White Male Terrorists Are the REAL Threat to America

by Sa'iyda Shabazz
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So, we have a problem on our hands, folks.

After the devastating mass shooting in Las Vegas, there is something very serious that we’re not addressing. The man who committed the crime, who shot and killed almost 60 people and left some 500 people injured, is being called a “lonewolf shooter.” You know what he actually is? A DOMESTIC TERRORIST. But why are we not calling him what he is?

Because he’s a middle-aged white man. But make no mistake, if this man was brown or black, people would be real quick to start throwing around the word “terrorist” with zero hesitation. Even in the face of one of the deadliest mass shootings on American soil, white supremacy rears its ugly head.

Allow me to paint a picture, if you will.

You’re watching the news and a breaking news story comes up. There has been a mass shooting somewhere in the country. You sit at the edge of your seat waiting for the picture of the brown man who did it and — wait! — a white man’s picture comes up. Are you surprised? Are you angry that the perpetrator isn’t brown? Do you feel bad for assuming that the only person capable of such a horror must be a brown-skinned, Muslim radical? Do you feel bad for the white man who killed dozens of people? Or do you shake your head sadly and assume that he’s mentally ill?

Since January, when the president signed an executive order banning people from seven predominantly Muslim countries, the biggest perpetrators of mass killings (or the intent of mass killings) have been WHITE MEN. Pick your jaw up off the floor Debbie, and stop shaking your head because I’m speaking on some real shit right now.

It hasn’t even been two months since an angry white male from Ohio plowed into a crowd of anti-racist protestors in Charlottesville. Less than two months. Let’s not forget about the white man who opened fire at a congressional baseball practice and injured several Republican congressmen. And in March, a young white man traveled from Baltimore to New York City with the express intent to kill black men. He traveled to a city specifically TO KILL BLACK MEN. Why? Because he was “angered by black men mixing with white women.” Are you fucking kidding me? This is okay in America in 2017? Of course, it is, because if you’re ridding the country of another POC, you’re doing the American people a favor right? That’s what it feels like from where I’m sitting.

According to the New York Times, since 9/11, white men have committed more deadly acts in the country than Muslim extremists. So when are we going to start calling them what they are? Every time a white man murders, headlines automatically try to garner sympathy for them. Conjure up an image of a quiet, decent man. Like this bullshit headline:

the Washington Post

So why is the guy who committed the Orlando shooting (until yesterday, the second deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, as Wounded Knee remains the most deadly overall) automatically labeled a terrorist for what he did, but the man who committed the Vegas shooting (now the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history) labeled as a man who “enjoyed country music and lived a quiet life”?

Simple. It comes down to the color of their skin. Don’t pretend it doesn’t. Did people label Dylann Roof a terrorist when he went into a black church in South Carolina, prayed with the people there for Bible study and then shot them all to death? Nope. He was escorted from the crime scene wearing a bulletproof vest and offered a can of Coke.

Was the young white man who walked into an elementary school and shot 20 students dead because he was punishing his mother labeled as a terrorist? He killed BABIES. No, he was labeled a troubled young man. But you can bet your ass that the American-born man of Pakistani descent who committed a mass shooting in San Bernardino was labeled a terrorist. And I agree, he was. But you can see the discrepancy here.

What in the ever-loving fuck is happening?

You can’t tell me that this doesn’t have anything to do with white supremacy. Or you can, but that is willful ignorance.

We don’t have a Muslim problem in this country (not to be confused with ISIS radicals). We have a goddamn white male problem. They’re not just trolling us on the internet. They are able to walk into a gun store, buy a semiautomatic weapon and unleash gunfire on whomever they want, simply because they can.

And then they can walk into a courtroom and tell their sob story to a jury of their peers and have a fair trial. Most brown men who commit acts of terrorism don’t even make it to trial; they’re killed by police before they ever get a day in court.

White male supremacy is a cancer, and it is literally killing us. There is no place where we are safe from them. We can’t go to college. We can’t go to work. We can’t go to church. We can’t go to a concert. Our children can’t even go to school without the fear that an angry white man is going to walk in, open fire, and murder us.

Why is the “terrorist” label reserved only for brown and black people? Because it feeds into the white supremacist agenda in this country. If we’re too busy pointing fingers at the brown men who claim to commit these heinous acts in the name of Allah, then we won’t notice the white man with the semiautomatic rifle and a chip on his shoulder committing these heinous acts in the name of God and America.

This isn’t a call to action for gun control, even though God knows we need it immediately. This is a call to action. White men are more likely than anyone else to be domestic terrorists, so let’s call them what they are: terrorists. When are we going to wake up? When are we going to realize that the white supremacist patriarchy is the root of literally every single fucking problem in America? When will enough be enough? White American men are bigger threat than any Muslim refugee you’ve been conditioned to hate. We have a white male problem in America people — you need to wake the fuck up before it’s too late.

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