Whitney Port Says She 'Definitely' Wants Another Baby

by Christina Marfice
Vivien Killilea/Getty

In a new interview, Whitney Port opened up about her recent miscarriage, said she “definitely” wants to have another baby, and plans to work with a fertility specialist

For Whitney Port, the journey to grow her family has been a long one, with plenty of heartbreak amid the joy. Though she and husband Tim Rosenman share a 4-year-old son, Port suffered a pregnancy loss on Nov. 17, two weeks after announcing she was pregnant with “likely another unhealthy pregnancy.” Prior to that, she suffered two miscarriages and a chemical pregnancy.

Despite all of that, though, Port isn’t giving up. In a new interview with PEOPLE magazine, she explained that she “definitely” wants to keep trying to have another baby, and detailed the plans she and her family are making to help make that happen.

“It is a daunting thought having to go through this process again and all the unknowns, but it is something that we’re looking into figuring out because I know that while I’m scared to get pregnant again and scared to miscarry again and scared for the newborn phase and scared for the breastfeeding, I’m scared for all of it, but I know that if I think about my life in 20 years and I look back that, I will regret not going through those things,” she said.

Port announced her recent miscarriage in a YouTube video on Nov. 17, explaining that at a recent doctor visit, the “doctor didn’t hear a heartbeat.” In July of 2019, she announced she had had a miscarriage, and more recently shared that she suffered another pregnancy loss in January of this year. Because of her history of miscarriages, Port’s doctor told her the best thing to do is to see a fertility specialist.

“It’s totally new territory for me, but it’s just a little bit too scary to leave it to fate again at this point with my history,” she explained, adding that she’s a little anxious about seeing a specialist because she has “no idea what that looks like.”

Port has been honest with the world about the fact that she and Rosenman desperately want to have more kids, but she told PEOPLE that she’s “trying to go with the flow” and “tell [herself] that even if we can’t have another baby, we are still so blessed to obviously have what we have.”

Port also said the heartbreaking losses she’s experienced have strengthened her bond with Sonny, her 4-year-old son, and made her all the more grateful to have him.

“Whatever happens next is really just extra and I really do believe that,” she said.