Whoever Thought Of This 'Women's Empowerment' Panel Is Fired

Whoever Thought Of This ‘Women’s Empowerment’ Panel Is Fired

Image via Twitter/ SJ Magazine

Look at this sh*t

There simply aren’t enough white men in business telling women what to do. It’s a thought that keeps me up at night, actually. Every time I try to make a professional decision on my own, I think, “If only there were a male perspective on this. The world really needs more white male perspectives.” What would John in accounting do?

A South Jersey-based publication recognized this deep, deep void and constructed a panel to fill it.┬áThe publication puts on something called a “Women’s Empowerment Series.” This year, it had four panels, one of which was called, “Women in Business: A Man’s Point of View.”

Nope. Not making that up.

New York Magazine and HuffPost Contributor Yashar Ali pointed the ridiculousness of the flyer out on Twitter, and it took off from there.


The magazine excitedly tweeted about the event yesterday. It quickly went downhill from there, as any woman who saw it basically said, “What in the ever-loving fuck is this?”

Join us for a fascinating night of empowering stories for women! From the men who get paid more than they do for the exact same job. That’s empowering! Smile!

They must have gotten an immediate backlash, because they followed up the tweet with,

“No mansplaining allowed?” Really? This is literally the definition of mansplaining.

Twitter did not let them get away with it:

The magazine responded fairly quickly — by removing the panel all together.

The seven countries with the largest advanced economies in the world make up what’s called the G7 — those countries are Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. They represent 64% of global net wealth.

And guess what? There are no women in senior management positions in almost four in ten businesses in those countries. “Globally, the proportion of senior business roles held by women stands at 24%, up slightly from 22% in 2015,” reports Forbes. We don’t need a male perspective on “women’s empowerment.” We just need the jobs. And the money. Give us that first, then we’ll talk about your “point of view.”

Or at least we may be more inclined to pretend to listen.