'Whipped Coffee Freaks' Is Our New Favorite Social Media Group

by Rachel Garlinghouse
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'Whipped Coffee Freaks' Is Our New Favorite Social Media Group
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Being in quarantine is giving many of us more time to experiment in the kitchen, our family included. I’ve been making recipes that I tore out of magazines ages ago. My latest experiment? Whipped coffee, the trend that’s taken caffeine-lovers by storm.

I googled vegan whipped coffee recipes and was quickly overwhelmed by the options. I initially decided to give up until I got a text from a friend asking me if I’d tried banana (yes, banana) whipped coffee yet. Then, while scrolling through social media, Facebook suggested a group to me — a community endearingly called Whipped Coffee Freaks. I was intrigued and clicked join. I needed to know what whipped coffee was all about, and more importantly, how I could make it.

I didn’t start drinking coffee until I was in my thirties. I even worked in a Starbucks café in college, but never took more than a few sips of a frappuccino. Coffee and espresso drinks just didn’t appeal to me. Once I became a mom of four children, I started indulging in a weekly latte. This added up quickly, so we invested in a quality coffee pot and started brewing vanilla or hazelnut coffee every morning. Then I got my first taste of iced coffee and was converted to that during the warmer months. When I initially heard of whipped coffee, I was resistant. However, the more friends that told me about it, the more intrigued I became.

If you’re newer to whipped coffee, also known as dalgona coffee, here’s a synopsis. You need a few items including some type of milk or cream, instant coffee grounds, sweetener of choice, and boiling water. You also need a tool to to whip your coffee, such as a drink mixer, a hand or baking mixer, or a whisk. There are many, many recipes and recommendations, and as the group encourages, trying different methods and ingredients is part of the fun.

Whipped Coffee Freaks was started by Karrie Self because she noticed the whipped coffee trend and wondered if there was a group of “freaks” like her. There wasn’t one, so she started her group at the end of March. To date, the group has over 11,900 members. Yes, in just a month, Self’s group exploded. There are multiple daily postings that include recipes, how-to videos, pretty glasses and mugs, ingredient recommendations, reviews of hand mixers, and new flavors to consider.

What does she love most about her group? Self told Scary Mommy, “The number one reason isn’t even about the coffee. It’s the people. It warms my heart to see so much kindness and joy within this community.” She added, “Being a part of something that brings people together and brings at least a little bit of happiness, especially right now, is amazing.” She applauds the members’ creativity and willingness to educate each other.

You don’t have to take Self’s word for it. Members can’t stop gushing about their affinity for the group. Maci Obennoskey from Paris, Texas said she’s a huge coffee drinker, never going a day without it. When she initially tried joining the whipped coffee bandwagon, she was disappointed and figured she’d made it incorrectly. She joined Whipped Coffee Freaks to perfect her coffee-making game. She gives age-old advice, that if first you don’t succeed, try again. WCF will save the day!

Lauren H. from St. Louis, Missouri told Scary Mommy that her family isn’t big into coffee, but she learned to make the coffee-free versions for her family. She added, “After seven weeks in quarantine, I’m eyeing the ‘adult’ versions.” Lauren brings up a great point. There are plenty of coffee-free recipes, as well as whipped coffee that contains alcohol.

LaTonya Williams from Milwaukee, Wisconsin shared her favorite flavor, almond milk with a splash of butter cookie creamer and chocolate or caramel syrup drizzled around the glass. Fancy? Yes. Delicious? Absolutely. She added, “Fringe benefit: my grandson loves them, too.” I love seeing how many group members are having fun and getting creative.

Like Williams and Lauren, I’ve shared my whipped coffee creation with my family. I was intimidated at first, especially after reading all stories of failed first attempts. I decided to go with a basic vegan recipe using coffee grounds, almond milk, stevia, and boiling water. It took me about ten minutes from start to finish. The result? Three of us were fans, and three weren’t. You know the saying. If at first we don’t succeed, we can always try again.

Ann Rasmussen of East Hampton, Massachusetts said she joined because she loves coffee and has a case of java FOMO. She shared, “I love this group for their caffeinated energy, humor, love of pretty pics of their creations, and affinity for inventing new alcohol libations with whipped coffee.” Many other members echoed her sentiments. The group is simply a joy to be a part of.

Rebecca Brearey of Montgomery, Illinois told Scary Mommy that she joined because there’s nothing better than coffee, “especially something new and exciting during this trying time.” She added that whipped coffee “keeps our souls awake and our houses cleaned.” She makes a great point. The instant coffee grounds in these whipped wonders give drinkers a serious caffeine jolt.

Kayla Miller of Kenosha, Wisconsin shared, “My favorite tip is to use coffee for every form of liquid. Use hot coffee instead of water in the whip, and make coffee into ice cubes and use that in your drink! And pour over iced coffee instead of milk. Coffee, coffee, coffee!”

If you don’t consider yourself a coffee-freak, but more of a moderate, this group will quickly convert you. There are limitless creations just waiting to be whipped up (pun intended!) in your kitchen. But be warned, Whipped Coffee Freaks is like a cold drink of iced coffee on a hot day: You won’t want to stop.

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