Why Do Moms Who Have Their Sh*t Together Always Get Picked On?

by Maria Guido
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Australian writer, singer, and stand-up comedian Em Rusciano posted a harmless photo to her Facebook page last week and started a veritable shit storm. The response to the photo begs the question, “Why do we take it so personally when other mothers excel at something?”

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It was a light-hearted post about how her friend is just better at the whole dinnertime thing than she is – and should should be. She’s a food, fashion, lifestyle and parenting blogger known as “Absolute Amy.” But some of Rusciano’s readers looked at that image and could not help themselves from tearing down a woman who simply made a fun plate for her kid’s dinner. Take a look at some of the comments:

“I don’t have time to fuck around molesting my kids [sic] food.” Wow. It’s a potato grid, lady.

“If she has time to do that then good on her, you fed your kids from foil, who cares at least they ate. Wish I had time to do that but I don’t have a fussy eater luckily.” Translation: “Luckily I have a full life and a wonderful eater, so I don’t have to bother with this nonsense.” Hello, passive aggressive jerk.

“If your friends [sic] kids are boys – I pity their poor wives when they get older!” Seriously? A few colorful cups are going to ruin her child for his future wife?

“Wow!!! Your friend goes all Is she trying to make it look interesting so they will eat it..Hahahaha.. Who has time for that!!!” Translation – I’m typing “lol” to hide my passive-aggressive slam that your friend clearly has no life.

“On this crazy old world, folks need to be able to have some stuff to control. This is her stuff.” Wow. This one may take the cake. This woman’s actually implying that the blogger’s life must be a mess, so she needs something to “control.” Ha.

“Home cooked food made to look like a TV dinner??? Really???” No words.

“Sorry Em Rusciano, but whoever has time for this obviously doesn’t have much to do.” Seriously? How long do these women actually think it takes to cook some fish sticks and put them on a colorful plate?

Wow. A potato grid and some colorful cups actually inspired people to claim that this mom is ruining her son for his future wife, has nothing else to do with her time, and is turning homemade food into a “TV dinner.” Why? Why would anyone take such a benign image so seriously?

You’re not a bad mom if you don’t want to make a colorful landscape out of every meal you feed your kid. But the mom who does doesn’t deserve to be slammed, either.

Being a mom is hard enough without having even the smallest efforts minimized and attacked by other moms. I’m going to go make a raisin-face on my kid’s waffle now. I’m feeling inspired.

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