This New Breast Pump Is A Total Game Changer For Moms

by Sarah Hosseini
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The ‘Willow’ hands free breast pump is quiet and fits in your bra

Breast pumps are touted as devices to help busy moms breastfeed as easily and conveniently as possible, but we all know that’s not always the case. The pumps can be cumbersome, loud, and at times, rather painful. Thankfully, a new pump is trying to change all that. And wow, is she a beauty.

Behold the Willow, the first wearable, smart breast pump.

Image via FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images

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The hands free pump was unveiled at International CES 2017 (The International Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas this week and it was a total showstopper. The pair of droplet shaped gadgets fit right into a woman’s bra. No noise. No medusa-looking tubes. No bottles to attach.

Here’s how it works: inside each pump is a collection bag that wraps around the perimeter of the device in a U-shape. The bags hold up to four ounces of milk. The apparatus is three pieces total and dishwasher-safe. The batteries last two to three days on one single charge.

Halle-friggin-lujah, mamas.

Image via FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images

AFP/Getty Images

No more stopping in the middle of what you’re doing to go pump. Just take a conference call, get in the car, whatever you have to do — all while pumping. No more annoying whoosh, whoosh, whoosh sounds. No more hiding in a storage room to pump. The pump is totally simple, discreet, and smart too.

According to Willow’s site, the pump can sense your let-down and will automatically transition to the expression phase based on your body’s unique milk production and timing. It is also integrated with a milk-tracking app that tracks how much milk you’re producing, compares data from past pumping sessions, and allows users to set alerts and reminders.

Image via Willow

The website says the pump will be available for purchase in the Spring. The price tag isn’t cheap, it’s $430, according to CNN Money. But it truly is revolutionary, so there are probably plenty of people who would be willing to fork over the cash.

The founder and CTO of Willow, John Chang, told CNN that the pump was inspired by his wife and three kids and he hopes it helps more women breastfeed because it’s discreet, quiet, and easy to use.

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