Why Women Are On The Verge Of Rage Aneurysms Every Day

by Christine Organ
Originally Published: 

Let’s just start by stating the obvious: being a woman is fucking hard. Between the shitty maternity leave and unequal pay and uncomfortable shoes, it’s damn hard to be a woman.

But throw in rape culture and sexual harassment and assholes in positions of power who are hellbent on protecting other asshole male predators… well, it’s a freaking miracle we don’t lose our shit on the regular.

I mean, seriously, David Roberts has a point. How do we not die of rage aneurysms? We’re on the verge, people, that’s for damn sure. On.The.Freaking.Verge.

Why you ask?

Well, maybe it’s because we’re sick of being scared when we walk alone, or go to work, or ride in a cab, or do pretty much anything.

We’re sick of shitty behavior being written off as “boys being boys.”

And we’ve had it up to here with the mansplaining.

Oh, and emotional labor is exhausting AF.

Or maybe it’s because people are more concerned about asking why women don’t report rape, instead of questioning why men rape.

And when they do come forward, they get death threats. DEATH THREATS.

Which leaves only one solution: START OVER. We need burn the this whole shitty culture of toxic masculinity and the patriarchy to the ground. Let’s start fresh.

But even though we want to burn this whole damn thing to the ground and start over, we fend off the looming rage aneurysms because we’ve got too much shit to do.

And know that there’s too much on the line to quit now.

Let’s do this.

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