Women Share Their Most Annoying Mansplaining Stories

by Maria Guido
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Women of Twitter share their most annoying mansplaining stories

I wrote a story about mansplaining the other day, and a man quickly came to my Facebook page to mansplain why I shouldn’t get angry about mansplaining. “Where is it written that men must stay silent,” he asked. “When straight white guys are regularly shut down with phrases like ‘mansplaining’ and ‘white privilege,’ is there any way to interpret that, other than pure censorship?”

Well, you could actually LISTEN, instead of “interpret.” You could understand that privilege is real and mansplaining is annoying — and just STFU for five minutes. But I digress.

This week, Tracy Clayton — writer and host of Buzzfeed’s podcast Another Round — tweeted about a Lyft driver who mansplained to her what an airport terminal was:

We’ve all been there, unfortunately. Some random man explains some shit to us that we already know, we get angry, resting bitch face appears, and we’re the bad guys. As a wise refrigerator magnet once said, “When men stop being assholes, I’ll stop being a bitch.”

Anyway, Clayton decided to ask the women of Twitter what their most infuriating mansplaining experiences were.

You could wallpaper Trump Tower with these tweets — that’s how many there are. Because mansplaining is a plague on our land, and we endure it daily.


That’s it. We definitely need a “smiling and sipping our cocoa” emoji.

You really can’t make this stuff up.

This could go on for days. You can read the whole thread here.

Men show up eventually in the thread to argue that mansplaining isn’t really a thing, because of course.

When a group of people collectively agree that something limiting and frustrating is happening to them — in this case, dealing with being interrupted or patronized — why is it so hard for people not in that group to just, oh, I don’t know… LISTEN?

Men, will you ever stop ‘splaining?

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