These Yelp Reviews Of Newborn Babies Are Hilarious

by Maria Guido
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We all go to Yelp for help making a variety of decisions in our daily lives: where to eat for dinner, what dentist to go to, what plumber to turn to in our time of need, etc. Why not consult the site for some advice on some bigger decisions? Like whether or not to procreate.

Writer and stand-up comic Raquel D’Apice of the blog The Ugly Volvo says, “I was reading online reviews of baby items and began wondering how many stars I’d give the experience of having a newborn itself.” She used images of some of her friends to create avatars and make these fictional “Yelp reviews” of newborn babies that are so spot-on you’ll be wondering why this isn’t a thing.

The “reviews” are not only hilarious, they perfectly illustrate how all of us have such different experiences when it comes to parenting. Some people think the newborn phase is a breeze (I was not one of those people). Some people talk about parenting like it’s the easiest thing in the world and truly can’t understand why any of us complain.

“I love having a toddler, but I was so not a newborn baby person,” says D’Apice. “There were days when it was totally amazing and days when it was pretty rough going, and that’s putting it very politely.”

You can read more hilarious reviews on The Ugly Volvo. What would yours look like?

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