People Are Sharing Their Hilariously Wrong Childhood Thoughts On Twitter

by Christina Marfice
Image via Twitter

We all had something we thought was true as kids, only to find out how hilariously wrong we were

I can vividly remember a moment when I was little, maybe five or six, newly able to read, sitting in the backseat of my family’s station wagon and looking out the window as we passed some auto body shops. I saw the signs that read “Body shop,” and there was no question in my mind that those were the places where people went to buy prosthetic limbs. It just made sense in my kid brain. I distinctly remember wondering why on Earth there were so many body shops, when there weren’t that many people with prosthetic arms and legs.

We all have something like that, right? Kids are accustomed to just not quite understanding everything that’s going on around them, and so they’re really good at making up their own realities that help their world make sense. And Twitter is proving right now that, as adults, looking back on those things we casually thought were true as kids is super hilarious.

A Twitter user who goes by the handle OhNoSheTwitnt started the thread by tweeting, “What’s a dumb thing you thought when you were a kid? I thought Masterpiece Theater got its name from Sesame Street’s Monsterpiece Theater and not the other way around.”

The tweet took off, the replies started pouring in, and oh boy, they are hilarious.

What makes them so funny is that they’re all so relatable. You can totally read any of these replies, access your kid brain, and see why that made sense to someone’s much younger self.

If there’s one thing this Twitter thread proves, it’s that we’ve all got one of these. It’s one of those things that unexpectedly unites the entire internet.

During a time that we’re so damn divided, bless the internet for reminding us of something every single one of us shares; we were all little kids with kind of dumb, weird thoughts once.