‘Who’s The Boss?’ Revival In The Works Starring Alyssa Milano As A Single Mom

by Julie Scagell
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Tony Danza and Alyssa Milano announced the good news on social media

Ah-oy. Oy-ah — two of the stars of the beloved sitcom Who’s the Boss? announced they will be reprising their roles for a new show set in 2020. Tony Danza and Alyssa Milano will once again play the father/daughter duo Tony and Samantha Micelli in the revival of the series that ran on ABC from 1984-1992.

There are a lot of revivals in the works, but this one may be one of the most exciting. According to Deadline, the show will take place “30 years after the events of the original series” and will focus on Danza and Milano’s relationship and the “generational differences, as well as opposing world views and parenting styles within the dynamic of a modern family in 2020.” Milano will be playing a single mother living in the house from the original set.

Both Milano and Danza, who will also serve as Executive Producers, shared throwback images on social media to celebrate the exciting news. “We feel the time is right to tell the story of where these amazing characters are today,” Milano posted on Instagram. “Can’t wait to share their stories with you. So happy.” Danza posted a #FBF of the entire crew on Instagram, writing, “Very excited to bring Who’s the Boss back to television!”

As for other original cast members, like Judith Light, who played Angela Bower, and Danny Pintauro, who played her son Jonathan, they approve of the revival but there’s been no word yet if they’ll join the series as well. And sadly, former cast member and fan favorite Katherine Helmond, who played Mona, died in 2019.

The show was an instant hit with fans who followed along weekly as Danza, who played a widowed former baseball player, moved into Light’s home as a housekeeper with his daughter, Sam. She played a high-powered, very anal, divorced businesswoman, and the two clash (and have quite a bit of sexual tension) in the most hilarious ways.

The show also managed to have quite a few impressive guest stars like Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Mike Tyson, Betty White, and Leslie Nielsen, who played Mona’s fiancé in one episode.

Per Deadline, Who’s the Boss? averaged more than 33 million live viewers per episode back when people actually watched anything live and has continued to gain generations of new fans in syndication. The first few seasons are now available on Amazon Prime if you need to brush up before the new series begins.

We need all the good news we can take right now and this revival definitely fits the bill.

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