Want To Up Your 'Crazy Cat Lady' Game? Try Matching Manicures

by Julie Scagell
Image via Twitter

Take your “cat lady” game to the next level

Do you ever say to yourself while massaging your cat on top of her homemade cat play tower while wearing matching outfits, “I’d really like to take my crazy cat lady game to the next level?” Well, now you can.

Cristi, a cat owner from California, routinely purchases nail caps for her cat, a Tabby Sphinx mix. One day, she happened upon a purple, glittery set — and the rest, they say, was feline history.

We never knew our lives were so empty until we saw this picture.

We need to point out no one should ever paint a pet’s claws with actual nail polish. It’s toxic to them and can cause them to get extremely sick should they ingest it. But lucky for us, someone invented nail caps and now we can all live happily ever after.

According to, nail caps are a “safe alternative to declawing.” The caps “fit right over your feline’s nails with the help of some kitty-safe adhesive” and can prevent “snags and scratches” to furniture and also “protect your clothing, furniture and even your skin from those unsuspecting swipes—and they’re totally safe.” Cats keep them on for approximately eight weeks, then naturally shed them, which gives us ample opportunity to reapply new caps in whatever festive holiday-themed event is coming up next.

I should point out that I have a 11-ish year old asshole of a cat we rescued from a shelter. We have to keep him in our laundry room at night because he bites us in our sleep. If I attempted a cat manicure on him, I imagine he would scratch my eyeballs out and leave them as a sacrifice on our front porch, but if you have a slightly more mentally stable pet, it might be worth a shot.

As it turns out, Cristi wasn’t the only one to have this idea. After another user shared her image, it went viral and things got a little uncomfortable.

It’s like our eyes have been open to an entire world we never knew existed. Next you are going to tell us people dress their pets up and carry them around in their purses.

For those of us rolling our eyes at this, furry babies are babies too. So, we guess it makes sense to get matching manis and pedis, buy them fancy bowties (what, who does that?) and treat them like the little princes and princesses they are.

Onward, crazy cat people. Let those freak flags fly high.