This Is What It’s Like To Have Found 'Your Person'

by Caila Smith
Originally Published: 

One of my best friends is my Cristina Yang, and I am her Meredith Grey. She truly is My Person.

This is how you know you’ve finally found Your Person.

If something dark and twisty is what etches the two of you, then do not let her go. It’s a rarity to kindle such a friendship. One who laughs through tears shed from dysfunctional discomfort. And it’s even rarer to keep it, but always do.

Since no topic is off-limits, a pinkie-promise probably binds the two of you to a lethal injection, if ever in a comatose state… because ya know, you talk about weird crap like that.

When sleepovers have started to take place with your husband in the same bed (and you both DGAF if he doesn’t like it), then you’ve definitely found Your Person.

If you’re planning a nuclear attack or a murder, Your Person wouldn’t question your motive. After all, she knows you’re not a complete whackadoodle. So clearly, she knows there must be some sort of logical reasoning.

If your husband groans at the caller ID on the phone, then you can discern that you’ve found your person. But when you answer the phone, and she screams at him, “Shut up! This will just be a second!”, then you can be certain that you’ve finally found her.

Although it doesn’t happen as often as it used to, due to growing up and having babies, some of your favorite memories involve a lot of strong tequila and a lot of dancing it out.

When you’re upset, the bullshit doesn’t make you catty. Rather, you both just kind of sulk in the suckiness of the moment.

When you need a birth control shot injected into your ass or a hormone shot to prepare for in vitro, Your Person will save the day. But not without an unemphatic, “Buck up, buttercup.”

When she’s mad at her partner, the good Lord knows, you both are. But the bitterness ends just as soon as she says, “Okay, we are done being mad at him now.”

You might bicker like you’re cut from the same cloth. But thankfully, it never lasts for long. Because the fight ends as soon as one of you condescendingly asks, “Are you done being an a-hole yet?”

When you’ve found Your Person, you know each other’s extended families like the back of your hand and you don’t hesitate to spill the beans when the newest and juiciest gossip presents itself… and oh boy, it does present itself.

Of course, there’s never any disrespect. But there’s a ton of inside jokes which present themselves at the most inopportune moments. Like church… the two of you cannot sit beside one another at church.

Your homes could never be too messy for one another, because, well, you both know they could always be worse. (And you’ve both borne witness to the calamity of way worse).

You know know you’ve found Your Person, because she loves your kids as if they were her own. She tells you when you’re wrong, and cheers you on when you’re right.

After a long day with the kids, she tells you when you’re smelling like Shrek. Even more, she tells you to hurry up and allows you to sneak away for an anything-but-quick shower.

Back in the day, she might have been there to remind you that the boys you so foolishly adored were not the sun, moon and stars — but you were. She’s your voice of reason when you’re irrational, and the strength you need to push through. And vice versa.

On the days she’s feeling a little too sorry for herself, you tell her that this is life and we will get through it — like we always have.

She is your Cristina Yang, and you are her Meredith Grey. This is what it means to have found Your Person.

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