Cops Had To Save Four Women Stranded On A Unicorn Float

by Valerie Williams
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Image via Niall_Majury/Getty Images

The unicorn got tied up in the weeds — luckily, rescue came swiftly

Every now and then, a news story comes along that’s just so wildly on-brand for my group of friends that my phone instantly blows up with “OMG HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?” texts. This is one of those stories, y’all.

Over the weekend, four Minnesota women took a unicorn float out on a lake and got stuck requiring police to come to their rescue. This is the best story of 2018 so far because it could absolutely happen to any single one of us.

The women, floating along on an enormous unicorn float in Chisago County Lake, got tangled up in a bunch of weeds. Very fortunately for them, Chisago County sheriffs happened to drive by and see their distressed watercraft and stopped to help, which is why we now have this completely golden viral video.

“Driving by a local lake we observed a bunch of women in a stuck in the weeds…Yes a rainbow unicorn… With a handful of laughs and some mad rescue roping skills they were pulled back to the dock!” they tweeted.

OK, a sheriff using the term “mad rescue roping skills?” I guess it’s time to move to Chisago County or whatever. There’s no cooler law enforcement crew in all of the land and I know three women off the top of my head who own this exact unicorn float. Honestly, I’m shocked this hasn’t happened to someone in my immediate circle yet, but it would be nice to know we were covered by a rescue crew if it does.

So they literally lassoed the laughing women and their mystical floating creature and pulled them to safety. The department also has incredible sense of humor about the whole thing.

They mentioned how much they appreciate the fact that for once, a call for help wasn’t something terrifying or dire. It was just a bunch of humans having a good time — and last we checked, everyone could use a little more of that these days.

They’re also open to assisting in the rescue of all plastic floatation creatures.

Deputy Scotty Finnegan, the man behind the mad roping skills, tells Scary Mommy the whole “ordeal” was pretty much a blast. “We had a lot of laughter going on and I believe at the end of the video, one gal chuckled and exclaimed that they were pulled in by the sheriffs.” This rescue was definitely out of the ordinary for them as Finnegan admits he’s never been called to pull in a pool floaty or knows any officer who has, but they were happy to help. “Everyday law enforcement officers across the world help random citizens by making things a little easier for them, we call them public assists,” he says. “Saturday was just another day, with a very unique assist!”

OK ladies, sounds like we have backup in case of emergency on the high seas. Grab a box of wine, gather your girls, blow up that unicorn float, and set sail.

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