Mom Marches Through Target Spewing Hate With Her Kids In Tow, Because Bathrooms

by Maria Guido
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Woman marches through Target with her bible and children protesting bathroom policy

A video is going viral right now of a mother of 12 marching through Target, waving her bible around and yelling at anyone who will listen. How pissed would you be if you finally got a chance to head to Target alone and had to listen to this crap?

No one messes with my solo-Target time, lady. No one.

It’s hateful towards families! It’s hateful towards mothers! It’s hateful towards children! America — when are you gonna wake up? When are you gonna stand up for the right things, America?

Are you gonna let the devil rape your children, America?


Oh my god, lady. Enough. This crazy lady is traipsing through Target screaming awful obscenities with her kids in tow… and she represents what’s right?

Um, no.

I don’t believe in the devil, but from what I’ve seen in books he looks a lot more like these people spewing hate, than those trying to spread love and acceptance.

One of our writers covered the Target bathroom policy a few weeks ago. She hasn’t stopped getting hate mail. Look at this gem:

My God. It’s like the devil himself put a “kind grandma” suit on, made a Facebook profile, and started typing. And this is just one of many. Many.

But those of us who support equality are in the wrong? Those of us who don’t support ridiculous laws like the one passed in North Carolina are Anti-American?

No. There’s a joke you hear when something completely asinine like this comes to the forefront: ‘Merica. I don’t think we should make it anymore. I don’t think we should let these ignorant, hateful people be labeled by anything remotely “American.” America is ours, too. Those of us who believe in inclusivity and equality count. These people may be louder, but they’re definitely not smarter. And I refuse to believe they’re the majority.

“I am a mother of 12 and I’m very disgusted by this wicked practice… Mothers get your children out of this store!” You first. We’re all happily buying our Merona yoga pants and Market Pantry ham.

Oh, and using the bathroom unafraid because we’re not freaking idiots.

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