Dad Uses Face Swap To Make Hilarious Video Of His Kids Critiquing His Cooking

by Cassandra Stone
Image via YouTube/Woodsie TV

This video proves trying to feed kids is the worst.

Parents everywhere know it doesn’t matter how deliciously appetizing or painstakingly prepared our home-cooked meals are, if they’re not frozen chicken nuggets or boxed mac and cheese — our kids act like it’s garbage. One dad decided to use the power of face swapping to create the world’s most relatable and hilarious demonstration of what most of our family dinners look like.

Dad “Woodsie” of the popular YouTube channel Woodsie TV used Face Swap to put a unique spin on an otherwise typical dinner sesh between himself and his two young daughters as they critiqued his meal. Or, as they call it, a “pile of hot garbage.”

As he places a piping hot plate of home-cooking in front of his youngest daughter, Violet, she delivers the kind of cutting, savage remarks you just know mimics the true inner monologue of all toddlers at mealtime. “Oh, you know I was just saying I hope tonight for dinner we have a plate full of hot garbage, so thank you.”

Image via YouTube/Woodsie TV

His older daughter Embry is a little more polite, but after being denied dessert as an appetizer to the “hot garbage,” she insists her dad is a “garbage human.” And OMG you guys, the savagery just keeps growing.

Image via YouTube/Woodsie TV

“Hey, Dad, do you actually know how to cook, or do you like, just know how to put trash in the oven?”

“Hey Daddy, knock-knock. It’s the police. They’re here because you tried to poison your children with this garbage dinner.”

“It’s like if a bucket of vomit could commit a hate crime, it would be this dinner.”

“It smells like a burning tire fire.”

“It smells like if the Devil tooted, lit it on fire, whispered a curse into it, and then sent it up here onto this plate.”

“You know I gotta tell ya, I’m a Yelp-er, and you’re not gonna get a good review.”

All while the poor, helpless dad keeps insisting it’s not that bad. Oh, this is rich. It’s almost too real, because how many of us have cooked “kid-friendly” meals, or tried a zillion Pinterest recipes guaranteed to be “a hit” only to have our kids refuse to ingest a single morsel?

Image via YouTube/Woodsie TV

I suffered deeply from First Child Syndrome and made all of my daughter’s baby food from scratch, and was so dedicated to making sure she tried everything from avocados to kale (the latter of which I don’t even touch with a 10 foot pole myself) hoping to avoid having a Picky Eater. Now my kid survives on the same stuff as every other toddler: chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, M&Ms, and the occasional piece of fruit, random vegetable, meatball, or pile of scrambled eggs that are really just 75% shredded cheese. If anything else is served, it may as well be hot garbage.

Basically, this dad is all of us. Every night at dinner time. Until forever, or at least until our kids develop a more sophisticated palate.