you gave up on teaching him how. Not because he needs the freedom or some crap. Truly figure out how to be considerate. Please. We all are at Red Robin at the same time. And it’s not a dominatrix themed restaurant. Zipp up your shirt.

Sheilah Graham 7 months ago

Oh, and for your constantly having to defend your feeding style, I have to, too. Constantly. Usually to people who breastfeed.

Kayla Lyons 7 months ago

People need to quit judging others. Period. As mothers, we all just do the best we can. My older two were formula fed and my youngest is breatfed. I got judged for both. Its ridiculous.

Shailyn Volk 7 months ago

When people look, it doesn’t bother me. As far as jealousy etc… That is not going to stop me from feeding my child. I am very sorry for whatever they are going through, but that is something they have to workout for themselves. As sympathetic as we all try to be, it seems impossible not to offend someone.

Cortney Robinson 7 months ago

I like go fuck yourself best!

Jessica Holden Lauderdale 7 months ago

Thank you for this perspective. And I know you’re not looking for “I’m sorry”.. But truly, and from my heart, I am.

Victoria Miorelli Nagle 7 months ago

Sheilah Graham that comment isn’t really even necessary. I was just proving a point to the person who was comparing it to being a pervert and a sex crime to have your breast out in public. Besides quite a few other countries are much more accepting and progressive than the US. Moot point.

Jessica Holden Lauderdale 7 months ago

I don’t like it either.. But it’s basically saying that breastfeeding moms don’t care what you or others think about feeding their babies.

Tia Sorenson Kuhl 7 months ago

I have nursed three babies in public and it gets easier with each baby. I have nursing confidence. I don’t look to pick fights and haven’t ever encountered any push back from the public. No comebacks are even needed because IDGAF anymore.
“Lists” like these are counter productive to Breastfeeding Moms.

Tara Coakley 7 months ago

I like the 1st one mentioned over the top 10 “why don’t you go fuck yourself” is so much easier to remember when you are in that hazy new baby stage haha

Laurynn Lo Maggard 7 months ago

There is nothing cool or respectful by shaming women for exposing their breasts to feed a child.

Nathalie Iseli-Chan 7 months ago

#9 and10 just cracked me up!

Shailyn Volk 7 months ago

Marguerite get real, this isn’t about her opinion. This is about shaming women who choose how to feed their child. We shouldn’t be told we are immodest or dirty, because we feed our children differently. Comparing breastfeeding to “shitting” and sex, is not only disturbing…but uneducated.

Let me tell you, breastfeeding can be hard! A woman does not need someone, especially another woman, making it harder for them!

Could you cover up or give your baby a bottle? I think that’s awesome, especially if that’s what you chose to do. Realize that for some, it’s not that simple!

Jessica Holden Lauderdale 7 months ago

Rocio has the right to feed her baby how she wishes.
You all have the right to feed your babies how you wish.
This will seem like small potatoes when your baby is 17, thinks he knows everything, and your body is too old to possibly ever bless you with another child.

Sheilah Graham 7 months ago

I couldn’t breastfeed, physically, you know another woman posted about losing her child and her young one asking if it could have saved him.

There sre reasons that breastfeeding in public can stir up feelings and glances from people. You just assume we are all judging, not, perhaps, dealing with jealousy, remorse, or feelings of inadequacy.

Laurynn Lo Maggard 7 months ago

Her opinion on covering up shouldn’t be respected. She doesn’t respect the female anatomy in general.

Tiffany Thompson 7 months ago

Yeah… All the attacks on her about breastfeeding is normal and natural were not well thought out. Everyone has their right to say what they’d like, but honestly it had nothing to do with your feedings or where you were, just the fact that maybe a little less boob showing would be nice.

Maria Walker 7 months ago

Both points have everything to do with doing what’s best for you and your baby. Whatever that may be.

Staci Gattenby 7 months ago

Not everyone can pump. And you know what my 3 year old nephew saw me breastfeeding and said what is the baby doing to your boobs and I said eating and he has never asked again. That’s a lot of explaining isnt it? (Sarcasm) oh and btw I formula feed now so im not bashing formula either.

Mariel West 7 months ago

Hah! If you can get my son to take a bottle from me when I’m sitting right there I will get you a medal. I have to be out of the house for him to even consider taking a bottle. So no, I couldn’t just pump and feed him that way in public.

Josie Brawer Machovec 7 months ago

Also, why would I want to try to pump, mess with my supply so I’m perpetually engorged, add bottles and coolers and warmer things to the other million and one things I have to bring with me when leaving the house when I have portable ready made milk available anytime anywhere???

Brittany Maddox 7 months ago

I never understood the need to cover babies up or go in another room while they’re eating. We don’t do that when we eat.

Laurynn Lo Maggard 7 months ago

This has nothing to do with formula feeding, like at all. I’ve formula and Breast fed. Sorry, breastmilk is and always will be best. Does it make you any less of a mom? Absolutely not. This is about normalizing breastfeeding which is something that should be normalized. And the fact that feeding children with your boobs is normal as well.

Tammi Moser Bolender 7 months ago

I’m really not grossed out by penises either.

Suzanne TenBroek 7 months ago

Oh no! As a parent you’d have to explain that breasts are for feeding babies? God forbid!

Desiree Brown 7 months ago

Just because something is “natural” does NOT mean it is okay to do in public! Cover it up or go somewhere private. The world doesn’t revolve around you just because you have a baby!
Yes, I have a child. No, I didn’t whip my boobs out in public. It’s really NOT that challenging…

Madeline O’Neal 7 months ago

Actually, it is that hard to pump for some women. You clearly aren’t that educated about breastfeeding.

Mel Sheasley 7 months ago

A penis is used for urinating (also a natural act) but that’s is frowned on…….why?
Do what you choose but don’t be offended that others are grossed out.
You’re not an exception to the general rule

Suzanne TenBroek 7 months ago

“I totally support breastfeeding, but”….but, nothing. Get.over.it. They’re boobs. Half the world has them, an NO ONE bitches about shirtless men.

Shailyn Volk 7 months ago

Sheilah i legitimately wish I could conceptualize what you were saying, because then I would be able to construct a proper argument.

Nothing to be ashamed of, very proud of breastfeeding. It surely
Isn’t easy, having to defend yourself constantly just makes it harder.

Why would a breast make you feel uncomfortable, unless you are sexualizing it? Not quite sure I understand.

Marguerite Ford 7 months ago

As a woman I hate to say this, but life and Facebook have proven it time and again. Women are petty. This little breastfeeding clique has attacked the new girl in school because she doesn’t believe exactly what they do. Get over yourselves. Be respectful of her opinion and move on.

Sheilah Graham 7 months ago

Victoria Miorelli Nagle, I know this may shock you, so sit down now if you aren’t already.

We don’t all live in the US.

Angela Chandler 7 months ago

I’m still laughing at 6 !!! Lol

Maria Walker 7 months ago

In general, mothers are so judgemental of people who don’t mother the same as they do. It’s sad. I felt discriminated against by mothers who thought “breast is best” and looked down on me for formula feeding. I guess I am saying, do what’s best for you and your baby, whatever that may be. If you can’t love it or accept it, then yes by all means, tolerate it. Because it’s not going anywhere and neither are all of us mothers with all of our opinions.

Laurynn Lo Maggard 7 months ago

It’s sad that women have to feel ashamed or afraid to feed their children in public because of other people and their insecurities.

Brittany Maddox 7 months ago


Annalena Winslow Van Dall 7 months ago

It staggers me that this is still even an issue in the US. In Scotland it’s actually a crime to try to stop a baby being fed, by breast or bottle. The baby has a legal right to be fed wherever s/he has a right to be (essentially, almost anywhere except nightclubs and tattoo parlours) and you can call the police if someone tries to stop you. We breastfed everywhere (planes, trains, automobiles, Parliament…) and the only place I ever felt stared at was when we went on holiday to Florida.

Kayla Lyons 7 months ago

Also, public restrooms are overrun with germs. Would you eat in one? Didn’t think so. Don’t tell women to feed their baby in one

Madeline O’Neal 7 months ago

You can take your tolerance and stay at home.

Sheilah Graham 7 months ago

No, my point is just because statistics say one thing, doesn’t mean EVERY person views it that way. You judge without knowing. You’re no better than they are.

Nice try, though. You automatically think people are offended by your actions, if we want to talk subconscious, perhaps you’re ashamed yourself.

Beth Compston 7 months ago

Some babies are a one nipple baby and dont like being covered, my godson was like that, what are women suppose to do then? And please dont say bathroom, because thats gross on so many levels

Tiffany Thompson 7 months ago

My only problem with this whole argument is people need to learn to tolerate public breastfeeding, but we already tolerate movies like this 50 shades of gray, and nude images and busty Victoria secret ads.

Laurynn Lo Maggard 7 months ago

Sure. Have your opinion. But do not tell other women to cover up because it makes you uncomfortable. Do you think your stares or comments make her feel anymore comfortable?

Ashley Carmody 7 months ago

Yes, Lindsay, it does not feel good to be judged, does it….(Pot, meet kettle)

Madeline O’Neal 7 months ago

Wow. Way to be defensive.

Jessica Leigh Nowland 7 months ago


Victoria Miorelli Nagle 7 months ago

Actually there are only three states in the US where being topless withOUT an infant attached is an actual crime.


Just saying. I’m all for breastfeeding on public anyway that a woman wants. I covered up for my own comfort or fed in my car when possible. But my kids are adults now. They know anyway is acceptable. They know not to sexualize breastfeeding.

Maria Walker 7 months ago

We don’t all accept the same things. But we can learn to tolerate.

Madeline O’Neal 7 months ago

Apparently we can’t have an article written to support us, because clearly we are bashing formula *eye roll*

Kayla Lyons 7 months ago

I for one am not judging you for your opinion, just saying that if you haven’t lived it then don’t make assumptions about it.

Shailyn Volk 7 months ago

Many psychological studies on it Sheilah, feel free to look them up if your curiosity is peaked. Our society particularly and continuously sexualizes breasts. I think some people forget what breasts were truly intended for…

I never specifically said anyone either, so it’s funny how you took it
so personally. If your subconscious gets offended, than perhaps the shoe fits!

Beth Rose 7 months ago

That is what is comfortable for you and your baby and I respect that. I was perfectly comfortable nursing without a cover, though babies head and my shirt covered a lot and since it is perfect legal wear Ioce I deserve respect too.

Madeline O’Neal 7 months ago

The problem is that you teach TOLERANCE not ACCEPTANCE. Two completely different things.

Trace O’Higgins 7 months ago

Because our society has sexualized breasts so much, apparently even the women are only seeing them as props for motorboating now. *facepalm*

Laurynn Lo Maggard 7 months ago

Wasn’t there another person to compare pissing and breastfeeding?

Madeline O’Neal 7 months ago

I’ll do what I want with my tits. Thanks for trying!

Brenna Cross 7 months ago

Disrespectful to feed your child as nature intended in public…really? Smdh

Maria Walker 7 months ago

There are two sides to every story. Everyone has the right to their opinion. Every mom here is going to be ferocious in protecting their own opinion. I am happy we are all able to form our own opinions even if unpopular. I wish I would have been able to breast feed, however, my daughter was born with cleft lip and palate and I had to bottle feed. To make matters worse, I wasn’t able to express enough to ever use my breast milk anyway.i have friends who breastfeed, they do cover up. It is a personal choice. I don’t really want to see a nipple slip or have my children see that, however beautiful a woman’s body may be. That’s okay. We look away. There are a lot of things in this world we have to look away from once in a while and that’s okay. It is the intolerant and the “I’m doing this just because I can attitude” that is hard to grasp or accept. Not everyone is the same or think the same and that is what makes this world beautiful. Teaching tolerance, of others, of opinions, of persons etc. Is great place to start.

Lindsay Wilson 7 months ago

Public restroom would be a choice
.. you all are going way off topic with this… I simply stated I don’t want to see your boobs! Get over yourselves

Madeline O’Neal 7 months ago

Mm I love when ignorant people compare breastfeeding and shitting. TOTALLY THE SAME.

Sheilah Graham 7 months ago

So, basically, you’re telling me how I view breasts? Interesting. Didn’t realize I had a thought monitor.

Please, tell me more about my own thoughts.

Lindsay Wilson 7 months ago

Yep … that’s the argument… it’s natural right? When you gotta do it you gotta do it… give me a break ladies… I sincerely hope that you guys face the same animosity sometime in your motherhood. It’s real easy to judge someone for their opinion…

Kayla Lyons 7 months ago

My shirt and my daughter’s mouth cover the majority of it. A cover isn’t nessasary

Cheyenne Arianna Titus 7 months ago

^^Omg yes!!!

Sally Moser 7 months ago

Everybody wants to see a boob, until there’s a baby attached to it. I love how some women here are touting “modesty” as if it somehow makes them better. Sorry, but modesty is a relative term meaning different things for different folks. It isn’t about how you feel about breastfeeding; I’m willing to bet mothers who freely NIP aren’t looking to garner your unwanted and unwelcomed attention….they just want to feed their babies and continue the task at hand. Whoever compared sex/urinating/defecating in public to breastfeeding is in need of some serious learning; they aren’t even on the same level. Someone also stated uncovered moms can be charged with indecent exposure? Nah, you need to look up the breastfeeding laws in your state. Most states offer protection against bogus claims such as public nudity. Cover, don’t cover….that is up to the mother to decide. Much as society would like to dictate every aspect of a mothers choice, they simply can’t….and they need to get over it.

Emily Therese Glatczak 7 months ago

Right on Kayla! My daughter freaks when I try to cover her in public. It makes more of a scene than to discretely whip out a boob to feed her. Regardless, I’m feeding my child. I will not neglect her needs to ovoid making someone else slightly uncomfortable. So until you’ve breast feed and had to repeatedly do it in public, shut your face and put the blanket over your head. Clearly the only ones who have a problem are other adults- not the mom and certainly not the baby.

Laurynn Lo Maggard 7 months ago

Lindsay, how does it feel to be amongst the problems of the world?

Madeline O’Neal 7 months ago

So, because I don’t use a cover I’m disrespecting myself? That’s interesting.

Lara Beeman 7 months ago

I’ve had to feed my daughter in public 2 times. Once was in a booth in a restaurant. The service was sooo slow and my options were to nurse her in the bathroom or outside in the cold. I covered up and no one even noticed. The second time I got as away from everyone as I could and again covered up. She wouldn’t take a bottle and didn’t mind being covered up. My other daughter on the other hand will not nurse if she’s covered and won’t take a bottle. I’ve managed for the last 8 months to nurse her without the whole world seeing my boobs unless of course you are a nosey person who looks into my car as you walk by. My thoughts are that if my baby is that hungry that I need to feed her right away, I’ll do my best not to expose myself but don’t look. I also nurse in my bedroom when I have company over…

Jeanne Tessari 7 months ago

Who compares breast milk to fecal matter?

Shailyn Volk 7 months ago

So you’re really comparing feeding a child to “shitting”, wow just wow… Can’t argue with that logic.

Elizabeth Giamalva 7 months ago

I Think it’s disrespectful to the public. That’s a private thing between mother and child, it’s not hard to pump and put the milk in a bottle. That’s what I did because think about this; you know how many questions small children have when they see a woman with their boob plopped out and a baby sucking on it ? That should be the mothers choice when to tell their kids about breastfeeding and such. It shouldn’t be forced.
And there’s a lot of pervs that could snap a pic and you don’t even know it, later they’re wacking it to you breastfeeding.
Bottom line, keep it private. Good lord!

Madeline O’Neal 7 months ago

Breastfeeding is very much so sexualized. Breasts, by societies definition, are sexual. There’s no denying that.

Lindsay Wilson 7 months ago

So Kayla Lyons you feed with your breast fully exposed?

Laurynn Lo Maggard 7 months ago

Minimum exposure is not going to normalize breastfeeding. It is natural and needs to be looked at as so. When you take your young daughters to the mall and she sees pin up models flaunting their bodies sexually, that’s something you would rather her see?

Beth Rose 7 months ago

You are entitled to your opinion and I to mine. Where I live it is legal to breast feed in public without a cover and though my kids have all weaned if I have another baby I will do so again because that is what I am comfortable doing. If you are not comfortable doing it then don’t.

Shailyn Volk 7 months ago

Yeah ok I’ve seriously never met anyone who is in your face, wow… Why are you looking then? It’s called feeding your child…

And how dare you compare sex to feeding a baby, that’s disturbing. You being uncomfortable with Breastfeeding is your problem. You sexualize breasts, and allow society to tell you how to feel.

Marsha Ferguson Messer 7 months ago

Yes. It doesn’t change the fact that they did so. Moms with many varying opinions subscribe to this page therefore for them to imply that a portion of them are a** holes based on someone’s opinion is pretty messed up. I respect anyone’s right to their choice and expect the same.

I’m sure if they posted something on the flip side that called public breastfeeding moms the same there would be outrage.

Kayla Lyons 7 months ago

Lindsay, you said you never breastfed, which means you can’t say “easy enough to cover them up”. You’ve NEVER done it. Some babies won’t eat when covered. My baby isn’t going to go hungry just because some people are easily offended

Kjerstin Lee 7 months ago

Love these comments!

Stefanie Wittenberg Hager 7 months ago

No one ever said a word to me nursing in public and no I did not have a blanket. Darling daughter was born in the dead of an AZ summer and a blanket was not happening.

Laurynn Lo Maggard 7 months ago

Seriously. You are not teaching your children to respect their bodies if you yourself have no respect for the body’s natural functions and the different meanings behind how they are used.

Sheilah Graham 7 months ago

I’ve decided to walk around with my vagina showcased in glitter.

Consider it a teaching moment for your children.

Come on guys, grow up and stop jumping on people for having different opinions and comfort levels. And to the chick talking about mommy issues, you’re an idiot. Being uncomfortable with bare boobs has nothing to do with a mother-child relationship.

Tiffany Thompson 7 months ago

She’s not saying that nursing in public is bad. She’s not saying that having to feed your kids is bad. She’s saying that in today’s world where it is considered sexual, women would be better to cover up or at least find a way to minimize exposure.

Amy Evans 7 months ago

The comments on here shock me! And from other women at that! I hope you never find yourself in a situation where your baby won’t take a bottle and is desperately needing a feed! What happened to moms sticking together? At the end of the day we are just trying to do our best by our children. Would you rather see a mother with a screaming baby rushing somewhere to feed her child because she’s made to feel uncomfortable about feeding or would you prefer to see a healthy,happy,nurtured baby?! I know which one I would like to see.
It doesn’t matter how you feed your baby,as long as they are being fed and are happy.
I would love to see a world where both breast feeding moms and formula feeding moms aren’t made to feel like shit just for the way they choose (or not choose as some don’t have a choice in it!) to feed their babies!
We should be teaching our children that breast feeding is natural,because in years to come when it’s your daughter having a baby,she won’t want to breast feed because they have been made to think its disgusting! My son is 5 and watches me feed my daughter all the time. Its not sexualised,he’s watching his sister eat just like he would if she had a bottle!
Covering up is awkward,and much more obvious in my opinion. You wouldn’t want to eat with a blanket over your head either would you?! Thought not.
Rant over.

Rebecca Best Humphrey 7 months ago

Only in the US it’s considered taboo to whip out your milk bags to nourish your child. I do believe in modesty when it comes to flaunting your body but also that falls under self respect. Teaching that first. My 5 year old has seen me breastfeed for 10 months and thinks nothing of it when he sees another mother feeding her baby. He has been exposed and taught that’s what they are intended to do. Teaching children self respect by not showing of your body for attention is different then nourishing your child the best way you can. Our boobs serve one and only purpose, to feed. I have BF with and without a cover, most people didn’t even notice.

Lindsay Wilson 7 months ago

Like it or not… not everyone breastfed their children… it may be natural and wonderful… but so is pooping… and I’m not shitting in the booth next to you…

Alexis Barnes Richter 7 months ago

You do realize it’s just reposted, right?

Andrea Emmitte James 7 months ago

As a mom who nursed her baby, it makes me uncomfortable when women NIP un-covered. Sorry. I must defend the OP. There’s nothing “wrong” with me for thinking that either. That’s just how I feel. I understand nursing is the natural way to feed babies as I have done so myself. It’s really pretty easy to cover up. Personally, I found nursing my baby very intimate and exposing myself to every Tom, Dick, and Harry in a restaurant is not up my alley. Good for those who are okay with it, just personally it’s not for me. And that’s ok, to each their own. Regardless of how non-sexual we find it as mom’s, because we’re moms, there’s still perverts and teenage boys out there. It’s easy to say turn your head and don’t look, but sometimes it’s hard not to when you’re in a crowded area. Covering is respectful, that’s all some ppl are saying.

Ashley Carmody 7 months ago

I have no problem with you holding this point of view for yourself, but it’s unfair to push those standards onto others. I breastfed wherever I needed to without a cover, because it was easier, you couldn’t really see anything anyway, and I was too busy and tired to worry about other people’s mommy issues. Plus, I was raised with younger brothers and cousins and it was such a normal thing for me to see babies and toddlers breastfeeding and I’m just mystified when people have a problem seeing such a normal thing like a baby eating.

Alexis Barnes Richter 7 months ago

July in Kansas here. Lol! My son used to bat that thing away!

Trace O’Higgins 7 months ago

Ask, and ye shall recieve!

I nursed til 6 months, when my daughter got some teeth in and weaned herself. Had her on formula after that til 24 months, so I get both sides.

1) This is just until he can stand on the step ladder under the cow.
2) Don’t you know how many hormones there are in breastmilk?!
3) Sorry, my dumbass – filter must’ve been on; could you repeat that?
4) Your kid’s drinking milk meant to raise a baby cow, mine is drinking formula meant to raise a baby human.
5) Sorry, the plumber couldn’t work us in to fix the pipes on such short notice. Maybe by the time I have the next one.
6) I would nurse, but my husband uses those for sex.
7) Sorry, I’m not fluent in moron, could you repeat that in English?
8) Stop feeding your kid Twinkies and Macdonalds, then you can tell me not to feed mine formula.
9) When was it you got your degree in pediatrics?
10) If I wanted your opinion, I’d give it to you.

Brittany James 7 months ago

Lol I’ve been breastfeeding in public for over 3 years solid so far (I was already breastfeeding Seamus by the time Sophi stopped) and I’ve never had anyone say anything negative to me about it. IDK, maybe I just have resting bitch face and they don’t dare risk crossing me?

Madeline O’Neal 7 months ago

I love how mothers are taking offense to this. How is that even possible..

Jessica Gaudino 7 months ago

Maybe if you did have a need to nurse your baby in public, you would understand that it is about functional necessity and not about being an exhibitionist. We are not flashing your children. And the two most likely places for me to feed my baby are- get this!- at the park or in a restaurant. If you’ve voiced these opinions to your children, you’ve taught them body & nursing shame, not privacy.

Shailyn Volk 7 months ago

Lindsay do you get uncomfortable like this when men take their shirts off? You do realize this is a society thing, and breasts are more than just ‘private play things’ for men, right?

Laurynn Lo Maggard 7 months ago

Why not encourage something natural and beautiful instead of something that’s degrading? That’s what respecting your body means. Your standards are backwards.

Emily Christine 7 months ago

I breastfeed and I agree with you. We are all k just doing the best we can!!!! No come backs needed you are all great mommy’s.

Lindsay Wilson 7 months ago

I’m not condemning these women for their choice in breastfeeding. .. it’s full breasts out in public… it’s inappropriate. .. cover it up… no issue…

Andrea Dre Miller 7 months ago

Id love comebacks to the moms who criticize formula feeding because breastfeeding puts them on a pedestal

Rebecca Eskew Clawson 7 months ago

#5 all day long. I channel my Grandmother: “If you don’t like it, you don’t have to look at it.”

Tiffany Thompson 7 months ago

Unfortunately our society is over sexualized. Plain and simple. We see boobs everywhere in ads, movies have sex in them…. It’s ok for us to see boobs in this light apparently. What is not ok is to use boobs for what they are meant for, because in people’s heads they ARE a part of sexual play, and it makes them uncomfortable. It shouldn’t be this way, but sadly it is. I personally don’t want people looking at my breasts in public so I go somewhere else like my car and listen to music or cover with a light and airy nursing cover. But that’s just me.

Cdj VanToonk 7 months ago

I can understand Rocio’s point of view. I am more discreet in front of my inlaws and in public, but by discreet I mean I do my best not to give anyone a more than 2 second view of my nipple. Baby doesn’t like to be covered, and baby trumps anyone else’s comfort. It used to be me sitting in a room by myself because I was concerned about everyone else’s feelings. Now, I am modest in my ways and respectfully discreet without compromising mine and my baby’s comfort and proud to nurse on demand wherever I am. I repeat, wherever. And you know what? My inlaws and the rest of the family no longer seem to notice and we are far more comfortable with it and is now second nature. I am pretty sure I’ve broken that ‘barrier’ and paved the way for the future moms in our family, and that’s the whole point of this. It’s to NORMALIZE BREASTFEEDING! So If moms like me want to breastfeed in public without a cover and without a worry, you support them!

Andrea Dre Miller 7 months ago


Lindsay Wilson 7 months ago

Easy enough to cover them… considering you’re more than likely the only one around breast feeding

Ashley Carmody 7 months ago

Lindsay Wilson, I’m trying to think how best to explain it to you. I think the best analogy is that when you suggest that women need to cover to breastfeed it makes them feel how it would make you feel when someone says formula is not healthy for babies and you should have breastfed. It would be like me saying you really need to think about the other people on your health insurance who will have to pay because statistically your child will be more sick.

It makes them feel like you’re trying to shame and marginalize them and their limitations in how they are able to feed their child, when you have no idea what’s going on in their lives or why they choose to cover or not cover.

Now I want to be clear these are horrible things to say, of questionable veracity, and no one should ever be told them. How you feed your children is nobody else’s business. Just like it’s nobody else’s business when a women feeds uncovered.

Laurynn Lo Maggard 7 months ago

Boobs are not private though lol they are sexualized everywhere you look

Sheilah Graham 7 months ago

It’s not sexualizing anything. Sometimes the people giving you looks aren’t “offended” by it. Sometimes they’re sad or emotional about it for various, personal reasons.

Sarah Collins 7 months ago

It’s your prerogative not to see it if you don’t want to. Easy enough not to look

Lindsay Wilson 7 months ago

Boobs are meant to be private. That’s why we wear shirts…

Laurynn Lo Maggard 7 months ago

Why on earth does that make you uncomfortable? Any legitimate reason?

Kayla Lyons 7 months ago

The only part of your comment I take issue with is the assumption that women that breastfeed in public without a cover just wants attention. My daughter won’t eat covered up and if she gets hungry in public, I feed her. I do try to find somewhere secluded to do so, but if I can’t find somewhere secluded then people just neef to look away.

Lindsay Wilson 7 months ago

No problem with nursing… again only when full breast is exposed…

JohnnyandConnie Davis 7 months ago

Jeez, this is why women have breasts, too nourish their children. Show them respect. Dammit. I don’t even want to here what any man thinks or has to say on this particular subject until they can actually carry and give birth.

Polita Barnes 7 months ago

How about, “I don’t like watching you eat either, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to tell you to do it in the bathroom”.

Marcy Kusz 7 months ago

This might be the funniest thing I have read… I laughed so hard I woke up my baby on my lap!

Joan Wood 7 months ago

I kinda like “go fuck yourself”…

Marty Brandenberger 7 months ago

As a man, I have never been offended by breasts, under any circumstances. I don’t get why some people are. My ex-wife nursed in public if necessary; we never looked at it as improper or shameful. Some people just need to get a grip.

Krista 7 months ago

Personally, I think “Why don’t you go fuck yourself”, pretty much takes of the situation.

Brenda Liodakis 7 months ago


Amy Ellison 7 months ago

Thirty. Six. Longs.

Samantha Spears 7 months ago

To each their own. Whatever’s best for baby. I was a little more cautious with my first. But he was born in December so covering was almost a necessity. Now my second was born in July… And I’m sorry Oklahoma summers suck major balls… Over heating doesn’t take much…. I’ve gotten some looks but my mean muggin face kept the comments at bay…

Kelly Unrau 7 months ago

I could use 10 comebacks to say to people who make me feel bad for formula feeding.

Beth Rose 7 months ago

I breastfed for nearly 5 years between the 3 kids, often in public without a cover and never really got any negative comments, an occasional funny look or a whisper behind my back, but never to my face so did not need a comeback. I say equal rights if 1 can bottle feed without a cover or eat their own meal without one then one can breastfeed without one-we are talking about feeding a baby.

Sarah Bunten Allison 7 months ago

Bah. #s 1-10: go fuck yourself.

Tess Lane 7 months ago

Lol love these

Tiffany Thompson 7 months ago

#11 I’m not going to grab a pole and start dancing. Go away. (Have actually used this one)

Marian Hamilton 7 months ago

I still prefer ‘go fuck yourself’.

Tracey Priest 7 months ago

Love it,

Shailyn Volk 7 months ago

When I went to donate milk to a company, they told me that they would not accept the breastmilk if i pumped it in the bathroom. They also said, that they can tell when someone did due to the high and unusual levels of bacteria found in the breastmilk!

Stop being offended by something so natural, and if your child is curious, help normalize it! If a mom feels better covered up, kudos to her! It should be up to the mother though.

My child would get extremely scared when covered, and I am not going out in -10 weather to sit him in a freezing car, just so you don’t have to stare. You go sit in the car and eat! I do my best to feed him before and after, but hey LIFE HAPPENS. No apologies here.


Tammi Moser Bolender 7 months ago

Having spent hour hiding in a car or in another room while breastfeeding my daughter (almost 15) because even those around me who breastfed their own felt it should be hidden, I honestly feel that people should get over it. Boobs are food for babies. It is like trying to get a cheetah to eat tofu because you are vegetarian. Bottle or breast is your choice but until they put comfortable breast feeding areas with a play area for siblings more power to the woman sitting at the table nursing her baby. It kind of makes me wonder how many of those who feel breastfeeding should be private would feel that a mommy kitty feeding her babies is also sexual or pornographic.

Nina Bee 7 months ago

Ha! I think ‘why dont you go f### yourself’ is a perfectly adequate comeback tho :-)

Sarah Fricke McAleer 7 months ago

It’s just boobs nourishing a baby. Get over it.

Sarah Mahan 7 months ago

I always carried a nursing cover, in case I ever encountered a nursing nazi, so I could offer it to them to drape over their head. Fortunately, I never had such an encounter, and I happily nursed my three babies whenever and wherever they were hungry.

Angie Maragno 7 months ago

I’m going to obtain a cover-up but still…God forbid we should actually sustain and nourish our babies!

Rocio Mac Pherson 7 months ago

I’m all for breastfeeding, but some people are truly overbearing. Feeding your child is natural, sex is also natural.
I breastfed, but I never breastfed in public or in front of family. It’s natural, but it’s still boobs. I’m sure my head will be bitten off for this, but seriously some breastfeeders are humble and some are very in your face like they WANT you to say something

Kimberly White 7 months ago

Well… That’s lovely. Is this about you or your baby!? I’m all about breastfeeding, but wow.

Heather Albizu Spisso 7 months ago

Middle finger. Nice. Really makes me want to support breast feeding moms in public now.

Kendra Delong 7 months ago

First two are good

Crystal Lohman 7 months ago


Lynsay Wertin 7 months ago

Just go to the renaissance festival. My blanket fell off my son and no one even blinked an eye! Haha a boob hanging out and no one cared. #breastfeedingblunders

Shannon Therres 7 months ago


Nicole Van Hoose 7 months ago

Looking for a snack…wait your turn…LMAO

Krysta Coffee Acree 7 months ago


Jessie Floyd Fulks HGactivist 7 months ago

This is so incredible.

Gee Davies 7 months ago

Ahaha #9 is awesome. I did always have the comeback, “sureI will breastfeed my baby (or pump) in the restroom. But first, you like cake rightL who doesnt? Here let me take a mixing bowl, some eggs and flour into the restroom and…what? You dont want me to prep the cake in there? Ok. Then I wont feed my baby in there either.”

Lisa Nieboer 7 months ago

Haha, love #6

Mandy Koonts 7 months ago

I wish I could like this a million times.

Holly Richards Stemmler 7 months ago

#9 is by far my favorite. Although I DEFINITELY DO NOT have pictures of that… no thank you lol.

Lindsay Wilson 7 months ago

I couldn’t breastfeed so I’m not coming from a knowing perspective but… I do feel that if a woman wants / needs to breastfeed in public that she should be covered. I try to teach my kids to be respectful of their own bodies and those of others… sorry… I would rather not see it.

Chelsea Smith 7 months ago

I kind of like her “hormonal roller coaster” reply the best! Ha!

Heather Rice 7 months ago

8 & 9

Rachel Hayes 7 months ago

I’ve never criticized anyone for breast feeding in public but it does get sad when my daughter doesn’t understand. She’s my first and only living child. So she’s never seen it before. I tell her it’s natural and healthy and that’s why women have them. Then she asked me if I could have made Tyler (my son, passed away as a newborn) live if I had done the same. That’s when I wish you could hide it. Not your fault but it’s so hard. Sincerely, the mom who gives you the sad/bitter look.

Amber Campbell 7 months ago

It’s my body I’ll do what I want- cartman from south park

Maggie Quintus 7 months ago

I was really very fortunate that I only had one person say anything negative about my breastfeeding without a cover. The worst part was it was a friend who I never expected that from. Oh well, my son got what he needed!

Sarah Yineman 7 months ago

I used to tell people “you’re the one who should feel ashamed. I just caught you looking at my boobs.”

Stephanie M. Moody 7 months ago

Love #9

N 1 year ago

Never had to use it on anyone yet but totally would, along with those 10 brilliant numbers above: “it’s a fact breastfeeding promotes brain development, clearly your mama only gave you some made in china expired formula” ))))

Leslie 1 year ago

If you want a snack, I’ve got a spare.

Michelle 1 year ago

I live in Malaysia and I am a Malaysian Chinese where showing any body parts that are not to be seen is a major taboo and bf is something either rarely done in the Chinese community due to ridiculous and nonsensical reasons, or it should always be done behind closed doors.

I encountered an old lady at a mall that was watching my kid and smiling at how cute he is. Then when she came closer to want to play, she saw I was bf and she made a disgusted face and turned away. When her full grown son came along, she told him in a whisper that I could hear be chance that I am bf and its so ‘ugly’ (literal translation) which also mean disgusting and that I should do it only at home.

I immediately snapped and told her off loud enough asking her what is so disgusting about me bf? I told her also her face is ‘ugly’ ( the word could be used both ways) and she should just stay home and don’t ever come out of her house.

Needless to say, she rushed off with her son when many were looking at us.

Krystle 1 year ago

Most of my uncomfortable comments were from perverted men”wwwwhat are ya dddddoing under there” lol and then ther is the”ooohh can I get some cookies to go with that milk” from the out going ones lol. I did get a lot of mean comments from women with my oldest, it bothered my co-workers because I nursed her to age twenty months. Uggg their comments really pissed me off.

erin 1 year ago

Haha myself and my friends who breastfeed loved those comebacks haha I’d so use those! Even funnier I could see my fiance saying the look away one lol

JEMG 1 year ago

Maybe having a squirt bottle to ‘shoo’ away halfwits is a good idea….I’m sure I can find room in the diaper bag fr this necessity!

Kimberly 1 year ago

#3 is great! It’s so hot & uncomfortable & frustrating for my newbie trying to eat w/ a blanket over his head!

sandra 1 year ago

I’d be pissed. GO GOD FATHER!!!!

sandra 1 year ago

Love them all!!!! I was at the freakin ZOO and shine old Couple were seriously looking at my snickering.I straight went off on them …..everybody then was looking at me and I said anybody else got a prob w my baby eating his 2nd lunch didn’t think so.

JGD33 1 year ago

You can see less boob with a baby attached to it than you can in girls wearing teeny tank tops. Not everyone has a pump and not all babies take a bottle. And your dick isn’t protected by *law* like a breastfeeding mother. So go right ahead and whip it out Mr. “natural” we’ll be glad to see your name on the sex offender’s list after you are arrested.

brestfeeding mama 1 year ago

I totally want to say

“oh your such a diva when your hungry… you will just have to wait your turn”

hollyjean 1 year ago

That was hilarious! I’m 6’2″ so my boobs are about the same height as short people’s faces! (Except when I can find a good 36WTF sized bra and have to tuck them into my belt.) I think a lot of people get offended by me breastfeeding because there’s no missing a giant Amazon feeding one kid while restraining/tying shoes for/feeding/otherwise assisting the other kids. We had twins, then four more singletons, and people either think I’m a man for a moment, then look down, or they start counting little people and see the baby nursing and their eyes pop out of their head. The whole “are you done yet?!” thing has gotten pretty annoying, but I have a separate list of responses to that nonsense!

hollyjean 1 year ago

That 36WTF is a keeper! Thanks for that.

Heahter 1 year ago

When I nursed my daughter and son if anyone ever said anything to me I’d tell them to wait a minute, a free nip slip is coming if they wanted a picture. It makes me so angry when people have the audacity to open up their big mouths and criticize the way I choose to nourish my child. If you don’t like it quite staring!

Scott 1 year ago

I don’t have a problem with breastfeeding in public. I will admit to being uncomfortable when in a confined space because I don’t always know where to look. That said, it’s true about the neck thing–use yours to look away if it bothers you!

Tina 1 year ago

Love it. I get the “when are you going to stop nursing?” My comeback is usually, “I’ll give you that answer when I get your child support check in the mail.” Or- “well, FedEx ships on ice now… So college shouldn’t be a problem.” Been nursing for 11 yrs. out of 17… Way too long to let it bother me anymore.

Jesscapade 1 year ago

I haven’t had anyone say anything rude to my face, but found out after having brunch with some friends (and breastfeeding at the table) that they had been sharing their absolute HORROR (!) about my “whipping out my boobs at the TABLE.” One “friend” actually said, to my son’s god father, “and she just took them out and started feeding it at the table.” To which he said, “‘It’ has a name. And HE is my godson. And he had to eat, too!” We spend a lot more time with the god father and a lot less time with those other folks now… some people!

M.A. 1 year ago

And, just to add my 2 cents, nothing wrong with nursing a child into elementary school! My oldest child weaned around age 4 1/2, halfway into junior kindergarten.

Shawn 1 year ago

How about…’if you’re going to whip your breast out in public, you no longer have the right to lecture anyone on dressing modesty.’

Holly Welsh 1 year ago

My favorite is Jesus was breastfed. God Bless.

Al Lowe 1 year ago

Obviously, I’m not a mommy. But, as a father of two boys, I can say I am in total agreement with all of you lovely ladies. Anyone who would tell a breastfeeding mother to cover up or do it in private should be ashamed. There is nothing more natural than a mother feeding her baby. Anyone who doesn’t agree, can go to hell. :) In my humble opinion that is.

Kathy Cassity 1 year ago

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not nursing anymore, but my daughters one day will be!!

Jello Biafra 1 year ago

I’ll never understand the mindset. I find nursing mothers so amazingly beautiful, I have to be careful not to look too directly as I wouldn’t want to creep anybody out. It’s like a sunset or a lovely beach scene, I just want to drink it in. No pun intended.

D 1 year ago

Well I have heard all these types of things before from women. I think every time we see this,as a man, we should stand up and just take a leak in the floor or in public. I mean come on guys isn’t that “a natural part of life” also? Look I don’t want my children to see your exposed breast in public, sorry just not cool. Not when there are plenty of alternatives these days, pumping exc.

mb77 1 year ago

If some overgrown “boy” is going to run into a wall or oncoming traffic over a woman breastfeeding, then Darwin had it right with Natural Selection. Culling the herd, one idiot at a time.

Chanell 1 year ago

“Fuck you very nicely!” Should’ve been #11. Lol

5rottens 1 year ago

I love this so much, I turned #1 and #5 into a song: “If you’re an asshole walking by, and my baby starts to cry, look away, baby look away! If you see me on the street some day, and my boob’s in my kid’s face, look away, baby look away! Don’t look at me, if you don’t want to see my buffet.” (Sung to Chicago’s “Look Away”)

Heather 1 year ago

Very grateful nobody ever said anything to me about my breastfeeding. They sure didn’t hold back with the comments when I formula fed though. Anybody have any witty replies for the total strangers who tell you that you are poisoning your kid?

POB 1 year ago

I’m still BFing my two year old. I have had the odd comment. Usually asking whether she’s not too old – so I usually ignore any implied judgement or criticism and talk WHO recommendations and attachment parenting. Combat ignorance with information.

The best comeback to direct negativity is usually to stare at them like they have two heads and ask them: “are you serious?”. If they push, just tell them – in a tone that conveys the fact they are being an ignorant twit – that breastfeeding is one of the most natural, normal and healthy acts in the world and if they have a problem with it they are not forced to look. Do it with enough confidence and they will feel too small to give you any more lip.

As for the stary-scary onlookers, I usually look them straight in the eye and smile. They either smile back, or look embarrassed (and so they should… embarrassment usually conveys negative intent) and stop staring.

Although these replies are super funny – and I do sometimes wish I could use them – defensiveness can often make idiots feel vindicated.

Rebeccah 1 year ago

I don’t know how old yours were when they weaned, but would love to see a followup about people who criticize for nursing pastv12 months.

Selena 1 year ago

I’m due in October, & if I get any comments, I plan to say “When I was a stripper, people paid to see them! Enjoy the freebie.”

Brandy 1 year ago


Mikki 1 year ago

That is brilliant!

Dorinda 1 year ago

If your in a mall, choose a perfect feeding location like the bench outside of Frederick’s of Hollywood or Victoria’s Secret. When people make comments or stare, just point at all the other pictures around you and say “Really? Feeding my baby is what offends you?”

Rose 1 year ago

One minute with a screaming baby. That’s ALL it takes. Stare into the asshole’s eyes whilst your baby cries. Guaranteed BOTH spawn and the opinionated offender will shut the hell up after you whip out the boob–or what I liked to call, “the silencer.”

Chester Jones 1 year ago

Ahhhhh, these are beautiful. Definitely going to memorize these for when the time comes; I hope I won’t have to use them, but it’s better to be prepared!

Buckeyeturtle 1 year ago

I think I love you!!! These are great and are now in my nip arsenal.

Barbie 1 year ago

I get out way more now than I did with my first two, so when this baby is born (any week now), I’m almost looking forward to using these comebacks. I only had one incident with my second. I was in the corner of this pizza parlor, completely covered up, but this guy was ogling me. My husband noticed and stood up to give him the evil eye and demanded, “Is there a problem here?” My husband is very intimidating so the guy left as fast as he could!

Ally 1 year ago

These are great! My husband said “Your mom breastfeeds!” a reference to Napoleon Dynamite. I haven’t had any issues but I’ll have to memorize these.

Sin 1 year ago

I LOVE THIS!!! When I first started breastfeeding uncovered I was at a craft fair with my family and I actually went into the bathroom to sit down because there wasn’t a place to sit any where else. As I was breastfeeding on the way to the bathroom one of the women running a booth asked me if she could bring me chair so I wouldn’t have to sit in the stuffy bathroom and feed my son. Luckily for me there aren’t many people around who have an issue with breastfeeding moms, but there are the few who mumble or stare. I’ve never been one to get embarrassed easily or to back down so if they were staring I was staring right back. I WISH someone had the nerve to say something negative to me, because I can tell you they wouldn’t like the lecture they get back for their ignorance.

Sin 1 year ago

I don’t cover.. I did the first couple months, because I wasn’t sure how my husband at the time felt about me feeding in public, but once I figured out he didn’t care as long as our son got to eat, I just popped it in his mouth when ever he is hungry. He’s 10 months now and still breastfeeding like a champ. He doesn’t show any signs of wanting to wean anytime soon. I plan on going through until at least two. Luckily, I haven’t met anyone who has the nerve to make negative comments about it, but I have gotten my fair share of appalled looks and uncomfortable stares lol

Anne 2 years ago

I love all the comments and comebacks above, Kati’s comment actually made me laugh out loud, with my head back.
I wanted to breastfeed when my daughter was born 6 years ago but I couldn’t, my milk didn’t come in and I had no support to help work out why.
Anyway, I just wanted to say I am a HUGE supporter of breastfeeding despite never being able to do it myself, and looking like a and I love all those comebacks and I’m trying to remember them in case I ever do need them myself.

Barbiturella 2 years ago

I’ve breastfed two kids, and have never had anyone say anything negative. I hope it doesn’t happen, but i have some ammo now. My husband is the one with the witty comebacks, I’m too slow! I have however asked my stepsister whether she was going to breastfeed (I was about 14 at the time, and always knew I would and her response was “have one of those things hanging off me? Yuck”. As a result her kids are the sickliest, most fussy kids I’ve ever laid eyes on. Good on you ladies, I salute you.

HouseTalkN 2 years ago

SHUT UP! SHUT UP! This is the best response EVER! I love you. Kati for president!

HouseTalkN 2 years ago

1999 was the first year of my lactating coma!

HouseTalkN 2 years ago

Say it ain’t so? Did it get worked out?

mumma 3 years ago

i had 5 kids in 7 yrs and practiced child-led weaning w/ all of them, so i *did* nurse them into elementary school – why say you didn’t do it like there is something wrong w/ it? ;-P

as for ‘nursing coma’ – i think it lets us have quite the opposite! i’d be in a coma if i had to get up all night and make bottles! if i had to listen to a baby cry frantically while i mixed formula and warmed up a bottle and checked the temp… if i had to clean up that rank spitup and empty those vile, bacteria-infested, forgotten old bottles. if i had a sick baby and no gut-healing, life-giving human milk to give them, but only gut-irritating, non-healing, non-living, decaying cow juice -no thanks! one mom’s nursing coma is another mom’s breastfeeding nirvana!

i love a sense of humor about the whole subject b/c you gotta have one to survive doing it so long (13 years non-stop for me now, almost all of it nursing 2 and 3 at a time)
( http://greenandbitchy.blogspot.com/2011/03/breastfeeding-multiples-through.html?showComment=1331210293952#c7754483560893330417 )
but i just had to chime in and say that those of us who *do*
‘nurse them into elementary school’ feel just as worthy of a good comeback as those who nurse for a more socially accepted amount of time – and that i enjoyed yours!

kati 3 years ago

Haha I love these,but I think I have officially taken it to the next level. I had just started a new job after I had had my son and I had to pump every couple of hours at work,I never did it in front of anyone and was considerate enough to close and lock my door to my office, and I stored the milk containers in a closed igloo Lunch box so when ppl opened the fridge they didn’t have to see the milk. Well one of my coworkers got his lunch out and promptly started telling me how disgusting it was that I even did that,and that it was even worse I pumped at work,that I needed to control my body and wait until I got home. And he said this in front of ppl!! I don’t know what possesed me but I pulled my breast out and sprayed him straight in his trashtalking mouth,I couldn’t aim like that again if I tried. He promptly complained to our general manager,not only did I not get in trouble,but my manager wrote my coworker up and informed him that if he wanted to keep his job he would have to attend 6 sexual harrasment classes since he obviously couldn’t keep his sexist,inappropriate comments to himself.

MILF Runner 3 years ago

Truth be told, I like the simplicity of your foggy response 😉

I understand that place. I finally weaned my youngest last summer. I had been nursing SOMEone since 1999. I am just now finally emerging.

Kristin 3 years ago

Loved these!!! I’m currently dealing with airline rudeness (Delta) concerning pumping while traveling to maintain a breastfeeding schedule for my twins! Ugh!

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

I think I love your stepdad! Thanks, Lyndsay!

Lyndsay 3 years ago

I loved all of these. My stepdad had another comeback, “Just think of this as funding your social security check.”

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

Outside food? That is a new one. Jeesh!

Brenna 3 years ago

I was actually asked to leave a restaurant for bringing in outside food! Wish I had know the laws then, or some of these comebacks.

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

Amen, Jayne!

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

That is one of my favorite lines! Great minds think alike! ROAR!

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

Buy a ticket, bozo! I love it!

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

It’s the cheapest organic milk you’ll find!

Jayne 3 years ago

I have 21 year old twin sons and a 19 year old son, I nursed them all and cannot believe that this is still an issue after all these years!!! What is wrong with us in this country??? I love comeback number 1, fabulous!
There is something very wrong with a culture that thinks it’s okay to sell beer with breasts but is appalled when they see breasts doing what they were made for, feeding our babies and children!!

Antoine Didienne 3 years ago

I love the buffet one! Classic role reversal and fabulous.
I love a fierce mom.

May I add this one: “You seem a bit tight. Maybe you should remove that stick up your ass.”

Lin 3 years ago

Might I also suggest:

“If you wanna watch, you have to buy a ticket. Mama’s gonna need a boob job after this.”

Allen @ Funny Baby Videos 3 years ago

At least its organic!

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

“Mammary deprived” cracked me up! I’ll do my best not to cause any pileups on the 401! Thanks for the PSA!

Kerry Isaac-Rossow 3 years ago

We are soul sistas! My favorite quote was Kim at Let Me Start By Saying- she calls hers "36WTF"

Chris 3 years ago

Girls, Girls Girls… I’m nearly fourty and passed thirty with no kids, no wife and no need as I hadn’t met anyone I felt worth my while. Since 30 I have helped my sister deal with twins and to a minor degree helped raise them(I ate my Asparagus in front of them until I discovered my Niece liked it more then bread and have since had a standing trade arrangement with her), I loved boobies then and still do, in the mean time I finally met a woman I could see myself with well into my “no hair” years, we have produced 4 beautiful children and love each other very much but I tell you, at least once a day my son and I have a talk(he;s 4 months so I do most of the talking and he just flashes the occasional shit eating grin) about how they are actually mine and they are just on loan to him until he can eat solid food… being a typical male he has threatened to not grow teeth until he turns 6…all I can tell the many BF moms is, we are born programmed to focus in on Mommies Mammories, then we hit puberty and all we want is Boobies… what can you expect from the average man on the street but some horrifically mammary centric response to your “whipping one out”. I’m not looking for a hall pass here, just pointing out the obvious, most men are obsessed with mammories, if you whip one out in their presence logic and common sense take a vacation. I’m all for you being able to breast feed in any location that is convenient to your child, but please, before doing so on a major roadway like the 401, consider how it will affect the driver around you, if he’s currently mammary deprived as I am, he might lose his focus on the road and cause a crash that you and your baby could be involved in. For the sake of all of us, please feed your baby when their hungry, but also please consider the many distraction factors and how they apply to your current situation before you “whip it out”, for all of our safety. There really are men out there who will drive into walls if you whip it out in front of them.. thankfully few and far between but do you want to be the driver in the next lane when they get distracted?

Let us hope some day this will be a non issue, in the mean time let’s try to make it a minimal one,

When Crazy Meets Exhaustion 3 years ago

Oh Kerry, I knew I loved you when we came together during the #spikedpunch fun. This is perfection. Your 36Longs! Fishing for a snack! Fuck you very much! I love you.

Christina Symes Rodriguez 3 years ago

LOVE #9!

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

Even though my nursing days are also long gone, I still call on the “when in doubt, whip it out” motto!
Thank you, Carissa!

Carissa 3 years ago

Love these! My days of nursing are long gone but it was always my motto with both my kids … when in doubt, whip it out. Definitely passing this list on to some mommy friends! Thanks!

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

ALISON! I have been adoring your cutiedoodle on Instagram! Great to see you here!

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

I love “36WTF”…Thanks, Crazy One!

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

That made me laugh. It seemed like a SNL skit! “Pay no attention to the anorexic teenagers in strings…but this breastfeeding mother is an abomination! LOOK AWAY! LOOK AWAY!”

Alison 3 years ago

I haven’t breastfed in public often, but boy do I want to now, just so I can use one of these!

Stephanie Jankowski 3 years ago

Oh Kerry, I knew I loved you when we came together during the #spikedpunch fun. This is perfection. Your 36Longs! Fishing for a snack! Fuck you very much! I love you.

Carolyn 3 years ago

Love these, esp. #1. Did you see the picture of a breastfeeding mom in front of a Victoria’s Secret Billboard (in their window)? She was being accosted by police to “cover up”.
Double standard……

CrunchyGrouchy 3 years ago

Oh, I wish it were, but no. She wasn’t just a nurse, but an OB/GYN nurse. Thank God it wasn’t at the doctor’s office – I was at her house with a friend when my infant daughter needed to nurse (I breastfed for a year). I went to a corner of the room and discreetly fed her. She actually made a point to come over there and tell me how gross that was and how she didn’t want me to do it in her house because ‘breasts are for men, not for babies’. Needless to say, after my comment, she didn’t say anything about nursing to me after that, lol. But not only a nurse, a FEMALE OB/GYN nurse. Win. Ner.

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

The evil eye from a tired mother is like kryptonite! Way to go, Jennifer!

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

Well, Susan! That just made my night. Sending the love right back at ya!

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

Disgusting? I’ve seen some disgusting eaters, but never a disgusting breastfeeder!
Now, you are equipped with some comebacks!

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

Please tell me this is a joke!?? A NURSE uttered those words? Help me, Jeezus.

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

Cry or boob? Seems simple enough to me! The fog will lift soon, Kay!

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

I’m a 36L but I laughed myself silly when Kim at Let Me Start By Saying said “36WTF?”

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

You.can.do.it! I wish I had made this cheat sheet years ago! Good luck, Cass!

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

I was the same way with my first! By the fourth, I was the human milk buffet!
Thanks, Beth!

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

36 Long was my favorite until I heard “Let Me Start By Saying…” refer to them as “36WTF?”

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

Not the dreaded side boob visual! LOOK AWAY! LOOK AWAY!

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

Whipping Cream! That is perfect!

sarah 3 years ago

i was never confronted with comments, but i did have a very rude conversation happen loud enough for me to hear, only once. that was with my second child with my first who was 2 sitting in a high chair eating his lunch. i guess they figured if they would have said something i would have pointed to the child in the highchair.

Gina 3 years ago

I’m not quick witted, just quick to cuss…lol

Jennifer 3 years ago

I was never graceful when nursing any of my 4 kiddos even though I did try…so I found out that when I was being stared at, all I needed to do was stare back. That usually stoped ’em before they blurted some truly ignorant comment.

Susan 3 years ago

I just love you so much.

Rachael 3 years ago

Thanks for these! Ive only had one rude comment so far and that was from a mother with her child who said “urgh she is breastfeeding! Discusting!”. I was completly covered up at the time so i dont see what her problem was. Now i kinda want someone to comment to i can use one of these quotes :-)

CrunchyGrouchy 3 years ago

I once had a NURSE tell me that boobs were for men. I live in the south (aka the Bible Belt), so I asked her, ‘Are you a Christian?’. She replied that yes, yes, she was certainly a Christian. So I asked her if she thought they had Hebrew Similac when Jesus was a baby and if she was such a moron she didn’t realize that only recently in the grand scheme of things was when formula was manufactured. She didn’t have a snappy comeback for that, lol.

Kay 3 years ago

Thank you!! I’m in that fog right now! I never seem muster much more than the “fuck YOU” stare… My husband on the other hand has said a few choice words to a lady once while at dinner…cry or boob you pick bitch!

Vasshole Girl 3 years ago

36Longs… O-M-G I finally found my bra size!!!!!

Cass 3 years ago

I literally just tried to burn the “fishing for a snack” comeback into my memory for later use. Pleaseeeeee let me remember to say it!

Beth 3 years ago

I’m not going to lie, I was a weenie and often would go to my car or some other out of the way location (NEVER a bathroom, eww!!) but now that I have that first one out of the way, I think I will be much more free with my boobies if there is a number 2. This are great!

JoMom 3 years ago

36 longs..priceless!

Kristen Mae 3 years ago

I was once sitting next to someone whose head almost exploded because we had a visual of someone’s side-boob while she breast-fed her infant at a kids’ soccer game. I didn’t really know what to say. I settled for: “Meh. It doesn’t bother me; baby’s gotta eat!”

I wish I would’ve had your list before… I’m sure I could have modified it to the third-person perspective. 😉

Jessica Cobb (@DomesticPirate) 3 years ago

These are golden!

I’m still waiting to be able tell someone that they’re welcome to bring over some whipping cream if it makes them more comfortable.

debbie 3 years ago

Yup. Said to me by a 22 year old female. I should have used the “fuck off” reply instead of trying to wrap my head around her warped logic.

Debbie 3 years ago

Yup. Said to me by a 22 year old female. I should have used the “fuck off” reply instead of trying to wrap my head around her logic.

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

I think we have a winner! That is cra-cra talk!

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

I’m a total gawker…in a good, non creepy way! I miss those moments, too!

Debbie 3 years ago

Someone actually told me that breastfeeding was not feminine. That remains one of the most ignorant things I have ever heard.

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

Chest bump! Just don’t squirt me! Thanks, Bethany!

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

I nursed in church and my baby started in with the “nom, nom, nom” noises! So much for discretion!

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

What a surprise the old guy was in for, huh?

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

The accidental flash! Hilarious!

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

Keep it simple, huh?

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

Hell to the no! That ship has sailed for me, too!

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

So true! I had many more positive comments than negative. Thanks, LD!

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

Little old ladies are the best! A little old lady once helped me pack my groceries while my infant screamed bloody murder!

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

Thank you, Crystal!

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

OMG! I love that! A tap for babies!

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

Kathy! I am almost 6 ft tall so most baby blankets on me were like giving a whale a tic-tac. Meh…
Thanks for the love!

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

Mom sanity trumps all! If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

I have mastered the “fuck you” eyes! That is hilarious! Thanks, Amy!

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

I just fell in love with you.

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

I could throw one your way and we could practice!

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

The under the breath comments are the worst! I just mumble right back…because I am so mature and all.

Suzanne @ Fit Minded Mom 3 years ago

Is it weird that I stare and oogle at a breastfeeding baby because I think it is so sweet, lol!! I can’t help it…my babies are bigger now(4 and 7) and I miss those super precious moments!!! But I promise, I don’t do it in a creepy way!!!!

Bethany @ Bad Parenting Moments 3 years ago

Nursed all of mine. Still nursing the youngest. I have this to say to you…fuck YEAH, sister! Let’s chest bump. Just let me untuck them from my socks first. Love this and you.

platinum 3 years ago

I guess I was lucky. I fed both my girls no matter where we were (we live in England) and never had any trouble. They’ve had their meals on planes, on buses, in the cinema, in restaurants and even in church!

Amanda 3 years ago

The ones that really drive me (and my husband) nuts are the old guys who seem to think the baby is just sleeping under that cover and try to stand behind me to look in at him or come over to play with his feet. Complete strangers! Disapproving glares with no cover I could deal with, trying to look under my cover (which I’m mostly using because I hate having my belly or back get cold) seems way ruder to me.

Andie @ multiplemama 3 years ago

Strangely enough I never got comments. Even breastfeeding twins in public. But I did once flash Bob Baffert! Go figure.

Gina 3 years ago

Your original comeback is my fave. A simple “fuck off” always seems to do the job.

Shannon 3 years ago

Now I wish I was going to have more babies just so I could use some of these lines:) No. . .nevermind. Nothing is worth going back to newborn hell.

LD 3 years ago

I’m just gonna share the other side… I was on an airplane, sitting next to a businessman, when my baby started fussing. I was nervous about nursing because I’d heard all kinds of horror stories about people raising a stink. He just looked over at me and said, “oh, thank God you’re nursing. The babies are always quieter that way.” And you know — he’s right.

Brandy P 3 years ago

The only time anyone ever said anything to me was a little old lady who told me she was proud of me for doing it and not letting people get to me.

I got stared at one time and I just stared back with the afore mentioned “fuck you eyes” and she eventually got flustered and walked off. People are idiots.

Kathy at kissing the frog 3 years ago

Arnebya, I can’t believe that! Some people are such a-holes. It’s okay for them to ogle practically uncovered breasts in ads and on t.v. – and heck, in real life, too – but a covered up mama and baby are scandolous! Maybe people gave me looks, but I was too oblivious to notice.

Crystal 3 years ago

LOVE this! Great, great list! LOL

Arnebya 3 years ago

Kathy, the comments (or disapproving faces) made at me when nursing? I WAS covered. Fully. Just little feet poking out of the bottom of a blanket. It only happened a handful of times, thankfully, from both men and women.

Arnebya 3 years ago

Man, I remember the few times I got nasty comments or stares. Told the man in Borders, “You keep looking at me, but I don’t work here. Go ask an employee if they have books on milk fetishes because that’s what you need, right?” Or the woman at Outback rolling her eyes walking away from the bar, “You obviously get yours from a tap, asshole, why can’t my baby.” Assholes.

Kathy at kissing the frog 3 years ago

I have nursed four babies, and have never had anyone say anything to me. Like someone above said, I was always pretty well covered. Thank goodness no one ever said anything because I couldn’t have thought of anything near as great as these. Thanks Kerry, passing these along for all new moms to pick from!

Mom Off Meth 3 years ago

I also popped out four kids in five years. I will say the first one was nursed better than the last two (twins, milk didn’t come in and it was either formula, or my sanity. Can’t be a good mama if you are crazy. well…) Anyway, good and funny list. You are a rock star.

Amy 3 years ago

I wish this list was available five years ago. My go to move was being able to sense when someone was offended, and making long, lingering eye contact with them. I didn’t have the balls to say “Why don’t you go fuck yourself,” out loud, but I could say it with my eyes. Not “Fuck me” eyes, but “Fuck YOU” eyes.

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

My sisters were able to be “discreet” nursers. I never mastered that skill and my children were audible nursers. “nom, nom, nom!” Thanks, JD!

Talia 3 years ago

This is BRILLIANT! It definitely made me giggle. I actually used the snack line when I was breastfeeding, except it was more along the lines of “What’s your deal with my breasts? Did your mommy never feed you this way? If not i’ve got plenty, wait your turn.” The guy turned bright red and walked away. It was awesome. I hate that in today’s society, breasts are supposed to be seen as sex objects rather than what they were created for. People have a tendency to forget they’re both. It comes down to what pleases a patriarchal society and it’s a bunch of shit dude. Satan forbid a guy sees a woman’s breast and aren’t able to fantasize about them because there’s a baby attached. Boo hoo. Go watch internet porn douches.

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

Half the time, I didn’t even realize that there was an issue…until I noticed the gawkers!

cammy 3 years ago

I really wish someone woulf make a comment to me now… I’m dying to use one of these!

Sarah 3 years ago

I never had anyone actually say anything when I’d nurse in public but I did get the stares from people that would piss me off to no end. On the occasion that I got the stare combined with the under-the-breath-because-I-think-you-can’t-hear-my-ignorant-remark comments , the general response I gave was “If you don’t like it, don’t look. I don’t stare at you while you eat or feed your kids”

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

Tell it, sister! I guess folks don’t want to admit that boobs aren’t just for recreation! Thanks, Courtney!

JD Bailey @ Honest Mom 3 years ago

This is AWESOME! “Nursing is easier for me. I can’t hold a bottle and my wine glass at the same time!” LOL!

I thankfully never had anyone make snide comments to me. Which is interesting because I live in buttoned-up New England and you’d think people would be more easily offended here. Hmmm.

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

Good for you! I am all too familiar with the wetting pants syndrome! Thanks, Amy!

Anna 3 years ago

Oh this post brings me back, somehow I managed to block out all the rude comments I got when breastfeeding. I especially liked the people who complained the baby was crying and then ALSO complained when I breastfed the baby – c’mon people, it’s gonna be one or the other. Pick one!

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

PERFECT! That one is going into the vault!

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

I’m here for you, Stacy. It’s hard to come up with zingers when you are in an estrogen fog.

Courtney Kirkland 3 years ago

These are great! I think my favorite is “Do you eat your meal while sitting on the John?” People get so carried away with pubic breastfeeding. Like you said, if we can use half naked women to sell cars, beer and snack foods (oh…and REALLY bad web hosting…ahem…godaddy…) then what’s everyone’s issue with breastfeeding?

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

I like to use 36L but I recently heard someone refer to her big girls as “36WTF!”

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

HA! Offended people is an art…that I have mastered! Go get ’em, Stephanie!

Amy 3 years ago

HAHAHA! This made me laugh out loud, and caused me to pee in my pants a little, which as most mommies know isn’t terribly out of the ordinary after you have a baby! I have actually told a waiter to tell the patron sitting 2 tables over from us who complained, to go eat his steak in the bathroom, and if he was so offended, he could stop staring at my boobs! My husband was embarrased, but told me later he was proud of me for sticking up for myself!

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

With my first, I was one step away from throwing a tablecloth over my body. By the fourth kiddo, I just whipped it out. Thanks, Brianna!

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

LOOK AWAY! LOOK AWAY! Thanks, Cindy!

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

That’s right! Get in line, buddy! Thank you, Cinderfuckingella!

ilikebeerandbabies.com 3 years ago

You have a problem with my breastfeeding? Because the only boob I see here is you.

Stacy 3 years ago

I am Seriously and I mean SERIOUSLY going to memorize and use these! AWESOME, thank you!

Marie 3 years ago

#7….I LOVE #7!!!

Stephenie 3 years ago

Mine is usually, “So my boobs offend you? Strange, I normally accomplish that verbally.”

Brianna 3 years ago

I have yet to encounter any rude people about breastfeeding in public, but I do typically try to cover with a blanket to a certain extent. These comebacks are Grade A though!

cindy 3 years ago

So. Awesome. Thank Godness you have a neck, look away, look away!

cindafuckingrella 3 years ago

“If you are fishing for a snack, just wait your turn.” Hahahaha – great ones!