Why I Care About Floyd Mayweather And You Should, Too

by Alison Chrun
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If you have a TV or a social media account, or any access to the outside world, you’ve heard the name Floyd Mayweather an awful lot lately.

I’m not a sports fanatic. I’m not even a boxing fan. But I’m a woman, wife and mother. And I’ve got a serious question for anyone who offers their support to Floyd Mayweather’s boxing career.

What makes Floyd Mayweather such a a great man?

Not a boxer; a man.

He must be a humble guy. Or something. Right?


Well, then, he must be someone who treats people with respect, especially the women in his life who have loved him and mothered his children.

Oh, no?

OK, then he must be someone who admits his wrongdoings, apologizes and takes steps to better himself.

Oh my. Is that a “hell no” I’m sensing?

Well, if all of these things are not reflective of his character, can someone please tell me: who the hell IS Floyd Mayweather?

Searching the Internet, all I’ve come up with is: abuser, coward, greedy, bully, liar, cheater, manipulator, disrespectful, spiteful, arrogant…you get the point. I could go on. Anyone got a thesaurus handy?

And yet he has so many people backing and supporting him, namely politicians and some of the biggest celebrities in the world. How is this possible? More importantly, WHY is it happening?

Mayweather has a history of domestic violence going back 14 years. 14. Years.

He’s continued to deny seven physical assaults on five different women, including cases where his own children were witnesses. Yes, his children have watched him hurt their mother. Yes, his young children have listened to their mother’s cries for help.

He’s quoted in an interview with Rachel Nichols on CNN’s Unguarded as saying, “When it is all said and done, only God can judge me.” And yet, in that same interview, he declined Rachel’s invitation to publicly make a donation to a battered women’s charity.

He’s been an advocate for Ray Rice, stating that the NFL suspension was too harsh of a punishment for Rice’s domestic abuse charges. Surprise, surprise.

And you may be thinking that he’s paid for this in some way. What’s the harshest punishment he’s received? Two months behind bars. 60 fucking days. Why is this OK? Why is this man getting away with beating numerous women, and we all continue to praise him like he’s some sort of god?

When confronted by reporters regarding the allegations, “PROVE IT,” has been his general response. If there aren’t photos, it never happened.

And even if there were a way to prove it, you think there wasn’t a way to destroy the evidence in the name of entertainment and millions of dollars? ABSOLUTELY.

His arrogance in the way he defends himself shows how guilty he is.

We’ve somehow allowed this man to get away with all of it, and for what? Entertainment? So we can watch him punch someone in the ring?

Even if just ONE of these allegations is true, you’d think his conscience might kick in at some point and say, “Hey Floyd, you’re an asshole. You need to apologize, get some professional help, come back with some humility, and redeem yourself as a human being, or I won’t let you sleep at night!”

And yet, he sleeps.

This man is a coward, running from the truth and straight to the bank, making all of us look like a bunch of suckers.

How is he measuring up as a role model to your children?

How will you justify the fact that he’s become the most successful boxer in the world when all your child wants to know is why he beats women?

How will you react when your son tells you he wants to be just like Floyd Mayweather?

How will you react when your daughter tells you she wants to marry someone just like Floyd Mayweather?

Is Floyd Mayweather really a winner?

Or are the denial, abuse, and narcissistic behaviors all signs of a man who is fiercely losing at life? Who has likely forced countless others to suffer in silence?

Does it even matter?

You’re damn right it does.

It matters a lot.

There is a message being sent here, and it is this: If you can become a form of entertainment the way Floyd Mayweather has, you can get away with anything, and I do mean anything.

But the true message I want to bring you is that there are no winners in all of this, just a lot of losers, and Floyd Mayweather is the biggest loser of all.

He may be a boxing champ, but who really cares about boxing?

He’s failing the tests and missing the lessons.

He’s forfeiting his gift by slapping around every woman in his path. And we all sit around and watch him do it without consequences. Cheering him on.


It’s his children, and their mothers, who deserve our love and support. Let’s cheer them on instead. Fuck you, Floyd.

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