Woman Shares Fat Shaming Story And Gets The Most Incredible Response

by Maria Guido
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There’s never been a better example about the importance of teaching our children to be kind

Dairy Queen celebrated free ice cream day this week. Shauna Arocho, a woman who has been on an incredibly inspiring weight loss journey for the past few years, decided to enjoy the sunshine and go with her husband to grab a cone. The events that transpired caused her to film a little message for anyone who would listen.

“Today is free ice cream day at Dairy Queen if you haven’t heard,” she begins her Facebook video. “I’ve been eating mostly paleo since June of last year. I’ve lost about 60 pounds since starting, but 120 pounds overall. It’s really hard sometimes giving up sweets, giving up all this kind of stuff you just love to eat but is so bad for you.”

Just about anyone can relate to this statement. If diets were easy, we’d all be thin, right? What she’s accomplished takes incredible will power, hard work, and dedication.

So on free ice cream day, Arocho decided to take a trip to Dairy Queen with her husband to treat herself to a free ice cream cone.

“I decided to sit outside because it was really warm out today, even though it’s not very sunny. And as I’m sitting out there enjoying my ice cream cone, a car full of men stopped in the middle of a busy road, just so they could roll down their window and say, “Eat that ice cream, you fat B I T C H.”

Well, at least we all now know what our number one parenting goal is: to be sure to raise kids who would NEVER act like that.

“I just don’t understand what people get out of tearing other people down,” Arocho wonders. “What do you get out of making me cry for the last fifteen or twenty minutes? I finally calmed down enough to make a video, and I’m only doing it because I think sharing this kind of thing is important. Because what do you get out of it?”

There are some people who believe that positive vibrations actually change environments. Meaning, if someone is operating at a higher frequency than those around them, they can actually physically change their world. It’s why random acts of kindness are so effective. A few positive words, actions, or even thoughts can deeply affect and even change someone’s life.

But what about the opposite? What can negative vibrations do? Well, this video is a pretty good example. One minute we have a woman happily sitting outside on a warm day, enjoying an ice cream with her love. Probably really enjoying it because she’s worked so hard to change her diet and habits. The next minute, this same person is in tears, all thanks to a few words that never had to be said.

The great thing about this though, is that it really shows that light drives out darkness, and Arocho is that light. She took those hateful words and the way they made her feel and turned them into a message that’s inspiring love and acceptance. Her post has been shared nearly 100k times in two days. And the comment section under it is a celebration of acceptance, and people sharing their stories.

Society asks overweight people to apologize, just for inhabiting their space, all the time. They’re expected to hide, explain their habits, feel unworthy or guilty — and it’s absolute bullshit.

You’re allowed to take up space in this world. Don’t ever apologize for taking up the space that you fill with kindness and love.

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