Aww: Husband Gets Best Surprise From Wife Over Airline Loudspeaker

by Jerriann Sullivan

Wife surprises husband with pregnancy announcement in unlikely spot

The internet is sharing in a collective “awww” after a Pennsylvania man found out he is going to be a dad in a super sweet and very public way.

“Well, Eric although you didn’t strike it rich here in Las Vegas you did hit the jackpot,” the flight captain announced to Eric Sadiwnyk and the entire plane over the intercom system. “Congratulations, you’re about to be a dad.”

Sadiwnyk was returning to his home in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania via a flight to Philadelphia from Las Vegas last January when the extraordinary pregnancy announcement planned by his wife went off without a hitch. Lisa Sadiwnyk found out she was pregnant on the trip and wanted to tell her husband the incredible news in a memorable way. “I had to pack pregnancy tests in my bag and make sure my husband wouldn’t find them,” Sadiwnyk told ABC News.

She kept the secret for almost three days before thinking of the unique way to tell her husband and contacting American Airlines. Sadiwnyk sent an email to the crew asking if the announcement was doable. When she got to the airport, she spotted the flight staff and snuck away from Eric to confirm her plans. “They were very excited to help,” she said.

Flying sucks. The stale air and cramped leg room can make even the calmest traveler cranky. Sadiwnyk’s surprise made that flight unforgettable for her husband and special for all the other passengers. Before the pregnancy announcement, the passenger sitting next to Eric looks exhausted and stressed and after he has a giant smile across his face. The rest of the row looks excited for the soon-to-be parents too. The best part of her epic announcement is that she got it on video and posted it to Facebook so the whole world can see Eric’s reaction and hear the passengers clap and congratulate the couple.

Sadiwnyk didn’t know when the pilot was going to make the announcement, but when he came over the loudspeaker, she said she started to shake. “Now, we’d like to turn your attention to seat 29E, where you’ll find Eric who is traveling with his wife Lisa,” the captain said. Eric looks shocked and confused at first then the captain told him he was going to be a dad and a smile spread across his face. The couple shared a kiss, and Eric started to wipe tears from his eyes.

Airplane proposals are popular on YouTube, which is where Lisa said she got the idea, but the Sadiwnyk’s announcement will definitely have more moms thinking of different ways to share their amazing news with future fathers. Lisa also surprised Eric with a Las Vegas onesie after the pilot’s speech. She told Inside Edition that she snuck away to a gift shop in Vegas without Eric and picked up several of the onesies so the couple could surprise their whole family when they got home.

“My husband is a very quiet person,” she told ABC News. “He’s not an emotional person.” Sadiwnyk was happy she had the chance to “tell him and embarrass him at the same time.”