People Add ‘And Then The Murders Began’ To Famous Book Openings, Hilarity Ensues

by Mike Julianelle
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Writer’s idea spawns hilarious hashtag

You don’t need to convince a parent that children’s stories can be terrifying. But one man’s suggestion on Twitter literalized that idea, and the results are amazing.

The man’s name is Marc Laidlaw, and while we don’t know what inspired his tweet, we do know that it set the internet ablaze. Twitter took his suggestion and ran with it, and we’re all better off for it.

It’s so simple. But as with many things that the Internet gets a hold of, it took on a life of its own. A hilarious, twisted life.

Fellow tweeters immediately seized upon Marc’s idea, and it was obvious that the sinister insinuation in that phrase was most effective when it was married to children’s stories.

Who knew caterpillars were carnivores?

That one’s just funny. If anyone deserves to be murdered, it’s Harry Potter’s hateful cousins.

Huh. My money would have been on Eeyore. Don’t lie. Yours would too.

That one is almost too on the nose. Of course Harold is a twisted killer. I mean, it’s a short walk from vandal to murderer.

Marc Laidlaw, the genius behind this gambit, is himself a published author. I won’t presume that his book would be improved by “And then the murders began” but let’s be serious; what book wouldn’t be?

The “game,” which quickly went viral, was christened “#LaidlawsLaw” and it’s clear that not only is it funny, it will come in handy as well. There’s a reason the most effective examples are children’s books.

That book just got a lot shorter, which is perfect for those frustrating nights when you’re reading a bedtime story and your kid always wants another chapter. “And then the murders began” should put an end to that real quick.

While Laidlaw deserves credit for launching the trend, the individuals who chose the perfect examples should be celebrated too.

I mean, look at this masterpiece:

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