Website Advertises Plus-Size Tights In The Worst Way Possible

by Sarah Hosseini
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People aren’t happy with the way this clothing company promotes their plus-size tights

Many companies are guilty of having major marketing fails from time to time. Some are stupid, some are baffling, and some are down-right hurtful. You could say the blunder just pulled is all of the above.

Clothing company, Wish, is in hot water for using straight size models to sell their plus-size tights. Quick note – “straight size” means industry standard size (typically sample sizes 0-4). In some of the product pictures you can see the thin models stretching the tights in bizarre ways to show how big they are.

The models are putting their WHOLE BODIES IN THE TIGHTS.

Image via Wish

This model is literally peek-a-booing out of the top of the tights.

Image via Wish

In another photo a model has her whole body in just one leg of the tights. On what planet is this OK?

Image via Wish

Critics wasted no time telling Wish exactly what they thought of the bizarre marketing move (and rightfully so) on social media.

But really, what in the actual fuck is going on here? This makes no sense. And to think the idea probably passed through a whole team of people in order to make the photoshoot happen in the first place is just hella head-scratching.

Not only is this just weird to use rail thin models to sell clothing made for people who are not rail thin, it’s problematic. It reinforces the idea that bodies which are not thin are not worthy of showing. There are plus-size models ready and willing to work. It would’ve made way more sense to actually hire one for this shoot. Instead, what we got was a thin-centric photoshoot that captured everything wrong with how we market clothes to women.

At last check, the tights are selling for $2 on the Wish website. While that’s a cheap price to pay for nylons, I wonder what the price of being a decent company who doesn’t shame women’s bodies is? Oh yeah, that’s right. Priceless.