White Woman Pulls Gun On Black Mother And Daughters After Chipotle Argument

by Madison Vanderberg
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White Woman Pulls Gun On Black Mother And Daughter After Chipotle Argument

A white woman pulls a gun on a Black mother and her daughters outside a Chipotle in Michigan

A white woman pulled a gun on a Black family outside a Chipotle in Auburn Hills, Michigan after refusing to apologize for bumping into the family’s daughter on the way out of the burrito restaurant. After footage of a seemingly deranged white woman pointing a gun at a Black woman and her three daughters surfaced online, more information about this horrific situation has come to light as many also point to this incident for why we absolutely need gun reform.

According to The Detroit News, Takelia Hill, a Black woman, and her three daughters were heading into Chipotle on Wednesday night when the white woman bumped into one of Hills’ daughters Makayla Green.

“Before I could walk into Chipotle, this woman was coming out, and I had moved out the way so she can walk out,” Makayla Green told The Detroit News. “She bumped me, and I said, ‘Excuse you.’ And then she started cussing me out and saying things like I was invading her personal space.”

Hill came to her daughter’s defense and the white woman began to argue with both of them. The white woman apparently refused to apologize for bumping into Green and it escalated into an argument. In a video of the altercation obtained by The Detroit News, the white woman is yelling “white people aren’t racist” while her husband tells the family, “Who the fuck do you guys think you are?” Remember, this all started because the white woman bumped into a Black teenager, and instead of saying, “Oh, sorry, didn’t see you” she argued with the girl, thus escalating the situation.

Still refusing to apologize for bumping into a teen outside Chipotle, the white woman got in her car and drove away, but Hill — who was standing behind the woman’s car during the argument — told the newspaper she was afraid the car was going to hit her, so she hit the back window of the SUV to stop it. At this point, the white woman hops out her car and pulls her gun on the family, telling them to “get the fuck away from me.” The video of this moment was shared by one of Hill’s family members on Twitter.

In the video, Hill’s daughter is heard crying and screaming at her mom to “stop moving,” while someone else yells out to call the police.

Hill shared a photo on Facebook of the woman being arrested, but the family member who shared the video on Twitter said the woman was released shortly after the arrest. The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating the situation and is planning to hold a news conference Thursday afternoon, though many Michigan officials have condemned the woman’s behavior and hope charges are brought against her.

“Michigan needs commonsense gun reform, and we need it now. People should feel safe going about their day and not have to worry about having a gun pulled on them during a conflict,” state Senator Rosemary Bayer said. “This incident clearly shows we have much work to do because this is not how we should be treating each other.”

For the people sympathizing with the white woman with the gun — and there were many on social media — how can you argue that the white woman’s life is in danger? She’s arguing with a mom and her teenage daughters, who are unarmed, outside a Chipotle. The mom slapped her car, so the woman pulled a gun on her? In what world is that an appropriate reaction? Also, to the people saying that the “Karen” in the video was triggered and had no choice but to react like she did — you know how else “Karen” could have reacted and thus, de-escalated this situation? By apologizing for bumping into the young girl outside a Chipotle.

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