Whitney Port Feels 'Guilty' Discussing Miscarriage Because She Has A Son

by Madison Vanderberg
Omar Vega/JanuaryImages/Shutterstock

Whitney Port shares her raw and unfiltered emotions in a podcast episode recorded hours after she found out she miscarried

Earlier this month, Whitney Port revealed that she was about seven weeks pregnant and was being cautiously optimistic despite worries that the pregnancy wouldn’t be viable. After having three miscarriages, she felt it was necessary and hopefully helpful to share her thoughts and her mental well-being during a pregnancy she described as “touch and go.” Unfortunately, last week, Port revealed that she did miscarry and now in a “raw” and honest episode of her podcast With Whit, the mom and reality star says she’s wrestling with feelings of guilt.

In an Instagram post, Port said she found out about the pregnancy loss on Wednesday November 17, 2021 and recorded a podcast episode that night, calling it a “raw reflection.” “Needless to say my words are emotional,” she explained. “My heart is with every single woman who has gone through this pain. I hope by sharing my feelings and story, some of you will not feel alone.”

In that podcast episode, she unloaded everything she was feeling, especially her concerns surrounding having another baby, doing IVF, and the physical burden of being pregnant again after loss.

“I’m not going to have to make the decision of like, do I even want to have a second child anymore? Do I want to go through IVF? Do I want to make a child in a lab? I just didn’t think I was going to have to answer all those questions and now it just feels like I have a lot of responsibility to make those decisions,” an overwhelmed Port shared through tears.

“I know that we want a second kid, because the thought of not having a second kid makes me feel already too regretful and remorseful,” Port says, while adding, “But then, the thought of having to go through this physical illness and nausea of the first trimester is daunting and scary and taxing. I literally have not been able to do anything…I wasn’t being a present mom. I wasn’t being a present wife. I wasn’t being a present employee and co-worker and partner and that I was just constantly disappointing people…I just don’t want to be a mess anymore…”

Port followed this vulnerability up with the caveat that she “feels guilty for even complaining because I have Sonny” as others out there “haven’t even had the opportunity to have one [child].”

The mom of one has been open about her fertility journey, sharing that she’s experienced multiple losses, including a chemical pregnancy (also known as a biochemical pregnancy, this early pregnancy loss happens when an egg gets fertilized but the embryo never fully implants in the uterus) and two previous miscarriages.

It takes tremendous bravery to share such painful and personal stories publicly with the hope that she can help other women feel less alone. As Port closed out her emotional podcast episode, she said, she just wants to “be honest about my feelings and not try to hide them, but also try my best to be strong and positive.” Our hearts are with Port.