Wine Ice Cream Is Here To Make Being An Adult Suck A Little Less

by Maria Guido
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Image via Winecream

Winecream is ice cream that actually has wine in it

Hey! Wine ice cream exists. It’s like 2016 is trying to be our friend all of a sudden.

It’s the end of the day, and your kids are finally out of your face. You turn on the TV, then wonder, “Wine? Or ice cream? What should I have? Wine? Ice cream? Gah! I don’t know!” Well, now you don’t have to know, you can shove both in your face at the same time, thanks to Winecream. Winecream is ice cream made with actual wine, which sounds sort of gross but we’re too excited about getting tipsy off ice cream to care.

Oh my god. Get in our bellies. Now.

Winecream is brought to us by the geniuses at the Crossroad Company, a family-owned business out of Baltimore that, according to Thrillist, “has been serving the boozy desert at festivals and private events since 2014, but its recent expansion to a warehouse space will allow the small business to make Winecream available in more places, including selling it directly to people online.”

Yes, you can buy it online. The site explains that they make Winecream to order by flash freezing a mix of wine and cream with liquid nitrogen. This is how they make a sweet ice cream while retaining the alcohol in the wine.

There are flavors like Caramel Apple, Chocolate Covered Strawberry, and Peach Cobbler.

I mean, come on. We want to get drunk off ice cream, is that so wrong? There are probably benefits to being an adult, we just can’t think of them right now because we’re too busy keeping our homes together, paying the bills, and caring for tiny humans who complain for a living. But boozy ice cream definitely qualifies as a thing that makes adulting semi-bearable.

Suck it, kids. This ice cream is ours.

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