Whole Foods & Instacart Workers Strike -- Demand COVID-19 Protections

Whole Foods And Instacart Workers Strike For Better Protections Against COVID-19


Instacart and Whole Foods workers strike amid coronavirus outbreak

The world has become increasingly reliant on grocery store employees and delivery persons, but it’s now coming to light that those essential workers are barely able to protect themselves from COVID-19 and often do not have contingencies like paid leave in place. The Instacart workers delivering groceries so others can stay at home, walked off the job on Monday, demanding basic protective gear like hand sanitizer and paid leave and Whole Foods workers staged a “sick out” demanding much of the same.

On Monday, March 30, Instacart workers walked off their jobs, writing in a Medium post that they demand basic protective gear like hand sanitizer, soap, disinfectant wipes, along with paid sick leave, hazard pay, and tip minimums.

“For the past several weeks, Instacart Shoppers and Gig Workers Collective have been urging Instacart to take proper safety precautions. We have been ignored,” Gig Workers Collective wrote in the Medium statement. “Instacart has turned this pandemic into a PR campaign, portraying itself the hero of families that are sheltered-in-place, isolated, or quarantined. Instacart has still not provided essential protections to Shoppers on the front lines that could prevent them from becoming carriers, falling ill themselves, or worse.”

They added that although Instacart recently announced a paid leave program, the company made the qualifications and the deadline nearly impossible for workers to meet.